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The BEST in a long time


Jan 13, 2008 by AvgJoe

I looked for and bought the phone used with Garmin XT ($99) for $480 after selling the N95. It had 21 hours on it. It cost me nothing to move from the N95.
Coming from an N95 I have to say this is a minor step up in a big way and a major step up in minor ways that are important something to me. I prefer the smaller form factor and the bar phone over the slider which I found clumsy and gimmicky. I gave up some screen size though which is not an issue for me .I am a pocket carrier not a belt carrier.

I actually use the camera so I wanted something that rivals Dig cams in the $300 price range. No problem with the Xenon flash
Reception is good in an area that needs a tower.
The GPS does not need the network to function if Garmin XT is used.
BT pairing is easy and has never failed. File transfers are a breeze. Nokia PC Suite is the best interface I have seen for syncing and loading apps. After the MPX220, I know how BAD interfaces can be.
USB connects allow either PC Suite Software, Music player, image printing or plain old Windows Explorer data transfer. Easy.
The screen is smaller but still has great detail. The on board speakers are fine and loud enough for most normal uses for me.
I use the FM radio to listen to talk radio while at work. A great feature.
Ringtones are loud and varied.
WiFi is a cinch to use. Phone finds all networks and is faster then edge.
Battery life is better than the N95 and more than I expected although I do put it on charge every night.
I mount this on my motorcycle (condom wrapped) and it works extremely well for music and GPS function.

Slippery surface. I'd rather have rubberized on back. I am not a fan of phone bloating cases.
No 3G. I am not a big internet user on the go and always have access at home and work on LANS. I gave some long thought to the absence of 3G and decided the expansion of memory to 32GB was far more important then a faster internet connect.

Great Candy Bar Phone


Jan 10, 2008 by dboss52

Pros: 5MP Camera with Xenon Flash that is the first on nokia excellent move 30frames per second video like the nokia n95 8gb great reception on phone calls using tmobile and i do have to say the calls are very clear and loud i have also nokia n95 8gb my understanding with the n82 that i could also put a micro SD card up to 8gb that would be great. so far since using the n82 over my n95 8gb i can not let go of this phone reason being the xenon flash meanwhile the nokia n95 8gb has only led flash both are great phones for now i will use my n82 for better pics and dont get me wrong the n95 8gb is an excellent camera as well all around the software is s60s 3 edition just like the n95 8gb call it mini n95 phone same features. the only cons for me is speakers could be a tiny bit louder just like the n81 8gb and n95 8gb but is pretty loud enough.

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N82 is the cameraphone king!


Jan 15, 2008 by xchanginglances

This is perhaps the best phone I have ever owned. I knew about this phone since it was leaked last spring and it takes the features of the N95 with the SE's Xenon flash a.


-Best cameraphone in the business today with lens cover not found in the N95-2 & N95-3.
-30fps video recording. Only LG Viewty is capable of more frames at 120fps
-Rare Xenon flash is usualy found on SE phones.
-Reception is great and even better with headphones (I'm on AT&T)
-Solid build quality all-around with no creaks
-Looks better in person than in internet pix
-FM radio is crystal clear when tuned
-Fastest Symbian OS ever
-Expandable memory (which can be limitless)
-GPS is fast on Garmin
-Opera Mini 4 rocks on the S60
-Adding apps can be endless
-Has a 3.5mm headphone which is perfectly placed on top
-Battery life is respectable (2-3 days with moderate use) and better than the N95-1's
-Reasonable priced (only $50 more than K850 and $25 more than Viewty) for it's N95-like features like Wifi and GPS.
-Comes with 2GB card, TV out cables, & headphones for added bonuses


-Fingerprint magnet if plastic protection is peeled off
-Battery cover and slot feels plastic and cheap
-Too many buttons above the numeric keypads to add confusion
-Too many files and button presses to sort thru if you are a S60 noob
-Multimedia button is placed between clear key button and upper right selection button which is prone to accidental pressing
-Easy to slip if taking pix horizontally
-GPS can drain battery fast
-2.4 inch screen is a bit too small when watching vids compared to N95-3, Viewty, or iPhone
-Had a few minor bugs with the FM radio

Overall, no less than a 4.5 star phone (no phone is every perfect for everyone), but a top class that ranks with the best of the best out there right now. This is what the SE K850 should have been but didn't. Nokia is on another level right that only Europeans & Asians can truly appreciate. N82 is built like a weekday workhorse w/ occasional weekend fun pix for years to come.

n82 luv it


Dec 27, 2007 by rockinfigs

ok got this phone about a week ago and luv it....most new phones i get i hate it in the beginning and have to get used to it...the n82 i fell in luv the first time i started using it...im a big phone nut like most of you..ive had all sorts of phones...HTC, Motorola, Samsung..etc...but keep coming back to nokias...just the simplicity of the symbian OS and the feature packed phones of nokia. here are some of the pos and cons about the phone.


-great RF(nokia is king of RF)
-candy bar..always loved it
-xenon falsh
-fast OS
-screen..thought it would be small but its not bad
-keypad..small but very managable..i like it
-voice quality

much much more but these are the most important


-loudspeaker..not loud compared to n73 and n95
-no US 3g
-loose dpad

love and hate relationship


Dec 14, 2008 by jmahr

Up to now my phones have been windows mobile phones. Decided to get either a Blackberry or Symbian based smartphone. I finally chose the Nokia N82. At first i really loved it. Makes great phone calls that are really clear and signal is good on AT&T.

WiFi is really good and so is browsing. At home i do everything over WiFi including Skype.

the phone was difficult to setup. Full setup is complex and the full manual is hard to understand.

two problems with the contacts database use. there is no way to subset the contacts from Outlook on your PC. i have almost 4000 contacts and all of them are in the phone - UGH! allowing updates by category would be better. when keying letters for looking up contacts there is no predictive text input. my WM phones have had this for a long time.

I cannot get voice dialling to work reliably if at all. this really frustating because it is one of the features i really wanted.

Bluetooth is very good and easy to use.

Customization is very flexible and great, but it is a challenge to learn it.

screen display is really good, great quality.

MP3 player is poorly documented and does not work consistently and reliably.

Nokia support is not that great either, but is slightly better than other cell phone companies. Nokia has a touch of arragonce and it reminds of the old Motorola.


great display
nice form factor
good batter life
menus are nice
useful contact database
WiFi is very good
Bluetooth is good
Browser is very good
Sound quality of MP3 player is good
phone sensitivity and sound quality is very good


very complex and hard to customize and get used to using
inconsistent implementation of predictive text - not implemented for contact lookup.
voice recognition essentially unusable.
documentation inadequate and hard to use.
reliability of MP3 player is poor
downloads all contacts from MS Outlook - need to be able to subset them.

Overall I am keeping the N82 but I am not sure I made a good decision.

Got Xenon?


Sep 10, 2008 by juicy1j3a

Damn fine device. Nokia N-series is my $H1t. That being said, low key disappointed compared to N95-3. Yes, it has the greatest flash possible. Yes the camera response is quick. Yet I feel ripped off loosing features. Infrared and 3-D accelerator were rarely used by most users, but the speakerphone is weak as well. Smaller is not necessarily better in form factor. Keep it simple and remember, generally higher model number, generally better phone. Buy one.

Almost Perfect


Sep 3, 2008 by ibnturab

I've used many phones in the past[n958b, n73, n80, n76, 6630,6600, moto v3x, l7i], And I would have to say this has been the best so far. Prior to the n82, I had the n95 8gb. That was another great phone, but I quickly discovered that i did not like sliders. Also, wanted a camera phone with 5 megapixels that had some sort of lens cover. The n95 8gb did not and so I was always worried about my keys scratching the lens in my pocket [ i don't wear belt clips].
1)Great reception that you expect from nokia
2)5.0 megapixel camera with Xenon flash
5)Small/Sturdy form factor
1)The keypad is shaped a little funny and takes a few days to get used to.
2)No US 3G available [only applies if you have ATT. I have T-mobile and we won't have 3G for another 100yrs or more].

It is a very nice phone


Aug 13, 2008 by izombe

I bought the titanium model new. It is all I expected. It is faster than the N95-4. What I love the most was the camera lens cover. The battery live was great. number on the keypad were a little hard to see because of white foreground on a silver background. I expected the speaker to be louder than it is, at least like the N73 which is one the best phones I have used.

Awesome picture
Camera Lens cover
Fast OS
3.5 mm Jack

Keypad hard to see
Not loud enough

Best Camera Phone Today...


May 9, 2008 by steve0415

Hello. I bought this camera, I mean cell phone last week, and have been using it non-stop for 8 days now. How the heck did they manage to put such a great camera in a cell phone?

I am a professional photographer, and this cam has so many manual settings, it blows away most point and shoot digital cameras I have owned in the last few years. I shot a birthday party for a friend with the Nokia N82, and the birthday girl only had 1 candle on the cake, in a pitch dark room, and the photo was incredible.

I have since been testing the camera every day, and it is incredible. Great for macro shots, great for outdoor, indoor, with or without flash, etc. And the video works great also.

The music player is a very nice addition also, as I have downloaded a gig of music on it.

The Symbian OS is very nice. I had a Nokia E61 for 2 years, and the small upgrades to this new system are very nice.

To be honest, I have been waiting for a great camera phone, and this was the answer to my needs. I am not a Windows person, and never will be, so the OS on this phone is so easy to use, it makes my Windows friends jealous, when they compare it to their Windows phones.

The speaker sound is not bad, if you do not have headphones. What the heck, it is not a stereo, but in a jam, the music sounds just fine. With the supplied headphones, the music sounds great.

As a phone, haha, it works just fine. No complaints about the sound, reception, or anything like that.

If you want an all in one phone, that can take great photos, very nice video, a very nice music player, and an easy Operating System, then this is your phone. Personally, I was tired of carrying a small digital cam in my pocket always, my iPod, and also taking a small video cam with me as well, during my vacations. This phone can and will take the place of all of these toys, and do a great job.

Nokia's N-series has made it again!!


Feb 28, 2008 by anarchik1

Aight ya'll got this phhonizle when it came out, and gotta say that i was a lil disappointed with the look and feel of the phone at first, but then got used to it and all was good. After looking at the phone and searching upon everything that it has, i decided to get it, and wanted to reflect on some of the pros and cons of this phone.

-Candybar form
-5 megapixel camera with xenon flash, and theres also another vga camera above the screen, which is pretty nice.
-N-Gage- games, even though only demos, are pretty sick. Graphics are hot.
-Wifi (which works pretty sick unlike most other wifi capable phones)
- has a lot of useful features that are part of many of Nokia's phones, and their pretty fun to use.
-looks pretty original, and feels solid, even though made out of plastic.

-sound is not as loud as i expected and is unclear
-phone feels cheap ( being made out of plastic) and feels, in many ways, like a toy. i would rather have it rubberized.
-no US 3G- what the f*** is that?
-keypad is small, and you can easily press the wrong button at any time, especially the upper multimedia keys.
- 5 mp camera isn't as good as i expected, not being able to catch much detail when taking a picture in various places.
- resolution was a lil weird at first.
- speakers on the side suck and so does the speakerphone, especially when listening to music or talking.
- buttons are pretty comfortable when playing the games on it.

Theres some more pros and cons, but the buttom line is that even though some of the cons can be disappointing, its still in my opinion a pretty sick phone from the N-series, and I wouldn't trade it for any other phone on the market today.

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