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Ehh, It's Pretty Great


Jan 12, 2009 by ashhg

I am a proud owner of this phone and I was not disappointed with my purchase, bought it on 8/11/08 :)

-Music Player
-FM Radio
-3.5mm Headphones
-Morphing Keypad
-Touch Scroll Menu
-Easy to text
-Song iD (pretty cool)
-Good Memory

-I have my keypad set to silent but continues to make a little clicky noise.
-Screen is a little short, but you forget
-A little slow changing applications
-Try not to scratch it!

It's amazing how many people are jealous of this phone :) People are always complimenting me and I love it :D

Overall, I would recommend this phone to anyone who likes to text and listens to music.

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best phone ever!


Jul 25, 2008 by xzibition

i had this phone for two weeks now and i
like it very much!

sound quality is good but don't depend on the included headphone!
the morphing keypad is so cool.
camera is nice especially outside but in nightmode its not too good.
predictive texting is so great! i don't have to type in the frequent words i always use.

switching applications is slow
you have to remove the battery to put in memory

but overall i highly recomend this phone!

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Not bad actually


Jul 18, 2008 by eric_cartman

I've experimented with this phone. And so far...

- Sharp Display
- Nice Interface
- Java OS is unmodified (except for a T-Zones Shortcut)
- FM Radio
- 2GB Capacity (AND a microSD slot)
- Stereo bluetooth (this seems to be commonplace, but alien to Apple iPhone 3G)
- Keys change depending on Phone mode or Music mode (or Camera Mode)
- Side lock key (instead of Menu+star)
- There is this thing called song ID where it listens to music and tells you what song it is
- Seems to render full websites
- Regular 3.5mm Headphone jack

- Relatively Slow Internet (only EDGE)
- No RDS for FM (Not really a big deal though)
- Phone seems slow when you're navigating too fast
- No 3G (would have been nice to see 3G right in time for T-Mo's 3G debut)
- USB speed 1.1, normally wouldn't be a big deal, but for a 2GB music phone, this will take a long time.

All in all, its a good phone. I'd recommend it. (Actually considering buying when I switch)

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Nice phone


Jul 13, 2008 by Steve143

Ive been playing with this phone for a few days now so here it goes.


Nice menu T Mo
Speaker is decent
Nice music player
I can dig the FM Player
Battery is better than average
Good reception
Lots of memory
The keypad lights up well in dark light and bright light.
Theres this cool shortcut menu which I thought would be stupid but it actually is helpful.
Text messaging is good ( for me )
Email client is great


Dont scratch this phone
The camera isnt sharp for a 2.0
I like the keypads but some of you may have trouble. Play with it before you buy this mug.
Slow as hell internet.
Cant adjust the volume outside of the phone. You have to dig deep in the menu and this is annoying. Not good T Mo.
The screen is wide but not long.

This phone is a great phone if your a music junkie. If you do alot of texting you best try this phone out first. If you are into the camera look at it first too. In my opinion the camera isnt good. Overall its a good phone but test it out first.

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Motorola E8


Jul 11, 2008 by arkansaschik

I ordered this phone on the day it was released because I have been waiting for it to be available since March.. I was going to send the phone back before taking it out of the package however I wanted to try it out to be sure of my decision but now I am very sure!

Great Sound Quality
Screen is very cool
Song ID works very fast!
Camera and Video works great
Music Player works like an ipod

*For $19.99 Internet, it is very very slow
*Phone freezes and error message appear when you are on one application going to the next.
*3 of my friends have sent me text messages and I am still waiting on them to come through.
*Email does not work well if you receive alot of emails. I get an error message each time more than 3 emails come through.

I would suggest that you try this phone out if you want it because everyone opinion of a phone is different. This is just not the phone for me. I will be returning it today!!

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Sometimes a very frustrating phone


Feb 14, 2009 by karenr777

Just got this phone in Jan 09. I had my previous phone for 4 years. I had no problems with my other phone so experiencing the problems with the ROKR E8 is very frustrating.

very nice looking phone
sound quality is good

phone freezes constantly - hard to send a quick text message without having to wait
for the phone to decide what its doing

the navigation is extremely confusing and not user friendly. Menus are all over the place

Camera is not very good
screen is very short
buttons are not user friendly ( this could be due to the phone freezing all the time_

The alarm clock has worked about 3 times - it has not worked the last 5 or 6 times.

The book and CD that came with the phone don't provide much information on using the phone at all. You pretty much have to figure it out through the maze of menus

I think I might go to T-mobile and change the phone. If it didn't freeze so much I could probably just deal with it, but if I every need to make a fast call, I can't count on this phone to perform.

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Don't Judge The Book By It's Cover...


Oct 31, 2008 by HeLLkAt31

Warning: Do not buy this phone. I rate this phone a 2.0 because the best thing on this phone is how it looks and the mp3 speaker is loud. And that's it... Its a horrible phone to be text messaging on. Its so slow when you change applications it freezes and stalls all the time. It's like a bootleg iPod. The touch scroll wheel stall's all time also. I bought this phone online from my T Mobile carrier and after purchasing a Motorola brand phone i will never ever buy one again. I only bought this phone because my Black Berry 8100 of 2yrs started to fail on the track ball and the ear speaker. The 8100 may not have looked as pretty as the Rokr E8 but it sure has the best functions on a phone. I will get the Bold as soon as its available here in the US. If I can better explain this phone well its like comparing the internet connection between a phone line hookup and a cable modem. This phone could not even be a DSL connection for the 200 to 300 price tag...

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Very solid PHONE after. . .


Sep 25, 2008 by Jermane Propane

When I purchased the phone, last week, there was major firmware issues. The most important of the issue was stability i.e. constant freezing, extremely slow navigation through menus. My frustration began to mount.

Long story short, it took me 2-3 days to figure out how to get the phone glitch free. And the way I started off might suggest I am going to give a really negative review. In my profession, I troubleshoot almost everyday. In addition, I am a bit of a techy so it didn't bother me too much.

With that said ...

Very Responsive (Lovin the scroll wheel)
Excellent/More locations of Reception (Techy buildings, elevator, etc)
Speaker Volume
Beautiful Design
Battery Life

2 Megapixel camera (Horrible, horrible quality)
Connectivity/Transfer of files from PC or Mac to ROKR (I found out this was one thing that made my phone become unstable)

Those are the only CONs I can think of at the moment. I do not listen to music all that much so I have yet to test its ROKR capability. I like phones that function well for their main purpose. All other things are bonuses i.e. music, camera, internet, etc.

It is a very good phone.

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cool phone / txt messaging dont work!!!


Sep 7, 2008 by atravler

I am receiving text messages now, from yesterday! this is VERY frustrating. i called tmobile and they sent texts through the website to my phone... works every time! however, when someone texts me from a cell phone... sometimes i get them on time and other times... i comes the next day. i was having a text conversation with someone, and noticed all my comments weren't being answered. the next day at 12:02 i received 7 new txt messages with the day before's date and time!
THEN... i go to tmobile to tell them of the problem, and the guy seemed to know what i was talking about and gave me a new sim card. cool , i go home and get up the next day... 9 new txt messages from yesterday!!!
I GO BACK... to tmobile, and another person gave me a totaly new ROKR E8! guess what! THE SAME THING!
im out last night, txting my friends. im not hearing back from them. I SWITCHED SIM CARDS with my other friend. my friend's phone now with my sim card receives 12 NEW TXT MESSAGES!!!
oh and the guys at tmobile will swear its not the phone. they say its the connection! (it is the phone) i had tmobile for 3 years never ever had this problem. oh and by the way the other friends who im not getting txt messages from, are also tmobile customers:)

i had it! im going today and returning this thing for a phone that works!
VERY DISAPPOINTED! the phone is so cool and looks so cool. everything works just fine!

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Not worth it


Aug 4, 2008 by evrlast985

Pros: looks very cool
+call quality is excellent
+music sounds good
+can use voice commands

CONS: a lot of software bugs
-Common applications like gmail downloads dont work.
-I have been on the phone with tmobile reps for house trying to troubleshoot the issue with no results
-Large lag time when choosing things on the menu
-Email does not work properly, gives an error every 30 mins. Works sometimes
-ALARM IS FLAKY, (I have always used my cellphone as an alarmclock, without ever having a problem. Once I got this phone, i have learned that my alarm will only function SOMETIMES)

Overall, I was really excited by this phone before it came out. After using the phone I have decided to end my contract early with tmobile (Pay the early termination fee) and get the iphone.

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