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Best non-flip phone out there.


Jun 15, 2003 by Doctor V

Best non-flip phone on the market.

Above average battery life.

Great signal strength.

Reliable phone with good size and basic features necessary to enjoy your wireless experience.


NICE, BUT Verizon disabled built in Speaker Phone


May 15, 2003 by b s

I also ran into built in Speaker Phone issue with Verizon. They don't include it with this 2325 Phone. Sprint has the same phone, but under 2345(?) name, and they DO include Speaker Phone with it. Verizon is probably trying to force its customers into buying those flimsy $14.95 + tax "Ear Buds" Hands-Free Kits. At the same time, Verizon does have(I think) built in Speaker Phone on Kyocera 7135, and Audiovoc CDM9155-GPX. Verizon says that 2325's built in Speaker Phone is not "good enough". I wish they let us, the CUSTOMERS-USERS, decide if we want that feature, or not.

On a happier note, Kyocera 2035(my previous phone) and 2325 use all the same accessories(belt clip, battery, charger), but not face plate:) Thus it's a nice upgrade path.

Also, if you use Calling Cards, this phone allows 42 Characters per contact, as opposed to Motorola 120e(which has a better? battery, SUPPOSEDLY) with its limit of 32 characters. Another difference between this Kyocera and Motorola 120e, or maybe ALL? Motorola's is -- Kyocera allows 1 or 2 Touch Speed Dialing from 1 to 99, vs. 1-9 on Motorola. So, if you have Motorola 120e(at least), and you want to dial Speed Dial Location 12, you need to press 12-#-Send. On Kyocera, to dial Speed Dial Location 12, you'd only need to press 1, and then Hold Down "2" for a 2+3 seconds, and the phone would dial peed Dial Location 12. Thus, with Kyocera one saves 2 extra buttons(# and SEND) -- too me, it's MUCH smarter, and USERFRIENDLY!

I do wish this phone rang louder, and vibrated harder, so that I would not miss calls.

I wish it had RING-AND-VIBRATE-AT THE SAME TIME!!! Why? So that there are less rings on the caller's end, and, since each ring counts towards call duration, 15-20 seconds of the 1st minute is not wasted on rings instead of actual conversation.

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just started using this in december 2017!


Dec 7, 2017 by alllllz

Carrier: Verizon

i have this phone in mint condition, it was never used really. i hung on to it ever since i got it in 2011, all these years and finally decided to switch to it yesterday because i dont trust the makers of the smartphones. i dont trust big companies in general but am willing to succumb to this phone because it makes my husband feel better for me to have a phone at least. the battery is strong, features work like this was made yesterday, call quality is fantastic. since this was hardly used in the first place, i am hopeful to use it for a long time from here. i know that not everyone would give top rating for Overall, hardware usability, etc based on today's standards, but im going to base this rating on what the phone was intended for.

Very Interesting Review


Sep 30, 2011 by km52723

I got this phone when I was 20 years old. I lived in Lenoir, NC. Verizon was my carrier. I was working 3rd shift, my first night at work, when the phone exploded in my pocket. It caught me on fire, and my new co-workers had to rip my clothes off in front of everyone. I sued Kyocera and eventually took a settlement. I still have my burned phone as a souvenier. If you would like pictures, I will gladly email them to you. If you are looking into getting this phone this many years later, maybe it will be ok...but I would not risk it. A few days after me, phones of the same kind blew up all over the country. A girl in California's phone blew up as well in her back pocket. Actually, Kyocera representatives flew out to NC to look at my phone, my burned clothes, and the burns I had on me. I have scars to prove this story as well...and I may even still have the burned pieces of my clothes. Please, Please do not get this phone!

Yes, It's a Phone


May 19, 2010 by will4636

And there are still some of us who want a basic phone that makes and receives phone calls and is not a blender, toaster and blow dryer, too.

Sadly, I'm afraid mine may have just bitten the dust. A new battery doesn't do it this time. So I'm checking out whether it's the charger - and otherwise, I'm going to try to buy a refurbished model on Ebay because I want no obligation to a Wireless contract nor do I have the need for all the bells & whistles.

I'm bidding on one for 99 cents - and at the very least, it may help me eliminate the charger itself as the problem since this is a complete box including a charger.

Ya its a phone


Dec 23, 2009 by narn3049

the phone lines up the screen and dialing out is slow.

upgrade to something better like the jax and the alias. / much /? better

Good Basic phone!


Jan 18, 2006 by gmoney44

I can't say I loved it, but it got me through as a replacement phone when my V60 got victimized by my 2yr old. I have since traded up(?) to the SOHO and found myself missing some of the feature that came with the 2325.


Size, weight, trimode, games, easy menu, speaker phone car charger.


phone is sometimes slick to hold onto, hard to find a clip to carry it on a belt, not a color screen.

If your not into the bells and whistles of color screens, cameras or other stuff, this phone will do.

wont die


Nov 25, 2005 by got_it

This phone I had when I was 11-13 and it never died. Like its a great phone. If you just needed to make calls and send text messages then this is the phone for you. You could probably get it off ebay for like 20.00 bucks.

Cool first phone


Apr 3, 2005 by blumajik06

Great first phone. Has enoughf features to make me happy, and is pretty damn good for what it is.

What a great work horse!


Dec 20, 2004 by calamityjane

This phone was a God-Send (or rather a Verizon-send, I guess). Its menu is so inuitive that I never opened the user manual. Programming menus are easy to follow and well laid out.

The tonal quality is great. People generally couldn't tell that I was on a cell, even when traveling in the car, at the airport, or at home.

Reception was high with very few instances of dropped calls. All features functioned well, even in extended areas.

Love the distinctive ring tones that let me know whether the incoming call is personal or business or *gasp* roaming! When in "vibrate" mode it's strong and clear and hard to miss. In noisy crowds, the ring AND vibrate was sensational!

I used the alarm clock on several occasions, and avoided obnoxious wake up calls when traveling. Calculator is always handy and I even played space invaders a couple of times ;)

Great all around phone that's sturdy, lightweight, easy to read, easy to navigate.

It's BEST feature is the ability for it to guage your background noise and adjust the volume accordingly, so one doesn't have to keep getting up and running outside to answer the phone in a busy crowded noisy place.

Thumbs up to Kyocera/VZW for a great phone! Thank you!

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