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Perfect for me


Jan 10, 2009 by smittythepig

Love this phone. Clarity is excellent. Only problem is that above medium-low the earpiece can distort. It's very loud so it's great in a noisy environment - I can amp the volume enough to hear clearly then turn it down. Most of the time medium-low is perfect.

Speakerphone works well but very loud. People say I sound clear when using it. However, you can't use it with the phone closed. You can initiate voice dialing (which works great) with it closed, but then have to open it to continue with the call. Ringers are loud and clear. The speaker is not ideal for music or elaborately-orchestrated ringtones. But it plays them all just fine.

Build quality is excellent. The only issue I've seen on some examples is a slightly misaligned keypad. But only very minor. The body is small and slim. The mirror-blue accents are gorgeous (though easily scratched and fingerprint magnets). The brushed aluminum-looking plastic around the screens inside and out and on the back of the phone is a classy touch and does not attract fingerprints. Overall the phone is very nicely designed.

The screens are very vibrant, though not QVGA. I had no problems loading wallpapers (including GIFs) using the memory card. I've been able to load my own ringers using the text message method. The outside touch-sensitive buttons work well and are never accidentally activated. The outer screen turns to a large mirror when off. Reception seems excellent. Camera isn't great but what do you expect. It's nice to have a flash on such a phone. Battery life is excellent so far. There isn't much customization out of the box, but there are a few animated wallpapers. Processor on the phone seems a bit slow but it's ultimately more than enough. Menus are fast. Haven't tried bluetooth yet.

If you're looking for a small, well-built, reliable, attractive phone that does the basics very well but isn't featureless, I would definitely recommend this one. Just make sure you are happy with the earpiece volume.

Very Good Phone


Nov 18, 2008 by Xboxfanatik

I've had this phone for a month and I love it. I have the dark knight edition and it is so cool. It's sleek, lightweight and comfortable to hold against the ear for long conversations, not to mention it is premium plan capable!! hello Vcast!! I watch over 200 vcast videos a month on this thing.

I do over 10,000 text messages a month and I never have a problem with this phone. the call clarity is top notch, the camera could be a little bit better as well as video capture, but overall it does what I need it to do. The display is bright and very easy to see with large numbers and letters. Speaker phone is loud and the bluetooth is great.

Battery life
Call quality
EVDO coverage
Email and Internet
Style and design

could have better camera
Software isn't as fast as some phones, but no operating problems
Picture quality with flash

Another Verizon Loser


Oct 28, 2008 by Windsponge

This phone was a big disapointment. I had to send it back.Speaker was awful. Feel was cheap, battery didnt last long.Seems like a lot of verizon phones suffer from same Problems...hmmmm,,,I just sent phone back..

Nokia 6205 Dark Knight Edition is fantastic


Oct 10, 2008 by skeptiq

Form Factor:
The overall size is nice. It's not too big, not too small. The front is very slick looking. You can't tell from the pics, but the front is mirrored when the backlight is not active. I really like the way it looks. The keys are flat (some people don't like this, but doesn't bother me at all). They are large enough so I don't mis-type text messages. The keys on the sides are pretty stiff so as not to accidentally activate while in my pocket. I like the thermal music player keys that are only activated after pressing a volume button. My old phone would go off playing music all the time in my pocket. That has not happened once with this phone. Also, the headphone and charger jacks are covered as well as the micro sd slot, so the over all form is smooth. The hinge seems to be built / designed really well (big issue for me) and seems very solid.

The inside screen is super clear and crisp. The font is nice and easy to read, no issues there.

Ringtones / Audio:
Leaves a little to be desired when listening to music without headphones, but gets the job done. With the help of PhoneZoo.com I was able to get / create some nice ringtones, all of which play nice and loud when the phone rings.

Signal / Battery Life:
Have had zero issues with signal, no dropped calls, and call clarity is out of this world. The only issue I have ever had with verizon has been the call clarity on some models (phone issue, not provider issue), this one is a homerun. The phone has been lasting me about 3-4 days between charges, but I do use mobile web almost daily as well as ESPN MVP, which I am sure hammers the battery. The last phone I had need charging every other day.

The vibrate mode is a little weak. The "Word" text function is not as good as my old LG.

Overall assessment:
Great phone. Does what is supposed to every time and I absolutely love the way the phone looks. It's comfortable in my hand. To date this is the best phone I have had.

Decent Phone


Jun 30, 2008 by NicoleSD

Nokia 6205: Dark Knight Special Edition by Verizon

Phone is good looking and sleek, with a comfortable design. Comes with a variety of ringtones and a small selection of interesting wallpapers. The front display is a fingerprint magnet. The menu is OK - not the best but not the worst.

Reception is good as always with Verizon, but call clarity is sometimes sub-par. This seems to be attributed to the speaker in the phone and not to reception. The clarity improves dramatically with my bluetooth head set. The phone's volume seems to adjust from very soft to loud without any good middle-ground.

The vibrate option is terrible, causing the phone to make a lot of noise but very little movement. I can never feel it, but it always has a clearly audible (and disturbing) rattle.

You cannot assign sounds as ringtones, which is disappointing.

The camera is capable of crisp pictures in good lighting. The flash is closer to a bright light that turns on for a few seconds when you take the picture rather than a true "flash". The light is almost too bright, making people in the picture as pale as ghosts.

Overall the phone is decent, but is better in looks than in function.

unacceptable sound quality


Jul 25, 2009 by netrapture

The sound quality is unacceptable. Although loud enough - in fact, boomy - what people are saying can't be heard. I'm returning it as fast as possible ( after 1 day )

carrier: vzn
location: SD, CA

cheap cheap cheap


Apr 2, 2009 by abw

We were forced to change phones when Qwest joined with Verizon, so myself and my two sons ended up with these sub-par cellphones.

The feel is cheap, the sound is tinny from the user's end, and unclear from the listener's end - we've had several calls end in frustration after asking 4 or 5 times, "what did you say?"

We've also discovered an interesting problem. When the phone comes in contact with magnets, there is a good chance the phone will turn off. This has happened with a couple different cellphone cases and with a car magnet I had used to hold my previous phone. This has made it a little difficult finding a case that will work since most have some sort of magnet. Since we have three of these junk phones, we are all quite disappointed.

Beyond disappointed


Mar 30, 2009 by MPC

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for years, but I hate this phone. The sound quality is terrible and it drops a third of my calls. Tech support has not helped. It is the worst phone I have owned since 1998.

looks cool, sounds like crap


Jan 23, 2009 by brooklynsteve

I just activated this phone about an hour ago and I've already committed to exchanging it for a different brand first thing in the morning.

It looks great. It was one of the smallest phones available for free under the terms of my wireless plan 2 year upgrade at Verizon Wireless.

But the quality of the audio is without a doubt the worst sound quality I have ever experienced on a cell phone. At first, when on medium low, it was extremely hard to hear the caller on the other end. But when I turned up the volume, they sounded like they were talking through a tube and it got distorted very easily. To the caller on the other end, I sounded muffled.

The speaker phone was no better, muffled at the medium settings, distorted at the louder settings.

Like I said, I'm returning this phone and getting a different brand.

i see nothin wrong with it


Dec 30, 2008 by mudslinger83

To me this is a very good phone with just a few cons, reception is excellent, ringer is loud especially downloaded ones, camera is good, plays my MP3's just fine, i must have just got a good one


sound quality
music player
very fast browsing in EVDO


battery could be a lil better.
call quality aint the best but i have no problems hearing anyone.
bluetooth is worthless, even on low it bout blows you eardrums out and sounds distorted

overall i really like ths phone even with a few cons, no phone is perfect, but this phone to me is a really good phone so i would recommend it.

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