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Very good phone


Feb 17, 2010 by mahadragon

The reviews here are spreading some bad info. 1st off there's nothing proprietary about the charger or earpiece. I can use a generic Samsung cord to recharge. Also, you cannot use your songs as ringtones. Ringtones are not all that loud, but adequate.

This phone is much better than these reviews give credit for. Given the amount of mis-information from these people I would put very little credit to what they say.

The screen resolution is only 65k colors but it is bright (along with the numbers) and I can see it in the sun. The keypad is flat, but it's not horrible and I do sometimes press the wrong numbers, not a big deal.

I have never had any problems with the MicroSD card installed and I have music and movies on it which play flawlessly. The recharge cover is plastic but it's not hard to open.

Call quality is very good and solid, rarely a dropped call. People on the other end don't seem to have problem hearing me. The speakerphone does indeed have issues with people on the other end hearing, but I have no problem hearing them.

The camera is only good for emergency situations. It's a phone, not a camera. If you want to take pictures get an iPhone or a real camera. The camera is indeed activated way too easily.

T-Mobile customer service has been very good and solid in the 2+ years I have been with them. No complaints whatsoever there.

Missed calls and messages are indicated with beeps, no need to open the phone, it's visible from the outside if you press and hold one of the external buttons for 2 seconds.

Overall I am very satisfied with this phone and I'm glad I purchased it. I look forward to continued use for many months to come. Look at my video review of this phone on Youtube (and no I'm not an employee of Samsung). My username: mahadragon

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So So Phone


Nov 28, 2007 by NEgadgetguy

This isn't a bad phone but lots of room for imporvement.

Nice looking
Loud ringtones
Can use your own songs as ringtones
Decent internal display considering the low resolution
Pretty good reception, but could definitely be better
Battery seems to last a decent amount of time(3-4 days between charges)

No lock for the outside buttons(The Camera button on the side is VERY easily activated when handling or opening the phone)

Earpiece volume is on the low side but should be fine in most quiet-moderately noisy environments.

Speakerphone is completely useless in all but a very quiet room.

Soft keys and Navigation keys cannot be programmed to users tastes.

Advanced voice dialing is very awkward and has a hard time understanding commands.

Menus are very dark and dull which makes using the phone in bright light extremely difficult.

This would be a nice phone for someone with a tight budget as Tmobile is now offering it for free. I am exchanging it tomorrow for the Motorola W490 whih seems to be better than this phone in many ways.

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Descent Phone for extra line.


Dec 1, 2007 by 80sMetalMania

First reviewer pretty much sums it up.
My thoughts: This is a very nice phone. It is very solid especially when opening/closing the flip. The reception is great; in fact, better than my other two Motorolas (except for the V60i) despite T-Mobile's weak 'indoor' signal pull.
Design wise, the phone is very up to date - it is thin, light, very compact and pretty much on par with the V3 Razr. Also, its got an amazing looking keypad.
Unfortunately, the ergonomics are not so well laid out - check the cons...

*Thin and light.
*Flip is very solid
*Beautiful lights on outer screen
*Great reception
*Nicest free phone I've seen so far

*No 'regular ring' tones (only musical ones which I hate)
*User GUI is faded and not easy to read
*Little flimsy plastic flaps covering the ports, even on the charger port(?)
*Camera button GETS IN THE WAY: is located right where you would grab hold of the phone to open when making/receiving calls.
*The text numbering/font is like something you would read out of a newspaper or an old typewriter (Times New Roman). I couldn't find the option to change any other than reducing its JUMBO size layout.
*Battery door is extremely tight and very hard to slide open (not good if you like to alternate phones).

Overall, this its a great phone...at least better looking than most of the Nokias that they used to give out for free.
I am also waiting for my 'W490' and 'Pearl Grey V3 Razr' that T-Mobile had gave me.

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worst phone.


Jul 29, 2009 by zth

PROs- none.

CONs- everything. this phone is junk. do not buy it. i got it from tmoible and 2 weeks after i get it i had major problems. 1st i had problems receiving pictures. 2nd everytime i flipped it open it froze and restarted itself. 3rd a week after i got it it turned off completely. it would not recognize my SIMS card and it would not even charge after i took out my SIMS card and put i back in an tried to charge it

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Great Phone


Dec 22, 2008 by Megan11188

I had it for over a year, recently just losing it from stepping on it... Oh those accidents you wished never happened. Anyways...

Pros: Skinny, easy to fit in jeans
Plenty of memory, Mini SD slot
Light weight
1.3 mega pixel camera
Video Capture
Texting is easy & great
Clear sound

Volume and picture buttons easily pushed being on the sides of the phone in pocket, so it can turn down and you may not hear the call, or feel vibration. ( I missed some calls for that.)

Over all, it is a good phone. I'd recommend it.

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nice fone


Dec 19, 2008 by monroe10

This is a great . but there is a lot of work to be done.
1. the face is easy to be scratched.
2. face cover needed.

but what can u expect from tmobile.

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Frustrating Phone, Sub Par at best


Aug 11, 2008 by phydid

I recieved this phone for free from t-mobile with a 2 yr. service agreement (trap).

Pros: Good camera, Decent battery life, lots of features

Cons: Glitchy storage card, I have a patriot transflash micro SD card and it only works some of the time, at other times when transferring a file it brings up an error message which requires a re-insertion of the card. Other cards seem to work although I wasn't able to test over a long period of time. Phone has no option to save photos, video etc directly to memory card you have to save on the phone and then move later, very frustrating when you want to snap a cute picture of the kiddies and the phone tells you its full. Dull menus and poor screen resolution which makes the photos appear as poor quality but when transfered to a computer they are pretty decent for a phone. Side quick photo button is always accidentally pressed and re-pressed giving you pictures of the inside of your pocket or purse. Sleek button layout is difficult and results in incorrect numbers dialed. All that and more I forgot. Oh well at least you have that excellent T-mobile customer service to fall back on... Not!

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Jul 22, 2008 by romeo0830

Great Phone, cant get better for a entry level phone. Love the look style feel. Not bad for the price either. Definitley a keeper.

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looks are a little decieving with this phone


Jul 10, 2008 by knuckleballer34

I got this phone with T-Mobile back in January, after previously having service with them before. It was free and looked pretty nice, and i've had some pretty good Samsung phones in the past. When you boil right down to it though, this phone is about as average as it gets.

Looks great
Keypad has nice feel/touch to it
Good call quality
Ample ringtone volume
Slightly better than average reception
Solid battery life (I get about four hours between charges)
Pretty nice music player for a free phone

Several bugs that show up over time with the phone (sim card failings, text messages having to be sent 2-3 times before they actually go through).
Cannot customize skins
Dim screen
Only 10 MB of memory. I'm not a bluetooth fanatic, but what's the point of having it if the phone only has 10 MB of memory?
Difficulty removing battery cover.

Overall for a free phone, this isn't a bad deal at all. If it wouldn't be for the bugs that have shown up over time, I would have recommended this phone for those who (like myself) are content with an average phone that's got a little extra. As is, you can probably do a lot better than the T-439. If it's anything more than an average phone, it's a screwball phone at best.

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Poorly constructed


Aug 21, 2009 by Pianistka

I received this phone from T-Mobile in 10/2008. It's 8/09 now, and the phone is completely falling apart. The hinges that hold it together cracked, and it is falling into pieces. I asked T-Mobile if they can replace it, and apparently Samsung's warranty does not cover "physical damage", even if you've done nothing unusual to the phone. In fact, if you send the phone to them for warranty service, they will send you a new phone but charge you $100 for it, and there is nothing you can do. What a rip off! I won't buy another Samsung phone after this.

The phone itself is a very basic phone, which was working ok until now except the camera button keeps getting pressed in my bag. Still, I would expect any phone to last longer than 10 months!!!

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