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The Juke


Feb 21, 2008 by c911darkwolf

Ok, for anyone who needs a light, phone thats small and takes up little space this is great. This phone has a good signal, fatures a massive 2GIG's of INTERNAL memory..thats alot for build in memory and not using a card. So now you have 2gig's without paying $25/50 for a SD Card.

Ideal for..
-light weight phone
-small so doesn't take alot of room up
(easily fits in your shirt pocket)
-powerful music player thats cheap!

BTW a cheap phone doesn't mean a "bad" phone.. it's called promotions and sales!

Lastly it doesn't have a large screen, vcast, or large keypad.. it's suppose to be a small phone, if you put a bigger keypad/screen/add more electronics. you need a bigger phone to hold it all and then you just made another plain old cell phone..

What makes this unique is the small size, 2 gigs of memory and great external sound.

Best money for the buy if your a on the go music lover!

know what you're looking for and this phone can be just for you


Nov 11, 2007 by andee.ong

overall i am going to say this phone is a 3:

first of all, this phone is geared for the 20yrs and younger crowd. right now i am using the juke and must say i am very impressed. it is very user friendly, easy as can be to put music onto it. 2gbs of designated mp3 memory! yes it has a small screen, but i have had no problem what so ever with it. keys are a tad crunched together, but i eventually got used to it. the speaker is quite loud and the option to change equalizer settings is a plus as well. also, a huge selling point for this phone is that it comes with the neccessary accessories to load and listen to your music right out of the box (usb cable and stereo headphones).

in my case, this phone is perfect. i am tired of spending a fortune to put music on my phone (and yes i have an ipod but who wants to carry two devices; especially when you are a guy and dont carry a purse!)

Swivel is the hot way to keep in touch


Jan 5, 2008 by Chef Brd-Jason

Its the second smallest phone and it has an out standing music player on it. The best phone out their for verizon besides the venus and voyager. It will rock your socks off with its crisp sound and rocking music!
The best music phone out their.

-crisp sound quality
- 4 hour battery life
-out standing music player
- great connection to service
- creative design, esp. the swivel idea
- small and unique
- fast for such a small phone
-2gb memory storage
-beautifull lcd screen
-extreamly light weight

-really close buttons
-hard to text with
-it has a vga camera which isnt even a mega pixel
-bateries need to be replaced alot, the battery has a tendency to malfunction after a while.

Really good phone, its hot, its small, and its perfect for all ages, not recomended for business use, great for teens and music fans. rated 4.5 out of 5 for its amazing features and great service.

Good for what it does


Oct 27, 2007 by jskrenes

I tried this phone out from our store for a day, so this is definetly a first-impressions revew. This is definitely a niche phone, just like the enV, Blackberries, and Gz'One meet a certain type of user. If you're looking for a music phone and don't need expandable memory, VCAST, or easy texting, this is the phone for you. I'm assuming the phone side will be at least acceptable for sound quality.

*GREAT sound quality (not as good as my Zune, better than my wife's Sasa, and lots of options for EQing the sound), better-than-expected sound from the external speakers.
*MP3 player part of the phone is easy to use.
*No special software needed to snyc (other than Windows Media Plaer).
*No need to buy extra hardware: everything you need comes in the box.

*VGA camera
*No VCAST. We don't live in a VCAST area (though we've been assured that it is coming), so it's not a big deal right now, but I think it's an oversight as big as not putting bluetooth on the original Gz'One.
*No expandable memory, though 2GB is pretty generous.
*No lanyard. Not a big deal, but if you're making a small MP3 player/phone, it should have one.
*2.5mm headset jack. All MP3 player phones should have a 3.5mm jack or at least come packaged with the adapter.
*It would be nice if the juke had some acceerometers in it to orient the screen to whichever way you were holding it.

Design/size. Nice if you want a smaller device, not the greatest if you want to do things like texting or VZNavigator.

If I were designing this phone, I would have made it VCAST capable, put some accelerometers in it to orient the screen, added a 3.5mm headset jack, and priced it at $149.99. But as it is, it's a good music player that can also function as a phone.

Great little music player/phone


Oct 19, 2007 by vivalasvegas

I have had this phone for a little bit now and I am very pleased. It is more then I expected for the $99.99 purchase price. This is a SMALL phone. If you are looking for a large screen with large buttons you are looking in the wrong place. This phone is about half as wide as a razor and closed about the same length. When open the phone seems long for such a tiny device. However if feels nice, solid in the hand and call quality has been great so far. I sync'd it with my music with the enclosed usb cable and everything worked great. The speakers are good and loud. The music sounds good. I like the fact that you can use the speaker phone while the flip is closed. The 'automatic' style flip is quick and smooth. One flick of the finger and the phone opens. The screen is small however it is plenty large enough for text messages and play lists. I wouldn't want to play a game on it. The camera is not very good however with such a tiny screen the pictures look OK.
In short it is a great phone for the money.

Size - don't even notice it in my pocket
Sound - great sound for such a small device and the stereo bluetooth works great
Style - looks very stylish. I have the red and it looks sharp!
Quality - feels very solid and the flip works great
Battery life - long long battery life playing songs and talking

Size - it is tiny! texting isn't easy
Screen - Tiny
Camera - VGA

All and all I love this phone!

Great phone, fun


Oct 30, 2007 by chebella82

This phone is really sweet looking, especially in teal IMO, and i think it's actually really easy to text with, contrary to what ive read. and i use around 2000 txts a month. it's not designed to be a higher end phone with every possible feature, it's just supposed to be a new cool design for phone addicts that like a new toy every few months. so it does what it's supposed to do.

*reception and call clarity are great (houston tx)
*battery holds long charge
*speakerphone works suprisingly well
*love the swivel, i sit there and play with it all the time when im bored
*menu has quick response time
*size is great
*lots of extra features like the convertor feature for currency, measurements, etc, quick search feature, and u can adjust brightness and contrast unlike LG phones
*vz navigator
*has a place where u can string a cord thru- handy when using as mp3
*love how you can slide the keylock button into place and throw it in your purse or pocket without worrying about accidentally starting music or camera or calling someone or anything like that which can happen with so many other phones
*comes with stereo headset and usb cable

*lack of removable memory
*couldve made a better camera/video, but who really cares on this type of phone
*crappy ringtones- but u can download new ones

a very cool phone


Oct 19, 2007 by hammygirl

i got my last phone very recently but when i saw this model, i instantly fell in love with it and had to get it, no matter what!

The phone feels and kinda looks like an mp3 player.. it's so small, i can strap it around my neck like an iShuffle. 2gig is more than enough for me, and it should store ample number of good songs for me, at least

i love the swivel style. the phone's so small but the buttons dont feel too small for my fingers. the screen however, is a lil bit too small.. kinda hard to play tetris on it, or read txt messages haha

i just got this moments ago and ive been checking out all the features for a while now.. its great! i'll have to wait and see how the call quality and other things fare compared to my old phones, but so far the device looks like a solid piece of wonder. i absolutely love the design :))

Clarification for Mac users


Oct 23, 2007 by showboat

I would just like to clear up the incompatibility issues for Mac users. I just purchased this phone and I am running Mac OSx 10.4 and experienced the same road block the previous review mentioned. In that the Verizon software for MP3 transfer is only offered for PC. However, if you use a little iIngenuity you would see that upon connecting the Juke via the included USB2 cable that it mounts itself as a drive. Simply find your music and drag it into the drive called "Telechips"; in which you will find a folder called "Music. Your music will now show up in the MP3 player function of this sweet little eye candy moto.

About the phone:
-Size, battery life, and style all rock
-It is great for people who could care less about being able to purchase 4$ music videos to watch on their phone.
-The mp3 interface on the phone is functional because it works while not swiveled open, and the audio control wheel buttons mirror that of an iPod.
-The tiny screen
-Texting may cramp your fingers a bit, but would you rather something the size of the Envy in your pocket?
-Overall = really sweet phone

pleasantly surprised


Dec 29, 2009 by knuckleballer34

I got the Samsung Juke more as a novelty than anything else. While I didn't expect it to offer a great experience, I must admit i've come away rather impressed with this little phone.

1. It gets an above average signal, as long as you don't "choke" the antenna during calls.
2. Call quality is very good, and the phone is comfortable to hold.
3. Simple and straightforward menu. There's not much of a learning curve with the Juke.
4. Keypad: despite other reviews, I didn't find it difficult to use at all. I've got huge thumbs, but banging away messages with T9 has been a breeze.
5. For what it's worth, the music experience on this phone is very good...provided you don't get a headache trying to install VCAST to your laptop to sync the Juke to your PC.
6. Considering the size of the battery, it holds a pretty good charge...roughly 4-4.5 hours of talk time with moderate messaging and mp3 usage.

1. Who saw this one coming...the screen. It's quite small, but it shows everything you need to know on the home screen in a large enough font. However, it's definitely not for the visually impaired.
2. You can't do much with the phone when its closed.

This was supposed to be a stopgap until I got another "bigger better" phone...but I must admit, I really like the Juke. It's simple and basic, and does a great job as a phone: clear calls, good reception, and adequate battery life. Aside from a well performing mp3 player, there aren't a lot of extras...but the Juke performs well where it was designed to shine. If you don't have any visual impairments and don't need your cellphone to double as a laptop, this is a great, simple phone for calling and texting. Definitely recommended.

good phone


Nov 24, 2009 by rocket23

this phone is very small and pretty easy to use

pros cool flip open scroll wheel music player good battery good reception loud speaker

cons small screen cant record videos

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