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awesome phone


Jul 23, 2009 by macosx

for the price this is a very good phone. has all of the features and even came with a memory card. I use the music player all of the time and so far the battery life has been excellent. This little phone can also take a beating. It's been chewed on by a Beagle and thrown at the wall. Still works great!!



Mar 5, 2009 by placasp1210

This phone is TERRIBLE! My Samsung SGH-t219 is a better phone than this thing!

It's small
Good Alarm
Very sturdy

Terrible Keyboard, TOO SMALL
The slowest camera I've ever used
The music player on the side is VERY sensitive
The back-light is very short
Not signature compatible (no T-Mobile phone has that so it's not that big of a deal)
I always loose it because it's so thin
The battery life is so bad. I only get one day out of it!
The memory card barley has any memory
If you switch phones and you decide for some reason to put the SIM card back in the phone and you had events on the calendar you didn't delete, it will go through ALL the events even if they didn't occur and after that, just randomly start vibrate and you can't stop it!
Start-up is a drab! It's so slow!
Always freezes

If you have any common sense, then don't buy this phone!

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its all about value


Sep 1, 2008 by beeferjay

This phone offers the most "bang for your buck"

lets start with the CONs first:

...plastic parts
...complicated hook up to a computer (you must first download the nokia PC suite from the website in order for your computer to recognize the device when plugged in)
...poor signal strength (compared to motorola, i have several phones) (and i have tried multiple 5310s in my home)
...no flash for camera
...camera capture speed is extremely slow
...video quality is very grainy even on highest setting

now the PROs:

...very very customizable (up, down, soft keys, folders, settings)
...music player (stellar job nokia)
...3.5mm standard headset jack
...seperate charging port (you can charge and use your headset jack at the same time)
...vibrant screen
...fairly loud speaker

i gave this phone a 4.5 out of 5.
the camera isn't perfect, but then again this is a music phone. the signal strength was the real deduction here. It should perform as a phone first and other things next. (my home has notoriously spotty indoor coverage with all carriers)

I love this phone though and so will you

I REALLY tried to like this phone!


Apr 18, 2010 by princesssihaya

I'm one of those people who is desperately trying to avoid touch screens and smart phones because I'm broke and don't want to pay to have a mobile web plan. I've owned a Motorola Z3 for 4 years and loved it, but the phone is getting old and it was time to upgrade.

Enter the Nokia 5310. The reviews were great, the phone was beautiful.


I am currently in the process of returning my second Nokia 5310 in 2 weeks due to a software glitch that only I seem to be experiencing. I've checked forums and stumped tech support people. The issue that both phones have had is that the IM menus just stop working after about 6 hours. It just gives me a screen that says Instant Messaging at the top, and that's it. No other functions seem to have any problems. The resolution to this problem has been resetting the phone, which is a complete pain in the butt to do every 8 hours or so.

* Thin, lightweight
* Beautiful display
* Battery life - seems to be okay, but I've not been able to keep any music on it to use the full functionality of the phone, which I'm sure would deplete the battery life faster
* The radio is amazing. Great sound quality!
* Memory card - included 2G memory card

* Camera is a joke
* Texting is strange - the buttons are small and curved so that fingers slide around rather than press the button
* IM glitch!!
* Music player - due to having to reset all the time, I can't keep any music on the phone!

All in all, I'm really disappointed. This seems like it could have been an amazing phone for the price, as I got it for $20.00 on my 2-year contract renewal/upgrade. Due to the glitch and repeated problems I'm having over multiple phones, I can't use the Nokia 5310 to its full potential and purpose. All told, between time in the mail and with limited functionality, I've gotten about a day's use out of the phone while it was working properly. I almost hate giving up on this phone, but its time to cut my losses and look for something else.

Ny Nokiaa


Mar 9, 2010 by a.

Love it its like my favortist phone
the battery life is amazing last me 2 whole days with out charge using it non stop
it uses regular headphones
i love it mine is white and silver texting is funn it comes with 1GB memory card but bought a 4GB and its fantastic ive held 1,256 text messages. maybe more. sometimes i when m going thru my songs in my music player it says application error
never freezes i love it its loud and the camera is good but takes kind of long.

Excellent music phone


Jan 12, 2010 by HumanGoulash

I had this device for a few months, just to give it a try. I needed a phone with a few different features, but if I didn't this would have been my phone of choice.

Camera quality was great, both inside and outside. The tip of a lit cigarette glowed purple outside in the dark, which was strange, but other than that fantastic.
3.5mm headphone jack!!!!
Music player is FLAWLESS. I love the easy access to the dedicated music keys.
Slim profile is great, but also easy to lose in large pockets, etc.
Text messaging is a breeze.
Power button on top of device. Call clarity and signal strength (T-Mobile, Northern Colorado). Never dropped a call.
Ear piece is loud and perfect.

None that I can think of immediately, which is also a great sign!

Nokia 5310(Nothing but a good review).


Oct 4, 2009 by gore23

Now first off, I must say for all you people on the fence, don't be. I have had many phones. Some have been nokia as well. I am not normally attracted to the candy bar style phones. My preference is flip phones. But, when you get a hold of this phone that all changes. There is nothing but good with this phone. I have read many reviews on this phone and the biggest complaint is the camera. Granted, when you take a picture on the highest setting with the greatest resolution it can be a little slower for it to load. And, it is true that it is a little slow. It takes about 10 or so seconds to load. Don't let that change your mind.

- Screen quality: 16.7 million colors.
- Battery Life: 5 hours of talk time. The battery lasts forever when in use with its features.
- Media Player: Very easy to use.
- Radio: One of the only manufactures that support an fm radio on the phone.
- Camera 2MP: Takes very good pics.
- Video Recorder: You can record as long as your memory will support. I have a 2gb sd memory card. With that, I can record for five hours.
- Sleek design: I am still amazed on how small and thin the phone is. Especially with all its features.
And the list goes on.

That fact is if you are looking for a great phone you found it. It will come with a headset that allows you to use the radio. It comes with a 1gb memory card.

Amazing Phone. Nokia 5310

Amazing Phone With A Piss Poor Camera


May 25, 2009 by gunarrr

**Note: I have the unlocked blue version. ;)

=Music player kills iPod.
=Standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
=Amazing radio with RDS.
=Freakishly thin.
=Extremely durable.
=Screen is amazing.
=Never lags, never crashes, never freezes.
=Better messaging than a Blackberry.
=Battery has real stamina.
=Easy to use.

=Camera is absurd.
=Takes of bit of customizing to make music not pause upon arrival of message.

Okay. Seeing as how this is an XpressMusic phone, the music player would have to be pretty good. Well. It is. The music player is great. I ditched my iPod nano when I got this.

This phone has a standard headphone jack. You can use whatever headphones you want. The ones from your iPod, some SkullCandy, some cheapo's you get from WalMart. Anything will work with this. No adapter needed.

The radio on this is great. If you get sick of the music you have on it just switch it to the radio. It has RDS and tells you the name of the station, and the song thats playing. [Provided the station broadcasts it.]

This phone is only 9.9mm thick. It's thinner than your pinkie finger.

Okay, this phone will not die. My friend left hers in a swimming pool over night, let it dry, and it still works. She spilled nail polish all over it, and it still works.

The screen on this has 16 million colors. Thats 62 times more than a middle end phone and 246 times more than a basic phone. It's so sharp. It matches the computer.

The OS on this phone is amazingly stable. :D It never crashes or lags or anything.

Messaging on this phone is a breeze. Every aspect. The keys are small but huge. It lets you hold an UNLIMITED amount of messages. The T9 is the smartest I've ever used.

I send/receive about 1000 texts a day. I only have to charge this every other day.

This phone is great. All around. Anyone can get around the menus.

Now the bad, the camera. It's impossibly slow. But after you take the picture, it's actually pretty decent. Nothing like a SLR, but good for Facebook.

Amazing Music Phone. (:


May 25, 2009 by notation9

First off, I just want everyone to know that I replaced my iPhone with this phone. I was sick of it always breaking, crashing, and freezing, and it's served as a pretty great replacement.

It's EXCELLENT for someone looking for a small phone that's amazing as a music player, built great, and won't break.

-TINY! This is one of the smallest and thinest phones I have ever seen. It's like you're not even carrying a phone.
-AMAZING music player. Much better than an iPod/iPhone. And can hold just as much with an SD
-Standard headphones are amazing!
-Dedicated music keys are very convenient.
-Very loud speaker for playing music without headphones.
-Built great and very stable. I actually have a hard time getting the back off it's built so sturdy! And I've only had the phone crash once when I had thousands of messages in my inbox.
-Bluetooth works amazing, something that was really missed on my iPhone.
-Customization: this phone is extremely easy to get to work and look just the way you want.

-Slow camera, it takes good enough pictures, but takes almost 20 seconds for each picture to save.
-Accidentally sit/hit music keys so music randomly plays.
-Easy to accidentally hang up/answer a call without realizing it.

This has by far got to be the greatest phone I have ever owned. Go buy it. Now! :D

I like it a lot


Apr 30, 2009 by kasrap

-good reception if t-mobile can help it
-great voice
-great feel
-love the stereo headphones
-great radio and music player
-good enough camera
-so small and slim, almost like a credit card

-not much, maybe smallish keys if you are a huge texter
-key lock annoying on all candy bar phones
-I wish it had 3G, I would have kept it for ever and ever and ever.

These have been great phones for me and my wife. We used them for eight months on t-mobile before having to upgrade to 3G phones because of reception in our area. We have had many different phones and carriers but have become loyal to t-mobile (even when they have so so reception in Orange County, CA) and Nokia (too bad no 3G Nokias are currently in the t-mobile arsenal.)

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