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Nokia 6555


Oct 18, 2007 by akirazstylin

This sleek phone is a really easy device to use. Its pretty much basic and easy to use all functions and features. Its also a 3G phone which means...it can do a lot of stuff on this "AFFORDABLE" phone. If you're looking for something reasonable and made by NOKIA who produces awesome phones, you might want to give this one a try.

I like it.


Oct 17, 2007 by musewebsites


BEAUTIFUL display, and the outer display is quite large.

Call quality is VERY nice. I haven't had any weird noises or cutting out yet. I know sometimes that's a service or network issue instead of equipment, but some equipment does seem to do better.

I like the way the camera is set up (coming from all Motos) and the UI.

Lots of tools that alot of phones do not have. I can make lists and such as if I were using a PDA or something.

Very comfortable to hold and the keys have great feedback.

Can use MP3 ringtones (if you're like me and like to make your own)



I know you've heard it, but battery life. My understanding from talking to others though is that this has alot of do with 3G phones. It just uses alot of power. You can turn on Power Saver, turn your packet data to "Only when needed" (under connectivity in settings), and make your screensaver go off after 5 seconds instead of 10, and that WILL help. I'm getting more time than some people are saying on here, but I am a moderate user and changed those power settings.

Once in power saving mode, after so long the clock and such will disappear off of the external display, so you have to hit a side button to see time.


All around, the pros definately outweigh the cons. This is my first Nokia, I typically use Motos, and I'm gonna keep this phone. I enjoy it and it's a hot looking little phone.
I'll just charge my phone alittle more often I guess.

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Oct 5, 2007 by ATTfanatic

If you use your phone a lot like me, this is not for you.

The battery life is so bad, it won't last a day without running out of juice.

This phone is going right back where it came from.

overall disappointing


Dec 30, 2008 by Dude

General Comments:
I wanted to get an ATT GoPhone that is 3G compatible and a clamshell. At the time I bought this one, it was the only one that ATT offered, so I was stuck with it.

- stylish!
- larger phone which I consider a pro since I can't stand the mini-phones out there
- micro SD expansion slot
- easy menu access/navigation
- bluetooth
- Nokia Suite (free download from Nokia)

- battery life (OMG!)
- no charging via USB cable
- poor cam image quality
- not S60

I have read other reviews that said the battery life is poor. I figured that between the energy saving methods (data when needed, etc), and me not using the phone as iPod or TV, I would be fine. Boy was I wrong. I get at the very most 120 minutes of talk time out of the battery. That's just unacceptable.

The Nokia USB cable is being sold as a way to charge the phone, except it doesn't actally do that.

The cam image quality is poor at best. Extremely poor when taking indoor pics in normal office light.

Writing your own apps for this phone is a pain in the rear as you have to use Java. If you want to write your own apps get an S60 phone and code in C.

If they would only offer the iPhone as GoPhone compatible. I simply refuse to be held hostage by a monthly fee for services I don't use. Prepaid phones is the way to go, and the 6555 is the price you "pay" for not paying $70/month for service.

V3xx WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 27, 2007 by Digicall01

This phone rocks it is the perfect size and the buttons are workable as far as the comparison with the v3xx it is completely different phone a lateral of the krazr is the 6555 if a person were to compare the v3x to the n75 and you will see why Nokia makes the BEST cell phones in the world

What can i say?


Mar 10, 2009 by riel.lopez

This phone is built like a tank. Durability is what makes this phone. Being a typical 16 year old I would find myself dropping this phone more then what is normal. This phone to this day has been there for me. Baterrey may not be the best but it still manages. 2 years later the only problem this phone has given me is its uncanny nature too shut off for no apparent reason. Not sure if its the abbuse i've put it through or just a defect in the phone itself.

-Texting is quick and simple
-music player does the job
-did i mention durable?

-Random turn off's get irritating when in a conversation.
-battery neesd charging often. (inconsistant)

Great phone, lasted me my teenage life! =]

Worst phone ever


Mar 5, 2009 by sbehbaha

I'm pretty sure AT&T has stopped carrying this phone, but if you are considering purchasing this phone thru ebay or whatever, DON'T!

Just to reiterate what others have said, this is a horrible horrible phone. The battery barely lasts through a one-hour phone call and the phone likes to turn itself off randomly. Then after you turn it back on, you can't even use the phone for an entire 2 minutes because it's still loading.

I can't stand this phone and had a heck of a time getting AT&T to let me get a completely different phone instead of going through warranty. Do NOT purchase this phone.

I hope that someone who has this phone does not have to call 911 and ends up having their phone shut itself off.



Feb 18, 2009 by attsucksbadd

do not get this phone. the battery sucks, and the worst thing is after awhile the phone starts to randomly shut off, my family has a family plan with 5 phones and they all do it, they have been replaced multiple times and still do it. these phones are not good at all. now my phone is doing this again, and they said after i send it back 3 times i can get a completly different phone, but no. the 1 year warranty is up and they said they cant replace it any more. why the [...] not!! its the phone companys mistake with the phone, not ours. so do not get this phone, you will be sorry.

Ed. note: removed profanity

There are better options.


Jan 23, 2009 by kt

I don't ask much from a phone. Talking, texting, and a slightly cool/fun look are about all I need. That said, this phone doesn't do it for me. I upgraded and chose this one over the Nokia 6085, which I thought was a bit plain. Bad call. Everyone with that phone likes it- very reliable. Mine is not. So with that in mind, here are my pros and cons.

Pretty phone-nice bright colors and backgrounds (only a few to choose from though)
Good customization
Not bad camera
Lots of storage (texts etc)

The battery-has awful life (remember I don't use it much) AND turns itself off randomly even when charged.
The outer surface and screen scratch incredibly easily.

Simple. The battery kills this phone. I thought that since I don't use it much, I could ignore the reviews that gave it a bad battery rating, but it's not good enough even for me.



Jan 20, 2009 by cheesysaxophone

I have had the phone for one year now.

-screens are in great condition
-battery life is decent
-easy to download and locate items
-calls are easy to understand

-If you text too "fast" the phone turns off, resulting in the battery dying and frustration.
-The calender alarms don't work. (Set for 6pm monday, rings 6 hours later, at midnight. every time.)
-Can't access mobile email.
-A friend also has theirs turn off when opened too quickly.

Over all, it is an okay phone if you don't text or use extra features.

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