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After 1 year


Nov 29, 2008 by MrChazz

I got this phone as an upgrade, I was happy to get back into a flip phone. This phone has been pretty much what I expected, its a nokia, and since I have not gotten the phone wet it's still working Very well. I constantly use the bluetooth feature, I put in a 2gb MicroSD card, and I run a feature rich Theme, so my battery life is about 1.5 days, if I forget to charge it at night, then I can get away with a quick 20 minute charge in the morning, if the phone dies out, it will still (or at least try) to turn back on to set off the alarm, and the alarm does work when the phone is powered off, the speaker phone does crack a little if you turn it up beyond 7 or 8, I like the media player feature, altho the 3gp video is kind of a limited codec. the camera works nice for snapshots or pictures, would like to have better resolution for video though, at least I know what I'm looking for when I upgrade again. I can say that this phone has been a very good experience, and If you like this phone but want to go with smartphone features then you can look forward to the 6650 fold which has a few minor physical differences but runs symbian 60 (if my memory serves me right). Nokia did a good job on this model, I'm still on my first phone, my girlfriend on the other hand has gone through 2 of them, altho she does work in catering and the 1st phone went down 6 flights of stairs, was still functional but the * key stopped working. If the battery lasted more than 36 hours, the video capture had a higher resolution and it took a standard USB adapter than this phone would be perfect in my own opinion.

Nokia 6555 compared to 6126


Aug 22, 2008 by shoebear

I like having a midrange phone. They are smaller than a smartphone but offer many of the same features. I use calendar (sync w/Lotus Notes), alarm clock, texting, voice calls.

I've used a Nokia 6126 with AT&T for the last year. When I accidently dropped my 6126 in water, I decided to try the 6555. Overall, I like it a bit better, but I do miss some things from the 6126. Here are features and strengths of each phone.

Nokia 6126
Nokia OS v4.28, 29-Jan-07, RM-126 (Series 40 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1)
10 MB internal memory
BL-4C battery (720mAh)
Advantages vs 6555
- Tasks require fewer steps, eg: turning alarm on
- Allows any mp3 as tone
- Better ring and alert tones selection
- Gentle ascending alarm clock default tone
- Larger screen
- Screen backlight stays on longer
- Button opens phone
- No Cellular Video/MEdiaNet keys to push accidently
- Larger nemeric keys, easier texting

Nokia 6555
Nokia OS v03.31, 01-Aug-07, RM-289 (Series 40 5th Edition)
30 MB internal memory
BL-5C battery (850mAh)
Advantages vs 6126
- 3x more internal memory
- Smaller overall; thinner, skinnier, but longer
- Small USB data connection (no Pop-Port)
- Built-in stereo headset/headphones jack
- Active-matrix displays
- Brighter, sharper, easier to read
- Readable in direct sunlight
- Takes more power, but bigger battery compensates
- Sharper active standby display font
- Main display is flush with bezel; much easier to clean
- No painted plastic parts to scratch in pocket/look bad
- Don't need protective case
- 3 case color options
- No "off" button on side, easier to snooze alarm clock
- No camera button on side to push accidently
- Larger non-numeric keys easier for fat fingers

Excellent Phone @ entry level price


Aug 15, 2008 by jreisner

First off, I need to say I have always been a Nokia fan. While with Verizon for over 5 years, however, there were no decent Nokias, so I became an LG fan. When I switched to AT&T (Cingular at the time) not by choice but to join a family plan, it seemed like my chance to finally get a good Nokia.

Compared to my Verizon LG's, I initially did not like this phone and switched after 3 days to what I was sure was a great bet - a comparable LG. But sadly LG does not spend nearly as much money developing GSM phones, and it was a huge disappointment. 24 hours later, I was back to this one. Here's why:

1) Thin and light, fits easily in all pockets
2) Beautiful screen, better than most phones
3) Quick and intuitive interface
4) Excellent camera for the price
5) Very good media player for the price
6) Best reception I've had (Pittsburgh, PA)

Here's some bad points:

1) Flat keys (can't use w/o looking)
2) Entire phone smears and smudges horribly
3) Weak vibrate - can't always feel
4) Small ringtone choice - and you can not create your own from mp3's
5) No flash on camera
6) No outer media player keys
7) Worse than average battery life

Overall the pros outweigh the cons and for the price (emphasis added) this phone can not be beat.

Pretty good so far


Aug 7, 2008 by jforcey

I used to work for AT&T, so getting a phone meant paying a lot more than customers. I wanted something that was unique, something not too expensive, and something that would last for a while.

I'm now on my second 6555 because my first one had some crazy issues with powering itself off about ten times a day. However, no one at AT&T had ever heard of this happening. Nor had I read about it anywhere. My new one is running fine.

Everywhere I read, though, everyone complained about the battery life. Mine's been fine. I charge mine once every other day or even every three days.

Here's my list of Pros & Cons:

slim, slippery design - easy to drop, difficult to get used to holding
volume button on side is on top half - hard to get used to
only able to set one alarm (personal preference, though)

unique design - eye-catching
easy to learn to use & navigate
very easy to personalize
very sturdy, which is convenient because of how easy it is to drop
holds up to 4 GB of memory - great as an MP3 player
slim design - easily fits into my pocket

There are a ton more, but I don't want to completely bore you.

Overall, I recommend this as a mid-level phone to anyone who wants something unique and something sturdy.

6555 Battery Fix


Jul 31, 2008 by cody4king

Just to let everyone know who is complaining about battery life, I work at AT&T Michigan and we have actually found a fix for that; if you go to Settings>Connections>Packet Data and change "Always Online" to "When Needed" it makes a significant difference on your batter consumption. Aside from battery, this has been a great phone for us although we do get a strange one every now and then, but you're bound to get a defective phone once in a while. Hope this helps!

6555: A Great Phone


Jul 19, 2008 by TheBigL032

I had a Nokia 6682 smartphone which broke so I got this 6555 for FREE. So thats the first plus.

Besides the great pricing, this phone has a wide and plentiful feature set with plenty of room to expand (with a memory card that is).

The phone is lightweight and comfortable but yet sleek, stylish and elegant at the same time (seamless hinge when opened).

The only negative I have with this phone as a heavy user is the battery life. However, I like the phone so much that I'm willing to get an extra battery for a rotation or an extended battery.

Sexy Design
Feature Set
Comfy Keypad (texting)
Great Sound (sounds like a house phone)
Customization options seem to go fairly deep.
Great Hi-Res Screen (great for medianet)

Battery Life
lack of dedicated 'clear' button (uses right softkey)
Doesnt come with data cable or earphones.

If anyone has any questions about the phone, send me a message. terrylamb@gmail.com

good phone battery not so good


Jun 7, 2008 by chelse08


-slim size fits anywhere
-camera takes clear pictures
-t9 text is awesome


-battery life is not as long as preferred but with some adjustments it lasts a bit longer, turn bluetooth off, turn screensaver option off and go into data package settings and switch to only when needed instead of always
-speaker phone can't be turned on until other end actually picks up
-camera settings no option to change picture color like to b&W or sepia

I love this phone!!!!


May 8, 2008 by cgd

Nokia has finally made a decent flip phone!


--Keys are very responsive to touch.
--Text display is easy to see with large letters.
--Excellent reception, as usual for Nokia
--Battery life is good, got 3 days by following the advice given on the 3G connection and power saver.
--Great sound quality.


--None really. Would like more battery life, but not a dealbreaker.

Best Nokia Ever!


Apr 10, 2008 by Trance72

I love this phone! I have read some negatives about the phone, but one thing that I can say is that the battery life DOES get better the longer you have the phone. A previous reviewer had stated that and I agree. I was getting about a day or two if I was lucky at first, but with this last charge I am on day four I believe! I have had this phone now for about three months. Oh and a tip to extend battery life! Turn connection to when needed, turn OFF the screensaver, and turn power saver on. Turning off the screensaver I think made the most difference.

I am a major Nokia fan, and have basically given up on all other cell phone companies because they are just not as reliable as Nokias. This just might be my favorite Nokia phone ever!

Excellent Reception. And the call quality is also like you are listening to a landline. Very, very clear and crisp. The phone feels very sturdy and strong in your hands. The display and the pics on this thing are amazing...excellent camera! In Tulsa, OK and no dropped calls yet. We get good service with at&t here anyway. Awesome ringer! Nokia never ever disappoints!!

It's Nokia
Call Quality
Camera excellent, great pics and video
Easy to customize
Bluetooth is easy
Easy navigation as always
Tons of memory

Battery could definitely be better BUT IT DOES IMPROVE OVER TIME
Other than the batter, I cannot think of anything...it is an amazing phone!

Battery Life definitely improved


Mar 10, 2008 by lfcitz

Buttons are very sensitive (excellent for texting).
customizable buttons, even for applications (but that's a nokia trait)
Excellent screen.

Battery life blows (but has gotten much better over time)
No FM radio.
Music Player quality is pretty poor.
No external controls.

i had a sony ericsson w810i before this and the player quality was excellent.

My first night, the battery charged overnight. Pocket data was set to when needed. Unplugged at 8am and it died that night at 11pm. A joke. I made minimal calls and had a bit of 3g use. I got a new battery from AT&T and this time it lasted 24 hours. A couple charges later it lasted 48 hours.

And now (it's been nearly a week) I'm on my third day without charging, but I doubt it'll last through the day. Still I'm content it's lasted this long. I've had about an hour of phone calls and a few 3g sessions... This improvement is gonna keep me from returning the phone. Definitely, a conditioned battery is a longer lasting battery.

If only the 6263 was coming to AT&T!

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