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Very poor quality electronics (short circuits, speakers that cut in and out...)


Nov 8, 2008 by jesuchriste

It seemed nice. At first. I've had this thing for about a year now. The battery life has never been good. It is a nice looking phone, and a comfortable size and length. The call quality is good enough -- back when the phone still worked. My microphone still works, but after a year of mild abuse the speaker/ear cuts in and out like Ronaldinho. This means that sometimes it's silent when I hit the call button, and I assume that its just connecting and will soon begin to ring. Although I can't hear it, the person (or their voice mail) has often already picked up when I think the call hasn't gone through yet. Then, when I think there was just a network problem, I'll try to call again immediately after with the same results. Which makes for some interesting conversations later ('why did you leave me 6 voice mails without saying anything?'). Oh, and the PTT button is a pain, and the battery gets hot after about 20 minutes of a call. Oh, and I almost forgot the BEST PART: this phone rarely drops calls -- or rather, the service rarely drops calls -- HOWEVER, the phone enjoys turning itself off during calls. I'll think the call gets dropped and go to dial back, only to realize that the phone itself is completely off. The 30 seconds of waiting for the phone to turn on before I can redial is even worse than bad signal. I don't know that this phone is still on the market, but if it is and you're looking to have the phone for more than a month, then DON'T DO IT.

Not a bad device


Mar 2, 2008 by lineman4ATT

the phone isn't as bad. I still need to learn some functions but overall I like it. The battery is one issue I have and also the bluetooth device seems to have some static but it could just be the service provider. But the games run smoothly and the overall design is nice.

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Good Phone so far


Nov 22, 2007 by msmith1991

well i just recieved this phone today and so far i like it. everything seems to be fine with the phone.

i guess i cant say much about it since ive only had it a couple of hours.

Great Phone So Far


Nov 13, 2007 by BoJsaves

Great phone.
Pros. Looks great, flip is sturdy. Good screen color, good camera.
Great reception where I live.
I would recommend this phone.
I had the LGCU515, piece of crap, no reception at all.
Well back to the nokia.
Cons. None to speak of now..like this phone, check it out, especially for the price.

Another Awesome Phone



For the price of $50 after rebate cant complain. Stereo bluetooth, Push to Talk. Also in depth MP3 player allowing you to set up play lists and more... Very great deal..
-- Down Side, same plasticy feel as the 6102i and 6085..



Nov 16, 2007 by sumobunny

I love the phone BUT the battery sucks big time, your lucky, very lucky IF you can get 90 Min's talk out of it.

I tryed a NEW battery, no good, then got a 2ND NEW phone from AT&T, NO LUCK still, the batter life is BAD, what a PITY, I love the phone but it's kinda useless with out a battery that LAST as long as it is supposed to last which is 4 hrs NOT 6.

Who says 6 hrs anyways??

The AT&T web page AND Nokia site both say talk time is 4?? But again you can't even get close to that!!

Piece of crap


Aug 18, 2008 by isanblm

I am on my third one of these. Each one so far has had the same problems, dropping calls, problems with text messaging, and random powering off.

No matter if I have full service or not-so-good service, sometimes my phone will randomly power off, even right in the middle of a phone call.

This phone also only sends text messages whenever it feels like it. I don't seem to have a problem receiving, but always sending.

I will also be in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden I get a loud disconnect tone, even though my screen shows that I am still connected with the other party. No matter how long I wait, the tone does not go away. I have to hang up and re-send my phone call.

One other huge annoying fact is that the back battery cover falls off constantly. Even just putting it in my bag makes it slide off. It is just a little flimsy piece of plastic that clicks into place.

ATT will not let me switch to any other brand of phone, even though this one is obviously crap. I should have stuck with my Sony Ericsson.

I wish I had looked at reviews a little closer ...


Jul 3, 2008 by jenany

I did a lot of research before getting this phone but I guess I didn't do quite enough! My two main issues are things I saw over and over again:

poor battery life


the phone's keypad gets hot very quickly

I am very unhappy about this because the phone itself is very user friendly and has all the features I like. But I am going to have to return it since I just got it and hate it already.

Lesson learned!!!

poor plug-in fit, short battery life


Mar 4, 2008 by indigobunt

Other than dependable battery life and being hard to recharge, a great phone.
Note, though, that I am committed to Nokias, after bad experiences with other brands.
I have two Nokia 6555s, both with loose contact USB mini port connections on the recharger. One I returned to Nokia for replacement.

Sometimes my battery doesn't recharge at all, esp. if the connection isn't precisely correctly wiggled in. The car jack unit has never worked at all, as far as I can tell.
Battery life is not even half that of my old Nokia candybar phone, despite having the same battery type.

Still, a comfortable,sensible phone (though I wish I could eliminate that dumb Push To Talk feature).

Noki 6555


Feb 23, 2008 by marciag42

I wanted a flip phone so I purchase the Nokia 6555. I was so disappointed with the battery life, I charged up the battery for a hour and took it to work with me . I did not even use the phone when I heard the low battery bell going off and then the phone died. All I can say is that its a nice phone, but just very poor battery life. I called ATT and they told me to return it for a replacement. I just hope the next one works better. All I can say if you dont have good battery life then the rest of the features dont mean nothing!!

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