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Sep 23, 2007 by crackberry

this is an overall great phone. bright screen and loads of customization. stereo bluetooth is a plus. great buy for just about anyone. i don't give the phone a perfect 5 because the browser is half html and half mobile, some sites are just not available, like bank of america (which i use daily). i also could not get myspace mobile to work on this phone. those are the only two draw backs i've found with the phone. the battery life is a little less than favorable but if you set the packet data connection to 'only when needed' you get more out of the battery.

omg,good luck.


Oct 4, 2007 by sagger_

I have had this phone for less then 24 hours and I am returning it as soon as I am finished writing this review.So here goes...
Nice slick phone.Easy to hold and reach the buttons with one hand. Great call quality.

I received the phone at 1200 noon and charged it until 6:00 pm. Full Charge.I made 3 test calls about 1 minute each.Then at work I made 5 more calls,a total of 34 minutes since I got the phone and the battery is dead.While I was on my last call the battery got so hot I was concerned that it might explode. I shut it off and have not turned it back on since. Now I am going back to the AT&T store to return it.

This may be an isolated case but I am returning mine and my wifes phones for something more stable and the bugs are worked out.

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Not my old trusty Nokia from years back


Aug 9, 2008 by yachtsales101

Battery life is worse that everyone says! I have had 2 replaced in the last 3 months because of electrical glitches. Probably the worst phone I have ever used.

Good Reception
Good Bluetooth interface (Best I have used yet)

Battery Life, By mid-day I have to recharge
Quality, 2 in 3 months

Incredible that this thing has such a flaw


Jun 3, 2008 by Dilbrt

My wife and I both have the 6555b. She has gone through three in less than a year, and I am on my second. The corruption in the texting function WILL rear its head. Hers goes so far as to just shut down, or applications will begin on their own. Mine constantly beeps as though I have opened it, yet it rarely leaves the holster. Battery life is worthless, and the camera is just pathetic. I thought Nokias were like a tank, but I am switching back to the best there is, Sony.

Not bad, but I think it's going back


Sep 23, 2007 by cmiller828

I've had the phone for a couple days now and while it is not a bad phone, I think I'm going to stick with my V3XX for now.

One thing that really interested me in the phone was the e-mail client that was listed as a feature, thinking this would be like the client Motorola used to include. However, it is the java app that is currently on my V3xx that I'm not too impressed with.

The screen is much smaller than the V3xx.

The headset volume did not seem to be that loud, and it would actually get quieter during the ringing sound when I called somebody.

Battery life is poor as well. I used the phone the same way as my V3xx which I can get a charge for about 3 days before needing to charge. The 6555 needed charged at the end of the day.

The great thing about this phone is you only have to answer the "Use data" question one time for unsigned java apps (Google maps, Opera, etc), unlike EVERY time it uses data on my V3xx...that is my biggest dislike about the V3xx, but this isn't a review on that phone.

Overall, I was satisfied with the phone, but just couldn't get passed the small screen and battery life. If Nokia comes out with a phone with similar features, a bigger screen and HSDPA I will definitely give them another try as I'm just not too impressed with Motorola any longer and what they have coming down the road.

not happy


Jan 5, 2008 by automany2k1

The phone looks great, feels great over all it is just OK! I really like the look of the phone, but I had to return my phone 4 times. It over heats, and the loud speaker
is not loud at all I missed a lot of calls as a result of the ringer and faulty speaker.
my first phone was replaced in 30 days
the second at 60 days, the third at 60 days, the fourth the same day the I received it in the mail. If they fixed the speaker , battery life and over heating problems I would probably keep the phone.

not great


Nov 13, 2008 by rpg311

Pros: it's an easy phone to use
Cons: The battery life is so low that I have a charger at home, work and the car to overcome the issue. I also experience the phone shutting down a lot. When I remove and reinstall the battery, it seems to clear the problem for a week or so.
I would not buy it again.

Stay Away from this phone


Nov 3, 2008 by bubbles042464

I have the 6555 and it was working well for a while. Two weeks ago it was sitting on my dresser and the battery overheated and caused condensation inside the phone. I removed the battery and left the phone open overnight to see if it would work the next day. It did not work and would not even charge or turn on. I took it to Best Buy-where I got it. They only gave me the number for Nokia and the location of an AT&T warranty center. AT&T would not do anything for me since the square in the back was slightly pink and said that the phone had moisture damage. DUH. The battery overheated and caused the moisture damage. I will never use Nokia again and I will not be renewing with AT&T in the future. I am back to the old LG that I started out with years ago.

How disappointed


Aug 23, 2008 by Kklobe

I have had my phone active since 01 July 2008. I have had nothing but trouble with the phone from the first time I used it. I read the reviews about the battery life but I went ahead and picked up two of the phones (wife and I). We both have to charge our phones every day and we don't use them that much either. My phone drops calls all of the time. And my friends tell me that it sounds like I am driving down the highway while holding the phone outside the window at 70. I can almost always hear static in the background and then I will get a super high pitch screech through the earphone speaker. Now the phone will not turn on, only the keypad lights up?
I am getting a replacement phone sent from AT&T for no charge so hopefully this phone will work better then the previous one.
I have been overseas for a year and a half, and I took a go phone with me. I didn't want to take a good phone because of where I was going. But the lousy, cheap go phone from Walmart worked great. This $20.00 phone had no features, but crystal clear calling for almost two years!



Jul 30, 2008 by cell_junky

This phone was good for the first month or so. I have had my phone since January and after the first month I had to have the phone replaced on warranty. After another month with the new phone it is doing the same thing and has to be replaced again. After about a month the phone begins to short out and turn off on its own or freeze for no reason. Even though this phone was great for texting, has good weight and shape, however I cant look past the shorting out and turning off on its own.

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