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Nice Next Gen Phone


Oct 12, 2002 by Tim Chen

This is a really nice phone. Definitely the nicest phone I've owned to date. It is small, like the 8260 or the 8390, but it feels heavier than both of those phones. This is a plus-because it gives the phone a "solid, sturdy feel."

I love the cool blue back light. Very nice. There are several face plates available, but I really like the stock face plate. It gives the phone a classy appearance, which is nice in a business setting. For those of you AT&T users who are migrating upwards from a TDMA phone, welcome to the world of SIM cards.

The GSM signal is very strong, even in my commute to work over a small mountain pass, which is something other 3G providers I've had in the past couldn't claim. No dropped calls.

The WAP is fast, the default content is very appropriate and of course, the ability to manage my various e-mail accounts is a real plus!

And the FM-Radio! Why didn't someone do this before! I no longer have to take both my phone and my little radio with me on my morning runs. Very nice. I must add however if you are planning to listen to the FM Radio, you really need the dual headset ear piece.

The Infrared port made transferring address book info, To Do Items and appointments from my Sony PDA a breeze. It kept track of repeating appointments like a champ!

Talk time and standby seem to be very nice. No problems there.

There are some slight dings, though minor: Some may consider this phone too small. Getting use to the keys takes some time. And I've had a couple of instances where the phone recycled itself powering off and on on it's own.

All in all, my initial impressions of this phone are very positive. It's a cool kinda gadget and I'm a gadget kinda guy. But aren’t we all.

nokia 6590i


Mar 24, 2003 by andrew wells

hi, i have had a nokia 6590i on rogers at&t for about a month now, and i am overall pretty pleased with this phone, i have had a nokia 3390 before and this is definatly better,
the sound is pretty good, and the RF performance is not too bad either, it seems to hold onto calls longer than my previous 3390,
battery life is pretty good on average it lasts me about 2-3 days with moderate usage,
the phone is pretty basic when it comes to features it dosent have bluetooth,color screen or speaker phone
for the price i paid for this phone (350) month to month i am somewhat satisfied.

pro's- good battery life
decent sound quality
good signal quality
nice blue screen compare to old nokia's
too small for my liking
transmitter buzz while in call
speaker could be a little louder

i do recomend this phone, but to people that are looking for style over substance, i say this because there are other phone's out there that sound better and have better reception such as the motorola p280 wich also sells at rogers at&t for $350 same as 6590i


Execellent Phone Choice - 6590


Apr 26, 2003 by Robert Benoit

I upgraded to this phone in the Sacramento area, through Cingular, and I have had no regrets! It is a true 'pocket phone' - I can throw it in a jacket pocket, and does not hog the entire pocket like my old 6190 did. I was a little apprehensive about the size before I got it, but it performs great and is easy to use. The voice dialing, voice commands, and voice memo are great features, which add to the ease of use. The battery lasts also - I recharge about once per week.
The Nokia Software Suite for 6590 adds some fun functionality too - it was easy to download free midi files from the Internet and convert them to phone tones. I picked up a USB infrared adapter (about $40) for my desktop PC, to upload the tones to the phone, and it also allows me to synchronize my Outlook with the phone! Also got a small leather case to protect it from dings from my car keys, and a retractable earphone - to listen to the FM radio while walking. The earphone is invaluable for true hands-free calls in the car.
Pros: Size, good reception, sturdy feel, voice options, battery, clean design, and size!
Cons: The connect/disconnect buttons are right on top of the menu/names buttons, and I do occasionally press the wrong one when disconnecting, which puts the call on hold, but it says it's on hold - so I'm more careful the second time I push it. No big deal for me, and it is a non-issue if I am using the hands-free headset with voice commands.
I'd probably not recommend this phone to anyone that would use it to access the Internet. While the screen is easy to read for phone features, HELLO? - it's a freakin' tiny monochromatic cell phone, not a laptop or a GameBoy! Oops, supposed to be nice... that slipped out. Anyway, this phone is by far the best I've had, and if I had to replace it for some reason, I replace it with another 6590!

Tiny but Awesome Phone!


Nov 15, 2003 by Myth

After dropping my previous phone on its head one too many times, I picked up one of these babies at clearance prices -- and it was a bargain!

This is my first GSM phone, and I am finding it surprisingly painless. Signal (from Cingular, in central Massachusetts) is better than my previous T60, and sound quality is good, with only a slight hiss.

- FM Radio! Way cool idea
- 2.5 mm Nokia audio jack
- LOVE that Nokia menu structure!
- Fits nicely in a pocket
- Store addresses and email
- Primitive but effective calendar
- Voice commands! Including profiles!

Also enjoy my headset, but that credit more rightfully goes to Plantronics.

- Phone may be TOO tiny
- Radio has poor reception (surprise!)

This has driven a few lifestyle changes (trimming my nails often to keep the buttons workable, almost constant headset use), and I consider it well worth the $150 I paid for a used, discontinued model.

6590 Great Phone


Aug 16, 2003 by dan327

Pros - Small size, great battery life, very easy to use, great features that includes a built in FM radio, every function is easy to figure out and the manual is very detailed. This is an all around good phone, it's my first NOKIA I'm sorry I didn't get one sooner.

Cons - None really, ear speaker could be a little louder.

Fine Idea


Dec 30, 2002 by J J

I recently purchased this phone from Cingular, I have found it to ba a very handy, no nonsense phone. The FM Radio makes it handy to take along while walking, fishing, etc. The GPRS web service is fast and reliable. I like the fact that I can use my batteries and charger from my Nokia 6340.

Two thumbs up. A very neat "all-business" package!

Great Reception, good quality


Mar 23, 2003 by Marc Luoma

I live in the boonies but travel frequently for work, including international trips, so a GSM phone was a natural for me. After returning a S/E T68i because of lousy reception, I tried the 6590i on the recommendation of the salesperson at the Cingular store. It gets great reception where the T68i got *none*. (I'm on the Cingular GSM network in North Carolina.)

PROS: Good reception, light weight, high build quality, good user manual.

CONS: monochrome screen, lack of multimedia features.

Has Nokia's QC gone down?


Dec 17, 2003 by issai

The service I used with this phone is a sad story (1st year of AT&T GSM deployment) and is not a factor in my review of the phone unit itself.

The Good!

This no-nonsense phone exhibits the usual Nokia "easy-to-use" features, such as one-button phonebook access, raised, clearly separated, and easy-to-feel keys (at least true with the older phones), ability to dial numbers in txt msgs, excellent menus, excellent FM radio feature, nice games (Nokia Bowl is addictive), and a decent WAP browser. Screensaver boldly displays time and date-- eliminating the need for a watch while easily viewable from a good distance (vs. 'Vox 8900, where the font is a single pixel wide-- why?) And it's one of the smallest Nokia phones to boot!

Skipping "The Bad..."

The Ugly!

In the last year I've been subscribed to AT&T's GSM Unlimited Charter plan, I've gone through at least 5-6 of this phone model. Faceplate and backcover, while snug when new, gradually start creaking and squeaking at the seams. The phone loves to reboot, although the newer the phone, the lesser the frequency. The signal meter jumps sporadically (unsure if phone or carrier's problem).

Excellent reception.. good battery life


Mar 7, 2003 by slappy76

I've only had this unit for 3 days.. but coming from a 2 year hiatus from using cell phones. I am very impressed by this phone battery life and reception. 3 days and still showing full battery meter.. I previously used TDMA phones in the metro NYC area through ATT (corporate rate). The coverage was poor and spotty. ATT got a bad rep for that.. I know I was dishing out negative reviews to all my friends. ATT recently brought their own GSM towers online which got me to reconsider when I was looking at phones again. (good job ATT) The Nokia is tiny and functional.. no it doesn't have color. no it doesn't have poly morphic tones (I was trying to find a regular ring tone on my friend Samsung but it wasn't built in).. but it does have GREAT reception. I was in the 2nd level subbasement of my building in midtown and was getting near full signal. My ground floor apt in Queens has always had issues with not getting a signal.. while this didn't change by leaps and bounds I am happy to say I do get 1-3 bars (out of 8) which is enough to make a call. I HATE phones that pretend to get a signal when there is clearly no chance of getting out. Less is more sometimes.. if you want a frilly phone you have tons of other options. If you want a solid dependable phone with a clean design and superb reception.. look no further.



Nov 3, 2002 by Alvin Ho

I just got this and the RF is great. It has a nice blue leds. Good resolution too.

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