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Samsung SCH-R500 Hue


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This Phone? Amazing


Sep 12, 2008 by reiningchic12

This phone is great, I love it.
It has been dropped in a 9ft pool twice, fully submerged for at least 5 minutes. I also dropped it in the bathtub, and It fell out of a two story building, had numerous bad falls, left in the rain, (long story) and semi ran over.

With this information above, it would be a great first phone for a teenager, it's hip, easy to use and fun. It's tough. I have had a friend who was on a motorcycle going 70 and it fell out and was run over.

This phone is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

No issues, except for the occasional turning off, but with all the stuff that has happened to it, That is simply amazing. I love this phone. I am anxiously waiting for my plan to end, but I love change and get bored with things easily. But of all the previous phones that I have had, I would keep this one, for sure.

I STRONGLY recommend this phone.

Phone fine then.........


Jul 6, 2008 by spike1952

I got the Samsung r500 in Feb of 2008. It worked great for a while then in less than thirty days the inside display went out on it. They gave me a new phone at uscellular where I have service. It went good for a few weeks then the outside display went out on the new one they gave me. I wonder if anyone else has had any problems with the r500. Uscellular has sent the phone off to have it repaired. They said it would take at least 6 weeks. What a bummer. I am thinking about getting a different phone. Not sure what to do at this point in time. I do know one thing for sure. If I do keep the phone to use when I get it back, and it goes out again, that is it. I will not use it anymore. I will get a another phone of a different make

P.S. Other than display problems with the two phones, they seem to work great. The bluetooth is not as loud as I would like. But it seems to work okay. I am currently using a loaner. the motorola w385. It is really loud on the bluetooth. And is a great phone all around.

Great phone untill........


Mar 4, 2008 by n4iseted

I got a Samsung r500 phone Feb. 5th 2008. It has been a great phone untill today. It is now the 3rd of March 2008. I had just placed a call on the phone and got into my vehicle to start home. I was going to call my wife, but when I opened the phone the display was all white. I could not see any numbers or other info on the phone. It can still receive calls and you can place calls by guess, but cannot see any info on inner screen or on the outside display. I am going to take it back to uscellular where I got it and hopefully they will give me a new one since I have only had it less than thirty days. I posted this just in case someone else might have had a similar problem with this phone. I will try to post an update when I go to uscellular in the morning and see what they will do about it.

A beauty at a great price!


Nov 16, 2007 by sckoisks17

I bought the Samsung Hue on an Alltel prepaid account. It may have been a bit more expensive than others, but the reviews that I've read here and heard from my customers (I sell Alltel, as well) made it more than worth it.

- One of the most stylish handsets available for Alltel - everybody is envious of me!
- Camera is of higher quality than I expected
- Great sound quality, both voice calls and the MP3 player
- Micro SD slot provides more storage capacity than competitors
- Reception is tops among Alltel handsets. My mother has a Moto W315, and friends of mine have an LG AX275 and a Moto KRZR. Where they can't get any service, I always have at least one bar. (I live on the west side of Michigan, on the coast of the big lake)
- Fully customizable! My phone doesn't look anything like anybody else's. (Green faceplate with white LCD :D )

- Nav shortcuts aren't displayed on the main screen, unlike most other handsets out there
- Bluetooth headsets tend to lower the sound quality (but not by much)
- Accessories are tough to find, and those you can find are usually pretty expensive.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with my Hue. I've owned a Samsung handset before (Sprint's A900 Blade) and enjoyed that, so it looks like I'm going to be loyal to Samsung products for a long time to come!

First Impressions


Aug 30, 2007 by thbarnes

My first impressions of this phone are very positive.

After extensive research, the candidates for me came down to the Samsung Hue, Samsung Wafer, and LG Wave. I ruled out the Samsung Wafer based on audio quality problems reported here. The sleek look of the LG Wave seemed fake, gimmicky, and toyish, like most LGs, therefore it was out.


My first observation is the solid feel, the metallic skin certainly adds to this. It's well balanced in the hand, open and closed, and the hinge feels solid.


The buttons are RAZR-esque, however, the Samsung Hue has somewhat greater tactical distance upon depression - so you actually feel like you like pushing a button.


I am adjusting to the Samsung interface. My last Samsung was a Samsung X-427, about four years ago. A few quirks, but nothing to complain about.


Not as grainy as I had predicted. It lacks a flash, but does well in low-light nonetheless.

I wish manufacturers would get away from mirrors near camera lenses, they've been made too small to be useful, as if they ever really were useful, you know?


Web-browsing is quick and this is my first experience with Alltel's Cell Top. After deleting a number of useless Cell Top 'Cells' (think Vista gadgets or OS X widgets), I warmed up to it. Beware downloading the upgraded Celltop application, it will reset all of your Cell settings.


Solid, balanced feel
Excellent call quality and very good speakerphone
Quick web browsing and Cell Top turns out to be handy
Fair camera quality
Customizable face and battery plates
LED outside panel actually turns out to be pretty sleek


As far as I've been able to tell, it's impossible to configure what the directional pad keys do at the main screen. I would prefer that down take me to my contacts, it's an old habit.

You have to go into message settings to specify you want T9 as the default for composing messages.

Great phone so far!


Jul 30, 2007 by kwekiwi

I've had my Hue for just a couple days now... there's plenty to love and not much to dislike - it's a world better than the previous phone, which was on it's last legs thanks to me.

My wife has the LG AX8600... we both use Alltel in Southwest Kansas - both are excellent phones with good reception - I'd say the differences are that hers has an exterior video screen (very sweet) whereas the Hue simply has a digital screen with time, date, etc..., but the Hue is definitely more eye-pleasing and customizable - not to mention that if I scratch the cover, chances are I can just buy a new one and it's good as new. That's handy.


Great Camera
HIGHLY customizable (inside and out)
VERY good speaker phone
Creative graphics meet every great feature any compact flip-phone has to offer

Excellent voice-command software
Nice big display fonts
Detailed status icons
Exterior MicroSD slot
Exterior Volume Control


Few accessories are available since model is so new

... and that's about it.

I don't think you can go wrong with this phone. if anything changes in my review I'll let you all know, but I'm planning on keeping this one for a loooooong time. God bless!

So far So good!!!


Jul 22, 2007 by z1fireman

Well I am the first in my town to have this phone and so far I cannot find anything wrong with it. I have had it for two weeks now and have to say I like it much better than the wafer and the u520. The keys are set further apart making texting and using the menu much easier, plus the OK key sticks up a little instead of being flush with the navigation key. Have not used the mp3 player much however the ringtones I have downloaded sound great on the speakers. Reception is very good as well as sound quality. So as far as cons go I don't have any thus far.

Excellent Phone


Aug 28, 2007 by gls

This phone has everything that I need, and the sound is incredible.

I was a bit concerned because it didn't have a pull up antenna, like my old cell, but the reception, inside and outside, is perfect. I have Alltel and am in Mid-West MI, which has always been a great cell provider for me.

I love the size of the screen, the features that the phone has, like Celltop, and I think that mp3s sound fantastic.

It's a great little phone!

Very Nice


Aug 4, 2007 by celldawgg

Im a cell phone junkie! I had to try this model from Alltel (Samsung Hue). Have had for 2 weeks and so far so great. Lightweight and easy to use!! Pro's: Reception, Screens, Fonts, Sound, Colors, All around it has most anything u need period. Con's: no headphone jack (use bluetooth), Speakers on inside, thats about all i can find thus far. I would highly recommend this phone with Alltel especially at the price they have on it. Please give this model a try. Hopefully samsung will issue more accessories soooooon. But its well worth the wait. You will enjoy this cell model A LOT.

good phone


May 23, 2012 by babygirl9008

works good better than the k1 i think it is the big brother of th m500

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