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solid phone


Apr 18, 2010 by davidbagga

got it a few days ago from ebay, bought it used and works like a brand new phone, a little bulky but doesn't matter this thing works great, a lot of people say its bad because there's no camera, in the long run you really don't need a camera on your phone but its fast and full keyboard is great, if anyone has a chance to buy this phone i would encourage them to do it

Great Phone


Jan 12, 2010 by HumanGoulash

This phone is fantastic. I've owned it for roughly 8 months now, and the only issue I had with it was the track ball didn't scroll up for about half an hour once. Excellent coverage, never dropped a call (T-Mobile, Northern Colorado). Wi-Fi is great for both call quality and blazing fast web browsing. Fastest EDGE web browsing from any other phone I've used. Blackberry OS is second to none. Previously I've used a CECT i9, a Sidekick LX, a Motorola Rizr, a Samsung Trace, a Nokia 5310, a Nokia 6103, just to name a few, and this phone leaves them all in the dust. Now to the important part:

Data speeds.
QWERTY keyboard is larger than the Curve series.
Love the color and size of the phone. Its a bit heavy and wide, but it feels rock solid.
The screen is BEAUTIFUL.
Personal menu layout and additional folder options.
Optional security password to unlock the phone.
No camera (I fits my needs; not everyone would consider this a PRO).
Apps are quick enough to download (usually).
GPS is great (Google Maps, not TeleNav. I've never used TeleNav, though I've heard good things)

Not 3G capable. I don't mind in the least; it would be a luxury but it is not a necessity.
MSRP went down. When I bought it T-Mobile carried it priced at $499, now its $349. All things depreciate with time, but a bit of the prestige seems lost regardless.

All in all, 5 out of 5. No doubt.

Good phone


Jun 28, 2009 by milatchi

I've owned the BlackBerry 8820 for 7 months and am very pleased with it.

Great battery life.
Good keyboard - even if you have big fingers
Supports an 8GB (maybe larger) microSD card

2.5mm headset jack
Only supports EDGE for data
No camera
Crude Browser (for web), but Opera Mini picks up the slack very well.

If 3G and a camera are non-issues then go for this phone. Otherwise, check out the BlackBerry Bold, etc.

Best Blackberry Ive ever had!!!!


Sep 10, 2008 by mangobeach

I have had this Blackberry 8820 for about 6 months now. I would have to say that I am very pleased with it. I was about to go with the i-phone, but it did not have the GPS feature when I got this phone.
By far I believe that Blackberry's have the best GPS systems out there on a phone. I have had other phones with GPS, & Blackberry's have so many ways to adjust & correct any issues with the GPS feature. The Emails are a lot faster than before, & the Blackberry messenger is awesome. I was really surprised on the MP3 sound quality & was able to get a connector for my Bose headphones to my Blackberry. I just added the Telenav Tracking service to all my phones, & it is so easy to use with this phone!!!! I had purchased this phone, over the BB-8800 because of the wifi feature, & I am really glad I did.

Review for BB 8820 (att)


Jul 20, 2008 by bryan.allen

Decided to write a review for this phone after reading about it and owning it for about 2 weeks now.

First let me state that I bought a curve 8300 last july. I owned it for about 4 months and had to do a warranty exchange. They sent me another 8300....about 3 months later, had to do it again. Got another 8300. Then about 2 months later, this one went haywire and they sent me an 8310 this time. Had that one until about 2 weeks ago when the female port of the connection fried. Had to do ANOTHER exchange. This time they gave me options...

Palm Centro
BB 8820
Treo 750
Curve 8310

I went with the 8820 obviously...

Pros -
WiFi. Even though, id usually be using my laptop if I'm in wireless range, its still nice to have. So easy to use on the 8820 its ridiculous.

Email. The email on blackberries is second to none. Basically immediately.

BB messenger. Great if you know people with blackberries.

Third party applications. Tons and tons. You can customize any blackberry to fit any user. Opera mini is the greatest.

Tethered Modem. Most people don't even use this but if you have a laptop and you are not in range of wireless, you can plug in your 8820 to the USB port and connect to the Internet based solely on your ATT signal. The speeds aren't great but its better than nothing. I'm actually writing this review using that method now :)

GPS. Its fantastic. Cost like 10 dollars a month but it literally speaks step by step directions to you.

Cons -
No Camera. Not that the curves camera was great but its still nice to have for those random shots.

Edge. Can be terribly slow but still the only option for blackberries as of now.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this phone. I would never in a million years pay full retail price for it but I didn't have to. When comparing to the ATT Curve, you just need to decide if you would rather have a camera or WiFi. This is a great phone and I would give it the edge over the 8310. Cant go wrong with a blackberry though!!!



Nov 28, 2007 by betapaul

I agree with the top post by bigshaun, but I did want to clarify one thing.

On the bottom of his post he stated that his phone's media player comes on for no reason. It's not a glitch. If you're listening to music and back out by hitting the "end" key, that just pauses your music. If you then put it in the holster, you can unpause and pause the music with the power button. Mr. Bigshaun is accidentally hitting the power button. :)

Blackberry 8820= Blackberry goodness!


Nov 19, 2007 by bigshaun

Let me start of by saying that though I work for AT&T, I am completely unbiased with this review. I have had this phone for almost a month, and I have to admit that It has simplified my life.
The Wi-Fi speeds are quick as you know, and very simple to set up. You deffinently see a difference of speed with it on. But let's be honest. Chances are that if you are in a Wi-Fi area you will be using a Lap-top computer either way. Surfing the web on a blackberry is like masterbation. It feels good, but it only gets you so far, and leaves you wanting more.

Simple OS, and trackball, is better than the trackwheel.

Stylish design, compared to previous models, which looked cheap, and clunky. Speaker phone is not out in the open like it's predecessor.

Third party software availability is amazing. Always you to tweak it to suit any user.

Call quality is good, and the phone rings loudly, but there have been time as with my previous Blackberry, that upon placing a call the first time, the call won't connect.

I hear that Blackberry is working on a 3G version. This is really needed. Edge is mind numbingly slow at times.

Blackberry Start personal email setup web-page is a train wreck. Constantly signs you out, and you have to start allover again.

GPS is supriseingly easy to use, but when you are in GPS mode, the back light goes out. It should stay on during this period.

Not sure if this is AT&T or Blackberry's doing, but when the device is set up to receive Outlook Direct Email, it sets an encryption on the device, to where every time you unlock i to use it, you have to enter a password. Liked it at first, but becomes a pain in the butt after a while.

Media player has at time played with no provocation. Not sure if this is a glitch, but it has happened three times. Once in a crowded movie theatre.

No camera. Understand that it is a business phone, but the Pearl and the Curve are too.

Blackberry 8820> Just MAARVELOUS!!!


Oct 21, 2007 by Chuburnaman

This new Blackberry is a great addition to the line. I have had it for 6 days and cannot stop checking out all the features.

--Guidance on the phone and on line makes a manual redundant.
--Battery Life is amazing.
--Spell check
--GPS telenav pre loaded on phone
--Incredible functionality
--Wi-Fi makes surfing speeds awesome

--3G would have been a great addition
--Phone volumes could be better. Hard to hear in congested areas.
--Buttons too close and not extremely tactile

Still in the initial process of evaluating phone but it is great so far. Will update this site as I use and "play" with this new addition.

Just got it


Oct 5, 2007 by Spy_c14u

I just got this device and so far I like it alot. The buttons, as always said are too close together but with work, I will get over it. I am so happy it has spell check and GPS/telenav which is awesome. As I go along, I will notate all I experience so I can share with all. Only one con thus far and that is video streaming. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. God Bless everybody

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