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Wish I still had mine ...


Mar 16, 2007 by Elsbtho925

Excuse me to those who find the A310 not a workable phone ... how wrong they and you are!

This phone is the reason I love all Samsung phones - to me, they're so much better than Motorola or anything else. I associate a Samsung as being a Lexus vs a Corolla (Motorola) - now, honestly, which would you prefer ... a Lexus of course!

The a310 was so good that when I upgraded to my NE2, I passed this phone on to my Father (who has hearing problems) and this phone is still in the family. My Dad who has a hearing aid and a tube in his other ear states this is the best phone ever for being able to hear conversations clearly without any static or other problems.

Samsung - thank you for always having the best in the field ...

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!!!Terrible Phone!!!


Aug 14, 2004 by bubby827

Verizon has gotten on my nerves because they refuse to let me purchase another phone at discount price, or upgrade. I have received 4 refurbished A310s. Samsung A310 is the WORST for the following reasons:
1. The ringtones are not loud enough.
2. My phone has blanked out, and I lost all information.
3. The person on the other end tell me that my phone statics
4. When I am on a call the person tell me that my voice goes in and out or they simply can't hear me.
Reasons why the phone is Good is because:
1. You can customize ringtones and different colors for callers.
2. It's small and sleek
3. Call screening feature

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Very unhappy-worst phone ever.


Aug 7, 2004 by Missbowtie

I bought this phone May 2003, and within 5 months I turned it in for a new phone (same model--warranty issues). Within a few months I traded it in again, and again, and again, for a total of 5 PHONES!! The same problems kept appearing. I would scroll through the phone book and find the number, hit send, only to see "invalid phone number" repeat the steps and the call would go through. Occasionally, my voice mails would be terribly delayed, I would wait and wait for a call to go through, could not turn phone on, had to disconnect battery then hit on. Now the most recent "traded" phone, no one can hear me talk, I HAVE TO use the headset. I hate this phone! I had a bad Nokia once, but this Samsung really sucks.

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It's an excellent phone


Mar 15, 2004 by sdrink

Pros: I live in a rural area [Sandpoint, Idaho] particularly where my house sits. I tested the LG 4400, Moto T730, Moto 60S at my house. All of them could not hold a signal. Only the A310 could capture and keep the signal, same as my beloved Moto Startac [which bit the dust recently]. What I want is a phone. Not games and goop. Just a phone that gets and keeps signals even in tough areas and lets me hear the caller on the phone. The A310 does the job. It's far, far easier to set up and program than the ol black beauty StarTac. The screen is very readable and clear. Fit and finish seem better than the Moto T730. Heard lots of complaints about the "ringers." The A310 has plenty of ringer choices and about 17 or so melody choices. I suppose there are probably phones with "better" choices, but again, it's a phone and the ringer is meant only to alert you of an incoming call. I can easily soften or make louder the ringer as well as easily make the phone only vibrate. I have purchased a Mobile Office kit inexpensively to allow me to download up to 500 personal and business telephone numbers. In short, if you live a big city and travel only in high signal areas, then you can shop for "features" [e.g., I really wanted the speaker phone on the Moto V60S], but if you live and/or travel in fringe areas, then seriously consider the A310.

Cons: I read lots of negative opinions about the A310 before I bought it [so, I didn't even bring it home until the other, more highly praised phones couldn't get a strong signal]. The one criticism I think holds true is relatively poor battery performance. I have only my wife's Audiovox 9000 and my Startac with which to compare the A310's battery and the latter's battery comes up far short. However, I have had it only a week. I suspect that I will gain more time as the battery is "exercised."

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Love your battery and it will love you in return


Oct 11, 2003 by Ryan Tennant

Wow, lots of complaints about battery life . . . its funny, if you CHARGE THE PHONE CORRECTLY you might get better results. I mean, you do realize the first night you have the phone you should shut it off and charge it completely overnight, then only recharge the phone on the AC charger when the battery is almost completely discharged, with the phone shut off. My customers who follow this suggestion get an average of three hours of talk-time with the phone (assuming a full charge) and I've heard between 3 and 7 days of standby time. As for reception . . . this is a tri-mode phone, so if you're having reception issues and have had your phone updated as necessary, you may have an internal problem. We've had a couple of phones (maybe two in two hundred) come back for that issue, but they were covered under warranty and worked excellent afterward. As for other issues . . . yeah, the ringers are a bit weak, but please, its a cell phone, not a status symbol, especially at this price. With the T720 discontinued and the other Verizon phones in its class being pathetic, this is definitely the phone to get if you want a solid, stylish flip phone.

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Feb 20, 2003 by Yamica Gallman

I wish that I could give this phone a 10. I was a bit hesitant about purchasing the 310, but I am so glad that I did. I purchased this phone Oct 2002 and I have had no problems with this phone. I previously had the LG510 which was horrible. The battery did not last 3 hours if you talked 10 minutes. With the 310, I can talk as long as 30 minutes and not loose a battery bar. The dial pad is easy to use since I have long fingernails. The backlight is very bright which allows for easy view, even in the dark. I only charge my phone about every 3 days. The phone is very light and compact. I like the fact that you only have to push the # key to switch back and forth between ring and vibrate. The one button key for internet access is very easy to use. I am not one who need all the color displays because it only drains the battery.

If there is anyone who is out there searching for a phone or are not sure if the Samsung is for you, TRUST ME when I say, you will not be disappointed with this phone.

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Overall a terrific phone, but it has its flaws


Oct 30, 2002 by Dustin Kay

This is really over all a great phone. For the most part it is simple to use. some functions are a bit annoying to set up like the voice dialing but its doesnt really affect much. For some reason it takes a long time to save new numbers which can be annoying, but you can just close the flip while the phone is saving the number and the number still gets saved. It is very easy to change the type of ring which is very convenient. the battery life is decent, i havent gotten the listed results, but with use the battery is getting better. It has a terrific screen; clear, bright and big. the external caller id can be changed to 7 seven different colors which is not necessary but a nice feature. i am not very impressed with the caller id, it does not tell who is calling but the number of the person calling, i personally do not like that but that is just me. i think its a much better made phone than my previous phone, the LG TM510 which fell apart after 10 months of constant use. This phone may not be color, but it is truly a great phone. I have no major complaints. it offers a tremendous amount in a pretty small flip phone. i personally think the backlight is great, it is very bright which makes up fot the fact that it is not color. I would definately buy it again if i had the chance. i feel that it is one of verizons best phones in a while. also, the phone really doesnt warm up that much after 20 minutes of use, its perfectly fine, the reception and voice clarity is probably a bit better than the lg tm510. i find that i never lose signal, if not digital, it finds analog. and for charging, i find that overcharging it about 2 hours makes the batter last a considerable amount of time longer. i would definately advise purchasing!!!!

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A Wise Choice...(you should do the same)


Apr 12, 2003 by Mark Wethington

I have been a Verizon customer for the past 7 years (back when they were Airtouch). I had been using the StarTac for the past 5 years until it died on me once again (after being dropped multiple times). I've been searching the market for a phone that could live up to some standards that the StarTac had set, good reception, strong battery, easy to use, exceptional features, an above average Ph-Bk storage capacity, as well as durable (when dropped on concrete) to name a few. I initially tried out the LG-VX2000 which had horrible reception! I returned it the following day and decided to give the A-310 a try. I have not been disappointed, this phone lives up to all the criteria that I have set (who needs color on a phone anyway?).

PROS: The speaker is nice and loud, the display is a beautiful blue also on the keypad which makes an extraordinary appearance according to everyone I show. The reception is wonderful, even w/o the antenna fully extended. I live in an area next to a river which in many cases has a low signal (LG-VX2000 had none!), and it still performs outstanding! In addition the battery life has proved itself to me as well, I haven't even bought the car charger yet and it will take me through the whole day, and I use it quite frequently and will still have 1-2 bars left when I get home and put in on the charger.

CONS: I would have preferred speaker phone capabilities, but it will do. It also doesn't have the "BREW" applications, which would be nice but not a bare necessity. I would still rate the phone a 5 if it weren't for one thing...the ringer selections are horrible!!! They're probably exclusive (as advertised) because nobody else wants them. I've always kept my phones on vibrate anyway, so I'll live. Other than that this phone is definitely one of a kind, and has set new standards for the rest to follow. I highly recommend this phone to anyone looking to upgrade, that is if you can get past the ringers.

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A310, Customers Love It!!


Feb 21, 2003 by krista naber

Hi! I work for a cell phone store and this phone has really been a popular model. With its sleek looks and great features, no one can go wrong with the A310. This is the #1 phone in our store, even the 2 owners (who can use any phone they wish) choose to use this one. The back light is beautiful, and the sound is great on it. I really think this is the best Verizon has come out with yet!

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Awesome Phone, Great Features!


Mar 25, 2003 by Nicola leFalquen

I've owned this phone for about a week now, and it's worked GREAT. It's small and compact, which is a definate plus. The faceplates, though they are hard to find, are so cute. The external caller ID, which shows the name of the person who's calling is very helpful. The sound quality is great, and reception is wonderful, as many Verizon phones are. Even though there are no "normal" ringtones, the ringtones that the a310 provides are suitable. They're not completely horrible. The web browser is excellent and quick. Furthermore, the battery life has lasted me a LONG time. I have only had to charge my phone twice, and it's been on for most of the week.

Overall, this is the best phone I've owned so far. I would definately recommend this phone! The Samsung SCH-a310 is an awesome phone with great features.

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