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Just "ok".


Dec 30, 2009 by Gillman82

Pros: Descent signal. Earpiece sounds good. Can use a micro SD card. Fairly large screen for a lil flip phone. Surprisingly fast Internet access.

Cons: The music player and FM Transmitter. For a phone that was marketed on the fact that it had a "great" music player and a "great" FM Transmitter it sure does suck. The music player has an equalizer, which would be fine if it didn’t force you to use one of its VERY lame equalizations. They all sound like crap in headphones, and the only one that sounds somewhat decent using the transmitter is the "3d surround" setting. But the FM Transmitter is nothing short of a joke. I know its a cell phone and it would have a limited transmitter but come on, it only has a few settings compared to a standard FM Transmitter and ALL of them have horrible static. And what really makes it suck is the fact that if you are listening to ANY song that has a hard high hat hit or a big cymbal crash you get EXTRA static THAT REPLACES of the sound of the afore mentioned high hat or cymbal crash.

Conclusion: Do not buy this phone for its "music" capability. Get it if #1 you want a basic phone and #2 it’s free.



Jul 14, 2008 by jjkev

When I needed a new phone I researched to death what I wanted in features - the LG 570 Musiq had everything so I thought. Signal strength is awfull, go down a hill or past trees and reception goes to zero. The 1.3MB camera has no zoom mode like other phones - at least no setting that makes it zoom at all. Everytime time I end a call and put the phone down either on my desk or in my pocket the Music Player starts without prompting - I have all the side quards turned on and still everytime it turns on -- VERY VERY Annoying especially when in a meeting or in a busy environment and you don't hear it on - it drains the battery until it's dead. You cannot assign any of the music in the phone to a ringtone (I could on my samsung) I've never been able to connect my phone to computer (even though it came with the cables and software) to download mp3's to it - have to remove the microcard, use an adapter and a reader to access it. I decided to go with the LQ570 musiq instead of the Samsung u740 and I wish I hadn't. Waste of money and time with this phone... 3 yr plan and I bought two auto adapters and upgraded the memory card so it's a huge loss to change phones right now... also the first battery that came with phone only lasted 8 hours and you had to recharge regardless of usage. New battery lasts up to three days on a charge depending on use or if the damn music player turns on.
Don't waste you time with this phone.

Very Nice Indeed, Great Feature Set!


Dec 7, 2007 by bikedogrun

I've had my LG Muziq for a month now, so a review is in order.

For a mid-range phone in the $79 - $99 range, this one is a steal.

+ Looks quite nice, stylish and fits your hand well. Keyboard is clean and solid too.
+ FM Transmitter - works quite well, connects up with my car and my living room Stereo System easily.
+ A2DP/Bluetooth Stereo - I have the iLuv i903 Stereo Noise-Canceling Headphones and the Muziq makes a great partner for the headphones. I can even press a button on the headphones and the Muziq will recognize it and advance to the next song! Sweeeeeet.
+ Supports the Pandora Radio Application (Sprint - $2.99 monthly) very well. Allows you to create "personalized" and commercial-free/talk-free stations based on artists you like. It suggests similar artists that you get to vote Thumbs Up or Down on as it tailors to your taste(s).
+ Email Application - it is free and bundled on the Muziq. Connects quickly/easily to no-cost Yahoo email (as well as MSN/Gmail etc) and can even emulate a Blackberry-like "push email" by sending you a text message when new email arrives if you'd like.
+ Phone support is solid, clean, crisp calls with strong signal. No drops for me (so far) here in Oregon.

- battery life is so/so. Not terrible but not great. As a heavy internet/music user + 1 hr calling per day, some email & some texts... I will usually charge nightly. Not unreasonable.
- speaker-phone (on my Muziq anyway) is too loud! Even at the lowest setting (1) it sounds like it is stuck on the loudest setting & vibrates. Strange too, because music played from the same speaker is clean and plays at normal sound levels. Could just be my unit or something odd in the speaker-phone software/firmware.

Great little phone, I'm very pleased with mine.

Great Music Phone


Aug 7, 2007 by rotasio

Calls are clear, reception is great and what I love the best is the music. It's very easy to use, the sound is great. I don't need to carry my ipod anymore. I use my phone, How cool is that??

A good phone


Jan 25, 2008 by schmidty1216

I Have had this phone for a month and its been working good.

Pros: ~Good Sound Quality
~Good Service (sprint of course, IL)
~Great features like: Sprint TV, FM transmitter.
~The MP3
~On Demand- Sports, Weather etc.
~Camera, great quality
~Music Player, good quality
~Battery Life, I am a texter and it has great battery life!

Cons: ~Lagg, the phone lags alot, or freezes
~speaker phone; could be louder along with the music player
~Scratches easy
~ It turns off? I don't know if its just mine, but it sometimes turns itslef off with full battery.
It is a great phone and if ur like me and like to change alot, the phone has ALOT of ringtones and a fair amount of Screen Savers!

Another really cool think is the FM transmitter, if i am running around the house, it is cool how i can transmit it to make it louder, great feature.

I love this phone


Dec 15, 2007 by serrac21

I love this phone. I have had it for about four months and it's amazing. I haven't had any trouble with reception or anything like that and the Power Vision is great on it. I like that the phone is very simplistic looking, yet has a ton of awesome features.

A few things about the phone that I do not like are (1) the battery life. I like to text a lot and my phone dies completely once every two days, or even sometimes once a day (2) the texting -- sometimes I'll send a text message only to find out that it really never sent, but it cannot be found in my outbox -or- drafts. It just vanishes.

Other than those two cons, there isn't anything else I don't like about this phone. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable phone that's fully loaded with features and great to look at!!

Cool music phone


Aug 8, 2007 by tedsons

Great Phone. Sound quality is great. I listen to this instaed of my ipod plus it's even better because it has an FM transmitter so I can finally tune into the TV station and watch TV at the gym ... all that and only one gadget to carry now!!

Cool slim Muziq phone


Aug 10, 2007 by fasorino

Wow! Cool phone with plenty of nice features.

Main things I liked:

- Super slim and stylish

- High quality stereo sound - it can totally replace your Ipod or Mp3 player.

- Bluetooth capable

- Cool scroll system, very easy and convenient to use

- Beautiful display; big, nice and crisp

- Nice camera and camcorder

Only con is the smudges but guess what? any cool product these days has the same problem! I guess it's the price to pay for beauty!!

Great Phone


Jul 19, 2007 by macuser09

This is one great phone. The reception on it is amazing and the calls are very clear. This phone picks up signal where my Sanyo won't but that sanyo was never good at picking up a signal. All of the functions have been easy to use and they have all worked correctly. I don't think I have ever had a phone work the way it is suppose to out of the box. I'm coming from a Sanyo 3100 so it is taking some getting used to all of the menus that this phone has. If you are thinking about getting this phone do it. I haven't found any issues with this phone so it is a keeper. The music player and FM transmitter make me love this phone more than any other I have had. This phone may replace my iPod shuffle!

Great Phone!


Jul 20, 2007 by japin

I went from an IC502 to this phone, what a huge upgrade! The only one problem I have with it so far is sometimes when I send SMS I start typing and it puts extra words in AFTER what I am currently typing. I think it is just a glitch in the firmware and I hope it can be addressed in a future release cause it annoys the hell out of me.

Besides that I love the phone, the screen is nice and bright, no problem viewing in direct sunlight, the resolution could be a touch higher, but not something that bothers me, the FM transmitter is amazing! I can now take my music everywhere I go without taking a pile of CD's with me (not all of it, i have like 60 gigs of music). I have used the sprint TV feature on the phone and I have to say it does work much better than I thought it would. The speeds of downloads with this phone is great over USB as well.

I cant really think of any cons except for the one I mentioned earlier, and I am sure anyone who buys this phone would love it like I do!

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