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I HATE this phone


Mar 1, 2009 by lw8843

CONS: Text messaging is very slow. It will delete messages I am typing in the middle of writing a message go into abc mode even thought it still says T9.

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Katana DLX


Feb 25, 2009 by Corona61

Great phone

Battery Life
Clear calls
Bright clear display

No Email Attachments Application

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its all about the details.


Dec 15, 2008 by maura13

this was my phone before i switched to the new lg lotus(which i dont really like).i only switched because i wanted a change. what can i say?i like getting new phones,just for that reason. but this time,i wish i had stayed with the katana.

-the texting. i thought this was by far the easiest phone to text on(t9).
-great reception.
-good sound quality
-good batter life. it barely ever went dead on me.
-freedom to change around the theme and color options.my new lotus is grey/yellow for life :(
-pretty good camera. it takes the picture really fast,and was never blurry for me.
-little details that most people don't notice or care about. for example,it has a little red light that flashes when you get a text message.my new lotus doesnt do anything like that. and i also like the sounds,the sound of the keypad. the sounds when you get a text.stuff like that :)

-the rubber flaps on the outside of the phone open up too easily.and mine never stayed closed after awhile.
-when you don't have any service,it wont show you the time or anything. my new lotus at least still shows me the time.
thats about it!
i think its overall a pretty good little phone.

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DLX, Sanyo Does Good


Aug 29, 2008 by Turkiye-Shish

Great phone. I've been a sanyo fan for years because of how solidly built they're phones are and the great reception they get. But I was always disappointed with the software interface/features. I went to Samsung once for a bit because the features were better but the phone was cheap and toy-like and slow.
SO... Now Sanyo has the DLX and they did it so well. Way to close the gaps!! I've had this phone for a year and really am psyched about it.

Great Screen
4gbSD card (I don't have an separate mp3 player anymore)
Email client works well, like Outlook
Text msg while in a call
evdo r0 web speed, quick
full web browser (I haven't found a page I can't look at)
mp3 ringers (Get Roxio Record 9 and cut up songs you like for your ringers and it texts them to your phone)
4 hr batt life
solid feel, slim design
calendar, stopwatch, countdown, alarm
hours of voice record
GPS Navigation kicks butt
Favorites button (your choice of up to 12 shortcuts)
Contacts w/address, memo, groups, and more than one cell phone or home phone#
Great Reception
Screen Call w/30 sec msg and as many as your mem card can hold (old ones were 12 sec msg and only like 6 msgs)

Can't listen to music while texting or surfing web.
Bumps you out of mp3 player when someone calls (not with txt or email)
Only a couple background themes to choose from
No memo pad
No 3rd party apps like spreadsheet or something to track spending/income

bottom line: Best phone, love it!

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Solid Phone with Many Uses


Jul 14, 2008 by KeepNTouch

I left the Treo 755p for the Sanyo DLX. The voice clarity is better. I expect the MP3 player to be able to download songs CONSISTENTLY. This phones gives me the option of suspending an application in the background... that didn't happen with the PALM. If I was writing an email with the PALM and a call came through I would have to start my email ALL over again.

The Sanyo DLX has well thought of options. I LOVE the Magazines option in the FAVORITES category. Good reading material. The ON Demand remembers my location for weather AND MOVIES, Convenient! The email works fine, the ringers are loud and the DLX is a ONE had operation. This is must when you are juggling many things. Also... I don't have to press 2 keys to activate the phone before I can dial a number. I had the Palm for a year and I would accidently TOUCH the IGNORE button when I meant to ANSWER a call, or some other button while struggling to get the chubby phone out of it's carrier. It also had an appetite for charging.

The DLX doesn't feel cheap or flimsy in my hands. The hinge is solid. There are options to make the font smaller or larger, depending on what you need. I thought I had Sprint TV before with my TREO, but I have more options now with the DLX. THOUGHTFUL!

The DLX is lightweight, so I can go back to wearing my phone on my waist without it being so heavy (like the Treo) that it would drag my skirts down. I can go back to wearing my phone while running and not worry if it's too heavy for the up and down action.

The TEXTING is nice, although not as easy as with a QWERTY, but you have to choose a phone based on how YOU use a phone. I might generate 200 texts a month on a busy month, other than that, this is my MAIN line for keeping many things together, so voice clarity, ease of use and reception are my priority. As well as something that is not too delicate that I have to handle like glass(plastic).

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Fun and Action Pact


May 29, 2008 by jsee

This phone is very good, I know a lot of people who have chosen to have this phone. And they love it. The reception is not all that good. It has cool media player features. One major flaw (for me) is that you can only choose three back ground colors. Which I hate them all. Dark depressing blue, ugly berry red color, or just black. I like lighter colors. Anyways the phone is also over priced. But that's just Sanyo for you. The battery life is just a joke. The style is kind of boring. The Katana 2 is a much better design. Less square looking.

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Great phone


May 4, 2008 by misterix

Sanyo makes great phones. I got to say there is only 2 flaws to this model and that's the fact there is no blue version of it and it's extremelly hard to set your mp3s as a ringtone without texting it to yourself. This phone has great sound quality even in speakerphone, it's durable (I've dropped it off a high shelf, sat on it, accidentally placed a 20 pound weight on it, etc.), it has a mp3 player, comes with a mini-SD card, decent camera (I don't consider this a flaw as most phones cameras aren't nearly as good as a regular camera), Nice on screen display, talking caller ID, Memo, Voice Commands and photo ID caller ID.

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So So Phone


Apr 15, 2008 by mike068

This phone does not impress me I wish it was all it could be on the sprint network and, I have had 4 of them. If you try to use to its full potential under the guidelines of the specs and I am sure you to will not be impressed either. Maybe it had something to do with the sale of the Sanyo Company. Durability is good for a phone not listed as durable it feels week but looks are deceiving a lot of people post that the razor is feels better but it does not hold up like the DLX. Good battery if you stay on your service network or if you don’t use option like TV, Music player, Web etc a lot the battery will last you a few days. Software/Firmware older revs like 1.002sp are buggy and you can’t upgrade over the network like it is suppose to rev 1.010sp is still weak.

Looks (shape)
Display (240X320 - 18bit)
Above average signal strength (all phone manufacturers)
Lots of bells and whistles
Decent camera (could be better but ok)
Bluetooth all connectivity feathers
SD card ready
Nice speaker phone
"recent contacts" option for text message
Mp3 ringtones
EVDO & EVDO Phone as a modem support

Does NOT work like advertised
Charging Port
Colors (I know wa wa wa)
Weak & Inaccurate GPS
Software/Firmware will not upgrade like it should over the network
No camera flash

This Phone Is Not A Good Choice For A Power User Its a Excellent Phone For Below Average/Average/Above Average Users.

P.S. I am upgrading to a Blackberry Curve 8330, I have evolved lol

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Mar 3, 2008 by FATMANN853

This Phone Is verry cool and verry good to use jeff j 313-283-7030

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Good phone.


Jan 16, 2008 by lwatcdr

I really like this phone.
Much better voice quality than my A900
Good battery life.
Has every Bluetooth profile I could want.
Can use memory cards larger than 2GB
Good UI
GPS works well.
Love the speaker phone.
The media player isn't as nice as the Ipod.
It is hard to make play lists on the phone.
The case doesn't feel as high quality as my old A900 or my wife Razor. It isn't bad but just feels very plastic.
Doesn't us a standard USB data/charging cable like the Razor does.
The Camera could be better.
The charging port is on the side of the phone and not the bottom.

I think it is a great phone and most of the cons are minor. I can not wait to see what Sanyo replaces it with.

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