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I love this phone


Mar 11, 2008 by kbleier

I have had this phone for about two months now and I have dropped it into a ditch of water and it still works. And I also get to have my baby saying something as my ringtone and that is just so cute!!!!!!!!!!

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Good gimmick, lousy signal, lousy sound, bad camera


Aug 13, 2009 by aegrotatio

T-Mobile had a fire sale on these in the Prepaid section so I gave it a try. The phone looks nice and has a neat sliding gimmick but its flaws outweight the gimmicks.

Post-modern slider.
Fantastic recessed keypad.
Very thin for a slider.
Synchronizes with some sort of internet-based calendar.
Really, really large, bright, and clear screen, though it is a low resolution for its size.
The slider is really neat.

A little wider than most.
Earpiece has a very hard to find "sweet spot" or you cannot hear the other party.
Ringtons are too quiet.
Signal is very poor where my other phones have good, reliable signals.
Openwave Web browser is laughably sluggish and has ugly fonts.
Firmware does not seem to know this is a prepaid phone.
The slider rattles when pushing buttons unless you remember to slide it open all the way until it stops.

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not bad


Jul 17, 2008 by Akashrahi

ive had this phone for 5 weeks and i had it cause my regular phone broke and its the best keyboard ever

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Well I Like it - Me Tell you now, Know


Nov 14, 2007 by PrettyniceB

My review of this phone, Samsung SGH-T429. First let me start off by describing where I'm coming from with this review. I've used this phone for approximately 2 months, I have had t-mobile service for approximately 4 years, I use my phone for business, I do not own or have a landline phone, I used the MDA/pda Qtek win med 5.0 previous to this purchase 15 months, and i had a family plan 2000 minutes with monthly bill of 200 plus per month.

In general this is a step back in technology when you do a side to side comparison from a pda and type phones, but i believe this fit my situation. I don't know about yours but as for mine it did.
So the the things i miss which would be considered cons, but really aren't when looking at this phone alone because it isn't a pda/phone.

So except for the obvious features that are not cable of having on this phone (3+ mega pixel camera, Qwerty keyboard for texting, multiple functions simultaneously, stylus/touch screen) I will say I am quite impressed with this phone. I have an actual computer now so I am not missing all these functions anymore. Although I have become very well skilled with typing and such with my thumbs/stylus.
*The things that make really like this phone compared to what I had before are:
Once charged the phone last for a week if no one calls you, and 4,5 days with a light amount of calls per day.
*There is a stopwatch and a count down timer that I used so that I don't leave food burning in the oven all night and letting me know when my 45 minute workout session needs to stop; no need to download costly programs.
*You can group contacts making it easier to set ringtones.
*MyFavs which saves me 1000 minutes per month but all phones are MyFavs now, so not a benefit for newer customers. I think that is why I like this phone so much, because I did not want to spend $499 on another PDA/Phone.
*The slider function is new/cool to me, it hasn't worn out after two weeks like the other review.OutOfSpace

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I've Owned Worse


Sep 27, 2007 by socalledsin

This phone has a really nice look to it. It's not often that you see a cheap slider phone either. The blue gray color makes it look like a pricier phone. The keys are laid out very nicely and have just enough space between them.
I never had any problems with a double press while texting, and found that out of all the phones I have owned, I probably texted faster on the T429 than any of the others. A lot of this was probly due to the fact that this Samsung phone has the same software as some of their higher end models, which is nice and fast. The ringers and tones are nice and loud, and call quality was good enough. Like most Samsung phones the battery is killer, even with high usage.

But that is where the good ends. The slider wore out in less than a week, and would almost lock into the open position, requiring a slam to get it to shut back. This resulted several times in a near drop. The entire phone feels really cheap. Like a toy. While the buttons themselves had a sturdy feel to them, the phone as a whole feels as tho it will fall to pieces on its next slide.

For me the worst part of the phone was easily the display. The screen has a decent size, but is near impossible to see in the sun. Even with the brightness set to max it is a strain to read anything. Toss in the bland 65k colors and this phone really shows its cheapness. I am not sure the price Tmobile is offering this with an upgrade as I have already used mine. So flat out this phone will run you $129.99 which to me is an outrage. It simply is not worth the price. Even if the price were cut in half it would still cost you more than the Nokia 6030 or 2610, both of which are far more sturdy than this phone.

Great keypad
Fast software
Loud Tones
Great Battery
Mostly clear calls

Bad in the sun
Washed out 65k color display
Feels extremely cheap
Slide wears out FAST
Everything else

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darn good for the price


Oct 12, 2007 by slipaway172

pros: slide
better than average RF signal
great battery life
camera yet low quality
waterdowned bluetooth
good sound quality but not great
feels solid
cons: watered down bluetooth
low quality camera
lower than average lcd resolution and colors

this phone so far for me has been good and solid. great for people who dont care so much about limited bluetooth and camera abilities lower resolution and less colors than most screens.

GOOD for if you need a replacement phone for your tmobile account without extending or renewing your contract. just pop in the sim, and charge for 12 hours and your g2g.

Great: easy to unlock. actually free to unlock.

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pretty good..


Feb 15, 2010 by brianna__elaine

GOODS: I like the camera on the phone. It is pretty good to be a phone.

I like the shape of the phone and the slide design.

It locks the outside keypad so that you don't accidentally push buttons, but you can unlock and use the phone with it slid down such as navigating and calling.

NOT SO GOODS: I don't like the fact that when I go into the text it is always on T9. It won't save it on ABC mode. If I used T9, this would be okay, but I don't like changing it to ABC mode every time.

I can't change the keys at the bottom of the screen so that I don't accidentally go into T-zones all the time.

I can't figure out my bluetooth... I think it's broken.

I can't set my purchased ringtones as message rings. I can only use them for calls and my alarm.

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Jul 26, 2009 by briabreezy

I normally never submit a phone review, but this one is definitely worth the time.
I have an issue with constantly buying new phones so I went from my sidekick LX to this one as my last phone bought to make it work for as long as possible, and the phone is great!
The keyboard is well spaced and the buttons are raised just enough to tell the end of one number and the beginning of another.
Also, i'm constantly texting, most of the day, anyway. and this phone has managed to make it from 9 am to 1 am on one notch on the battery bar. Which is saying a lot because on my sidekick I couldn't make it from 9am to 9pm without having to charge it.
It also seems to be virtually indestructible because I cannot count how many times I have dropped it and it has yet to break or scratch.
Overall, if you don't mind a downgrade to a more simple phone, this one is the best choice if you ask me.

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not worth upgrading to . . .


Feb 21, 2009 by raul.diane2009

This phone from the get go gave us nothing but trouble. I'm a certified technician with a 3rd party phone company and was disgusted with the handset. It doesn't hold up to its expectations.

-Holds a small amount of messages (not good for heavy messengers)
-Ringtones are loud, but they crackle
-Takes good pictures for a Samsung device
-Slow to respond

I ended up returning the handset, they tried to get me to take another one, while another customer was returning the phone for the exact same thing. I then chose my 1st sidekick and am very well satisfied

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samsung t429


Feb 17, 2009 by hemiphil81

this is my first cell phone at 27 years old and so far i love it.the camera works great,sound quility is great,i really like the weight and design of this phone and the texting is good to.i have 2 teen sons who think its cool that dad texts them at school just to tell them to have a good day and i love them.that makes this great for me being able to contact them anytime i want.i would recommend this cell phone to anyone.

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