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Cricket Kyocera Lingo Excellent Phone & Value


Nov 20, 2008 by Austiniter

I've been trying out he Cricket Kyocera Lingo in the Austin TX area for the past 90 days. Compared to AT&T Wireless the Cricket coverage network was excellent, with no dropped calls on Cricket. The Kyocera LIngo is one text messaging maniac. The phone works great for any text message genius/geek. Phones reception is clear and coverage is excellent. I highly recommend this phone and Crickets service over AT&T wireless.

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my lingo


Oct 30, 2008 by angie3

i have the lingo i've had since 1/2008 and i think its a good phone. my lingos front screen broke but it still works perfectly besides the front screen

1.two different ways to text
2.two screens
3.sturdy it wont break easily
4.qwerty keyboard for if you are texting a long word
5.decent camera
6.if the front screen breaks the inside one still works(i'm not sure if its on all phones but my inside screen still works)

1.the phone is way to big
2.phone covers make it bigger
3.qwerty keyboard takes me too long to write messages
4.i dont think you can have music ringtones(like the ones on the radio)

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Pretty Good Lil Phone


Oct 21, 2008 by inner_pyro

This has probably been one of Kyocera's better phones. I would recommend this phone to customers. I would even get it if i had the money :\.

Well here we go...
-1.3 MP camera
-Can Bluetooth Ringtones and Pics
-Decent web...what can you expect its mobile web.
-Full Key pad
-Loud speaker
-Easy layout
-Sharp Look
-Doesn't feel cheap
-T9 texting...gotta love it or hate it
-Locking battery case

-No video
-Hard to text when phone is closed
-No expandable memory
-Cheesy Color Themes
-Cannot change texting ringers

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Oct 21, 2008 by chubbc25

I had this for a nano second before i got verizon back then it was ok now it sucks balls hey i got when i was like 12 now i am on to bigger and better things

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Oct 17, 2008 by ihatecricket

Me and my sister have had this phone for a year and some months at first it was great now...it's not!!

-Stores a lot of contacts
-qwerty keyboard.

-camara horrible
-always shuts off
-ugly color
-keys hard to press
-keys always don't type anything or make double letters
-paint chips off the keys
-small screen inside and out
-reception is horrible
-flash blurs the pictures
-only one speaker
-can't customize the message tones
-internet is horrible
-battery doesn't last long
-charger never works
-doesn't vibrate on charger
-ringtones not loud
-vibartes for no reason
-freezes a lot
-go through a long process to send 1 text message
-Really awful speaker phone
-camera is crappy in the dark
-Volume issues / bugs
-No video capture.
-Very limited functionality.
-when phone is open you can hear it vibrate
-to much money for a little phone that does nothing....$200.00
-pictures turn out grainy

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Pretty Good Phone


Oct 16, 2008 by natterz95

I've had this phone since Christmas of 2007, and its not bad. Its acting up on me though, but its not the company's falut---i dropped it while it was open and now i have to be careful when i open and close it.
-qwerty keyboard
-a lot of memory for pics (takes up to 120)
-ok camera (1.3 MP)
-voice memos
-alarm clock, calculators, most of the common extras
-superphonic ringtones, excellent quality
-external screen is a good size after having the switchback(the older model of this one)
-instant messaging

-turns on and off randomly (this is not my phone only. I read another review that said this)
-freezes occasionally when I'm writing a text.
-the instant messaging quality and speed is vveerrryyy slow. it takes long to recieve an IM and for somebody to receive one that you sent.
-the internal screen is a bit small for all the space inside
-the keyboard is very aligned and straight, but easy to get used to.
-camera is crappy in the dark

Well, thats about it. If you want a phone thats good for texting, you should get this. Its a simple texting phone. If you want somethimg more fancy, I would recommend a sidekick. I'm (hopefully( getting one for my birthday this year. Thanks :)

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Not bad, I wouldn't pay 100 bucks for it.


Aug 9, 2008 by got_it

I recently got Virgin Mobile because my dad refused to pay for my phone bill with Verizon any longer, my phone was the A930. I had a Marbl for about a week before I wanted to throw it through a wall. My friend was getting on a T Mobile plan with her friend and no longer needed the Wild Card she bought two weeks earlier, it was bought for 50 bucks with little to no use, plastic still on screens.

Plan 300 AT, 1000 NW, Unlimited texting, total 44.99 a month.

Nice outer screen
Decent Camera
Nice simple layout
Nice appearance
Solid feel

BAD battery life
Kind of small inner screen
Buttons a little small
Really awful speaker phone

It's overall really nice, I had the vx9800 at one point, so I know how it stacks up. It's not worth the 100 dollars it costs, but anything was better then the piece of crap the Marbl was.

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Apr 25, 2008 by justin11

i bought this phone for $100 using the virgin mobile service, ive owned ALOT of phones from that service and this phone has some of the most problems. first off the inside screen is VERY small but it has good resolution. next ,and this really bugged me, right after my warranty ran out for the phone, the aim instant messaging service decided not to work. its also very annoying wen you have almost full service and it takes forever to send a message.i have freinds who have 1.3 megapixel camera phones which is what the wildcard has. and there is a HUGE difference in pictures, this phone does NOT have a good camera and dont even think about taking a quick pic indoors, yu have to have perfect perfect lighting to take a good pic.

-rugid style, ive dropped this phone alot and nothing has happened to it.
-good reception
-battery will last a long time
-good speakers
-aim service is horrible
-will turn off by itself
-will sometimes have to go through a long process to send 1 text message
-cheap unresourcefull internet
-very small screen
-horrible camera

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BEST prepaid phone!


Mar 30, 2008 by yb_normal08

This is the best all around prepaid texting phone there is, hands down. I bought the Wildcard as a successor to my VM Cyclops because I text a lot and this phone is THE only prepaid with a qwerty keyboard for easy texting/emails. The camera lives up to it's megapixel title,unlike the Cyclops and takes excellent pictures. The screen is easier to read and contrary to other reviews, the outer screen and keypad are quite nice. The signal is better too. Battery life is not as good because both screens are always on when in use and that drains the battery faster. Keep it plugged in to use external power when possible when surfing or playing games. Miss the bright missed call/message light the Cyclops had and the ringer is not loud when the flip is closed. Pros: Qwerty keyboard,Stylish,gr8 camera,Bluetooth,cheap to use!,compact size. Cons:Dual screens operating simultaneously runs down the battery quicker,ringer hard to hear when closed,tiny alert light,screens stay illuminated too long after use and duration can't be changed. Keypad creaks when using, Limited internet capabilities, no video, no pc connectivity. Like it very much otherwise and very inexpensive to operate.

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should have been cheaper


Mar 27, 2008 by freedom4u


good cam
good signal
cool lil form
good life


cricket - satx region


software so needed that fake "upgrade"
txting has a software bug
backlight setting disabling feature has a bug

other then that i think its a good phone i noticed the non brand name phones for cricket seem to be the best ones on they're line up

the other thing is the price i paid for it on mycricket.com cuz of the special

but i do not think its worth the price tag it should more of a 150/60.99/oo not 199.oo anyway if the price ever does drop then get it -- if not then stick to what you got cuz intil the software bugs are fixed or something its a okay phone

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