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I used to have this Phone


Sep 30, 2010 by BHabelitz4GWireless

I got this as one of my first phones growing up, I really enjoyed it. Kyocera has very nice device designs. It was also my first keyboard phone so you can understand why I'd have such an attachment. The downside is that it's not very durable, and a friend ended up breaking it in one drop, I lost all of my contacts as well as my photos, which at that time were extremely valuable to me so I took an emotional hit when I knew I lost it all.

I give this a 4.5 because the lack of durability, and the fact that the keys would eventually stick or cause me to mess up. Plus the keyboard, as nice as it was being my first one, was very tricky to learn because there was a huge button in the middle of the whole set of keys, it wasn't relatable to any keyboard I had before so it was lame having to relearn where my keys were.

Damn I Miss that phone, haha!
I had been with Virgin Mobile for years before I joined up on my boyfriends account on AT&T.



Oct 16, 2009 by jxdutoi

I have the wild card thru virgin mobile. I have to say that I do like having a keyboard to text with, but from day one the "C" key never really worked right. It will either not type or double type. The external screen is small, but the internal screen is just as bad. I cannot see any pictures that come in a text. They have to have no writing or detail to be able to tell what it is. I have never had any issues with buttons breaking like some of the other reviewers, my pictures come out crystal clear, and overall I like this phone.

Pros: Full keyboard; great camera (for a prepaid phone); good sound quality when not on speaker.

Cons: When on speaker phone, the sound is tinny; both screens a too small; the buttons are not the most responsive.

Just like Kyocera...


Dec 22, 2008 by TeamTwilight

It's just like Kyocera to sell crappy junk like the Wildcard!
Not a single ONE!except for blue tooth and full QWERTY keypad for easy text.
Everything else.

My cousin had this phone for 1 day had she flipped it out and it broke..right there on spot.It's prepaid so no free replacement!!!

JUST LIKE KYOCERA! To give out cheap junk!

Ok Phone


Aug 9, 2008 by MzPrincessa

This phone is okay I'm 11 and i have it and i hardly even like it
1. qwerty keyboard
2.stores lots of contacts
3.nice wall papers from vxl
4. small length size
1. keyboard way small i text and push two butons
2.small screen inside and out
3.camera doesnt take to good pics
4. very bulky very visible through my pockets
5. have to email play games and im on the inside
6. has 1 speaker which isn't very loud
7. back of phone pops off when u try to put in a earphones
other than that is an okay phone and im being very grateful to give it a 3.0

A Revolutionized Unique Phone in Both Ways...


Jan 4, 2008 by Chef Brd-Jason

Today I will be talking about the kyocera m1000 lingo version from Cricket wireless.

The Lingo from Kyocera is a unique phone and contains outstanding features such as:

-a full Qwerty kay pad
-2 descent sized beautifull lcd screens
-a outstanding speaker, nice and crisp
-a clam shell design, golden brown and black keys
-easy acess voicemail and texting
-nice silver wrap around design
-stylinsh black gripped battery cover
-1.3mp camera with flash and mirror (an out standing camera on a phone for a non contracted phone)
-great regular speaker sound quality
-internal antenna
-smaller then the env and has a larger external screen.

As the phone sounds nearly perfect it has a few flaws that knock the rating from a 5 to a 3, including:

-a software malfunction when flipping the phone closed, it will abort what your doing and freeze and shut off, happened with 3 different phones, but all of them where the lingo.
-a really crammed qwerty keypad, creating it a few mistakes while texting.
-They put a texting envolope symbol on the
voicemail button which has confused alot of customers and have effected them when they got their bills for the customers who dont have a voice mail plan.
-Really small and crammed numeric pad on the front, and really small ok button.
-loses signal alot even while your in your nonroaming area.
-If a friend forwards you a ringtone, you can not save or add it as a ringtone it only saves it under your media saved sounds which you still can't acess as a ringtone.
-the charging port is small and circular and has issues with charging sometimes, stops charging if you wiggle it.
-wears and tears faster then any cricket phone
-The hard keys break easily
-not a very durable phone
-the camera is nice, but has some issues in darker areas esp. with the LED flash it has.

Over all i rate this phone a 3 and recomend this phone for more responsible people mostly ages 12-18 due to its defects.

Overall Great Quality For The Price


Feb 22, 2008 by andysbitch


- a full Qwerty keypad
- 2 decent sized screens, one inside, one outside.
- speaker is nice and loud
- a clam shell design, golden brown and black keys
- voicemail and texting need only one button press
- silver wrap around
- battery cover has a black grip pad
- 1.3mp camera with flash and mirror
-internal antenna
- flashlight feature, tip calculator, bluetooth capability
- phone book is huge. you can store up to six numbers, two emails, two webpages, an address, and a note. (one of my favorite functions!)
- 30mb of internal storage (if it helps; 1 picture at 1.3 mp is about 380kb. One 25 sec ringtone, mp3 format is between 140 and 190 mb. You can knock down the mp in the pictures.)

(I highly recommend using www.phonezoo.com from your computer or http://3gforfree.com from your phone for ringtones and wallpapers. Free, and they are smaller. Great quality too.)

- some say the qwerty keyboard is too small. I have small fingers, so it doesnt bother me at all.
- same for the outside pad.
- the fact that the vibrate and keyguard are unavailable while charging (yes your phone will ring if its plugged in, and on vibrate, it will pop up as feature unavailable. Dont worry, it works once its unplugged)
- camera is nice, but will appear grainy in dark areas
- flash is an LED light
- inner screen is a bit small for reading articles online, but works fine for downloads.
- battery cover screws on, which may look unpleasing to some.
- speakerphone is a great deal louder when phone is open. It is still loud enough to hear when the phone is closed in my opinion.
- If you dont read the manual, the voicemail and text envelopes may confuse you. They look similar.
- Battery life is a bit weak. Not horribly so, but could be better.

I paid 199.99 for this phone. I am very pleased with it, especially with it being a prepaid phone. If you text a lot, I used to send 12,000 a month with TMobile, this phone is perfect. The pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Great messaging phone!


Dec 31, 2007 by pamela80

I got this phone just for messaging, it beats Verizon's package of 5000 messages for im/pix/video/text for the same price, plus I get email and don't have to use the 3 qwerty phones Verizon offers that all have problems as far as using it as a phone. I get to keep my good phone for calls with Verizon and just use this for messaging. I had considered the Sidekick LX but it was $30 a month, a bit too much for what I wanted to pay a month and the phone was $350, too much to pay for a texting phone so I got this instead for $90 on sale at Best Buy, it's $20 a month for unlimited txt/pix/email/sound/im, and I get free sugar momma minutes by viewing ads if I ever need extra call minutes which is a nice plus. Now on to the review.

-Loud earpiece
-Good mic
-Easy to use keyboard
-Small for on the go
-Inexpensive with many features
-Reliable phone you don't have to baby and worry about
-Excellent value for $20 unlimited txt plan
-Money saving alternative to a sidekick or pda if you aren't a business user.

-Signal in my basement where I work isn't that great, varies 2-4 bars but also goes to zero sometimes and I lose connection.
-Internal screen is small, I wouldn't use this phone if you want the web, only for txt,im & email it's great.
-Doesn't support html mail which doesn't surprise me.
-Pop mail accounts are limited to a few isp providers, none of which I have an account with. You can get IMAP with AOL, AIM, and Yahoo though.
-Sometimes when I am logged off AIM on the phone and I go to use AIM on my pc it will say I'm still logged on (probably is an issue with AIM service though).
-Phone is creaky and smushes while you type because it's cheap of course, if you get a snap on case it won't do this and will feel much more sturdy while typing.
-Camera is like my V3M which means don't have it replace your camera but it's good for quick pix on the go.
-No memory card for music player but I knew this when I bought it, just wish.
-Battery life isn't that good.

The Wildcard is worth it, but not wild.


Dec 4, 2007 by GloryImSaved

The Wildcard is great for what it is: A compact and covert QWERTY phone. I believe one of the best features of this phone involves the lack of attention one might draw to it. At first glance it looks like a cheap Tracfone. If you're looking for a phone to text with and you don't want to draw attention to yourself, this is the phone to buy.

However, buyers must beware. This phone is designed with 3 major functions: texting, e-mailing, and instant messaging. This is not a cheap smart phone nor does it offer anything but the basics.

One of the few prepaid QWERTY phones readily available on the market today.

Doesn't look like your average QWERTY phone. It is small, light, and sleek.

The camera is 1.3MP. Most prepaid cameras are 300K.

Memory is 32MB+ (Odd 36-40mb)
Bluetooth support.
External speaker is crisp.
Keyboard has backlight.
Decent battery life.
POP3 E-mail is supported.(limited)

The camera produces too much noise / grain in darker areas. The flash provided is an LED light.

Keyboard is a bit small. Fool around with a display unit before you decide to purchase.

Web browsing should probably be avoided.
The inner screen could be larger.
The battery cover makes a lot of noise.
POP3 is limited to 4 providers.
MSN is not supported as an IM.
Volume issues / bugs
No video capture.
Very limited functionality.

If you go with Virgin Mobile, you'll be spending $10/mo for 1000 text messages or $20 for unlimited. This is still expensive in my book.

No full version games. Even my VM Oyster, a $20 phone, came with a full version game.

Not many prepaid companies provide stock QWERTY phones. If you want to buy something off the shelf and use it immediately, this is the phone to buy. The Virgin Mobile version runs $99 in stores and it is one of the better prepaid phones I have owned. The camera may be grainy, but is well worth it in comparison to other prepaid phones on the market.

Very strong


Dec 29, 2007 by snowfish2945

I own the Kyocera Wildcard, and the key board is nice and strong in its work. I would recommend the age for this phone is 8-15, at least. The features on it are great in my opinon. Its loudest point is in the inside speaker. The logo is right straight in its place. I have to addmit, the battery life is a little on the weak point, but it still is one of the most popular phones in the market, well for the key board part anyway.

preetty good


Dec 22, 2007 by hollydomi

i looooooooooooooooooooooove the qwerty keypad its great for texting i would recommend it for people the age 8-13 overall its awesome!

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