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mixed bag


Apr 18, 2009 by knuckleballer34

I've tried really hard to like this phone in the three weeks that i've had it. No matter how I can spin it, this was a really disappointing phone, even for midrange standards.

- good call quality
- large colorful screen, easy to see
- slightly above average reception, which is good considering its a Samsung. Holds a signal well
- the camera isnt half bad
- dedicated message shortcut key is really nice

- Bugs. Phone freezes up intermittently. Music player skips songs, and even ringtones when the phone is ringing. Menu freaks out now and then
- sweet spot on the earpiece. I'm used to this with Samsung, but on this particular model its worse than usual. Just too sensitive
- wasted keypad space. For such a wide phone with a large keypad area, the buttons are way too small to dial or text very well.
- front display is too small and too dim

The phone gets a three out of five only because it does well what it should do well; get/hold a signal and make good calls. However, the small keypad, sweet spot on the earpiece, and chronic bug problems make this phone rather unenjoyable. If your interested in a free T-Mobile phone with a contract, i'd recommend the Sony Ericsson tm506 or the Nokia 6263. Both are much better phones.

Got it for cheap


Oct 26, 2007 by theunderdog

I just got this phone 2weeks ago
for a good price. To be honest with you i was just looking for something easy to use, and as long as it had a camera i was good to go. The phone itself is your basic flip phone, unlike your mediocre Motorola razor it has a nice feel to it. The changeable face plates isn't a bad edition to the phone either. It comes in a few colors retractable face plates that slide into the phone.

The Camera- The camera's good 1.3 mega-pixel camera with a bunch of perks I.E the multi-shot feature, mosaic, negative, black and white and sepia come in handy when taking a variety of pictures as well.

The phone also comes with a micro-cardslot which comes in handy too. I suggest you get one.

The Speakers. EH. thats all i got to say.

last and for-most the battery life is horrible. 2.5 hours of talk time isn't good at all. If your a talker this phone is not for you. I was on the phone with my girlfriend the other night for a good 2hours and my phone died, bare in mind i hadn't used my phone all day. Just a thought if your a texter its a great phone, but as far as the battery life, it plain out sucks.

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Fantastic Phone


Sep 25, 2010 by phonejunkykoli

I've had this phone for 5, count them 5 years!! I have been out of contract for 3, but didn't feel the need to renew, since I LOVE my phone. The only reason I'm getting rid of it, is that I am leaving T-mobile, and going to Sprint. Hello EVO!

Not happy - returning


Jun 22, 2008 by crazysexycool

The screen must be viewed staight on
The call quality is poor
it doesnt open completely
Its cute
easy to use
easy to view calls and texts

Samsung T639


May 11, 2008 by Iglesia08

I have owned this phone about 2 weeks now.

Pros:The screen size is slightly bigger than most flip phones which means better display of graphics,texts,pictures etc...Also I like the fact that this phone has interchangeable face plates and the ability to hold a large amount of contacts.

Cons:My BIGGEST disappointment with this phone is the fact that the camera doesnt have a flash...so there must be lots of lighting to take a decent picture...another disappointment is the way this phone texts...when I enter a word a list comes up instead of just automatically entering the word which means it takes much longer to write a text with this phone than with a phone that automatically puts the words in.And the volume on the ear piece needs to be louder...its hard to hear the person talking on the other end even with the volume all the way up.

Overall I rate this phone at a 2.5 out of 5.



Feb 12, 2008 by DKURZ

Phone is a good phone.Had a slider but since I just put it in my pocket and the phone gets all scratched.Phone works well.Setting it up was a bit trying as the instruction book is not well written HINT many of the setup instructions are under make changes.Would like to see more designer slides for the retractable sliding lid since I use the phone as a phone,this should be fine.Contract is only for 1 year as I get bored and will see what comes out next year.I like the fact that I can blue-tooth photos from my IMAC to the phone to use as wallpaper so far so good

3G for Tmobb


Jan 4, 2008 by MIGHTYBBLACK

This phone is light and very easy to use. It seems durable, but I've only had it for a few weeks. There are a few pros and cons.
Pros: The phone is quick, there is no lag, unlike a razr. Very light and easy to fit into your pocket. I like the changeable faceplate covers. I haven't tried to use the mp3 player bc samsung elected not to include a usb...thanks samsung. But the speakers are loud and ringtones are clear. The picture quality is good enough and so is the screen. It has a loud ring tones but not so much on the earpiece.

Cons: Speaker phone can only be used when the phone is open. You can't change the texting to automatically open with regular text instead of predictive text, the menu seems watered down if you mess with your settings at all.

The battery life seems decent and I use my phones a lot. You can also change the colors of the lcd on the outside display like green, blue, red, purple, and light blue, its pretty cool.

I didn't pay for it so I can't rate the value but I give the phone a 3.75 out of 5.

Go Samsung go!


Oct 31, 2007 by Samsung-phones

The best phone in the world. It's very easy to use this phone, like 1 2 3. I want to say that I love this phone. Go SAMSUNG go!

Good basic phone


Oct 27, 2007 by MilsNo

Its a pretty decent phone. I bought it off ebay a couple days ago and it arrived very fast. Its a thin and pretty light phone.

Pros: Micro slot, good clear speaker phone (have to keep phone open though), Fun features and themes. The software is fast w/o a long lag wen flipping through menus and settings.

Cons: Ear piece could be louder and has a sweet spot where it is optimum.

Good phone for a pretty reasonable price.



Dec 15, 2008 by sgg123

great phone

1)great speaker
2)easy to use
3)changable faceplates

1)BACK PIECE BREAKS EASILY (dropped phone on my floor and back snapped off and broke)

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