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Jul 8, 2009 by Greazy Festerpuss

I have received my 3rd phone. It has kicked the bucket again. The service, Sprint, is no better. They only focus on their protection plans. I have never, never abused or damaged the phones in anyway. The phones have a major manufacturer defect. Sprint wants me to change it for another one. Why?? It will just completely die just like the other ones. Stick a "fork" in them, they're done. They just die. You cannot get them to turn on or respond. Sprint will only offer an upgrade in which I will pay for extra. Whaaa!!! This phone is totally useless as well as Sprint!!

Absolutely none

Don't get it.


Jul 5, 2009 by bridget338

I've had this phone for two years now.
I loved the phone itself, the keys are nice, not loud at all and they're responsive. I like how the menu is set up and just how everything looks when I'm poking around my phone. You can adjust the text size and switch from T9 to letter to letter blah blah blah.
It's a really fantastic phone, until you start abusing it.
You pretty much better keep it in a glass chamber at all times if you want it to last.
With my first Katana 2, it was just fine for the first couple months. And then the ear piece broke, and I had to talk to people on speaker phone for me to be able to hear them. Which was absolutely annoying and I ended up ignoring every one of my calls.
And then it went downhill. It would freeze up sometimes. And then randomly shut off, and I'd have to turn it back on.
And it only sent 2/3 of the texts I sent! Some of my friends would never receive my texts. And with a couple of my friends it would take about twenty minutes after I sent it for him to receive it, and I would have full service. It was SO INFURIATING!
And you also have to be careful with the charger, it "clips" into the phone like old iPod chargers, and it is extremely easy to break. After a while I had to carefully situate my phone when it was charging and not touch it, or it'd stop charging. And pretty soon the charger didn't even work unless I shoved it in hard, and pressed down, which hurt my hand.

And as time went on those random black-outs happened more and more often, and now it doesn't even turn on. At all.
Happened with both of my Katana 2s. I WILL NEVER GET THIS PHONE AGAIN.
It has caused me so much trouble, I wanted to chuck it at a wall ever time I used it.
So I'm now looking for better, more durable phones.
Oh, and the buttons will break with too much use.
Just don't get it.

Good Phone


Oct 5, 2008 by proudsprintcustomer

My dad has had this phone for about a year and it is a really awesome phone. It has soft rubbery keys and is easy to text with. It has a good camera but its VGA and can't take video. It is also very slim and has a good sleek design.

-Good Camera
-Good Keyboard
-Good size and Design

-No Video
-If you were expecting more cons then you are incorrect. I cant think of anything else bad about this phone.

Very good for a basic phone


Jun 24, 2008 by eric_cartman

This phone is not fancy in it's features, but when it comes to having a phone, it does the job. It does not have a megapixel camera, no music player, no video camera (moddable?), no EV-DO (so no Sprint TV, which already sucks). However, the call quality is good, it can send text messages, and has Hands-free bluetooth. Also, this phone works with Bitpim.

Compared to the Katana I


Aug 18, 2007 by sizroch

Having had both the Katana and Katana II, I have some opinions. First of all, the Katana line is very good; you'll likely be happy with either. We have four Katanas and two Katana IIs in our family, so my opinion is based on the average experience of all six phones.

Signal Strength - The original Katana takes the crown in this area. It consistently holds onto a signal where the Katana II will drop (yes, all phones have the latest firmware).

Call Quality - Both very good and likely the same, but, the Katana II seems just a tad better.

Speakerphone - Both are average and work fine in a quiet room.

Keys - The Katana II excels in this area; nice keys even though tighter and smaller.

Camera - The Katana II appears to have the edge here. Both are not great.

Headset - The Katana II takes this one by virtue that Sanyo went back to the 2.5mm connector. The original Katana requires an annoying adapter. BTW, I've given up on the frustrations of bluetooth headsets and I've had them all.

Battery - For some reason, the Katana II battery is part of the casing. So, if you need to replace a battery on a pink Katana II, you'll need to buy a pink Katana II battery.

Screen Size - The original Katana has a very nice screen size and wins here. But, in the daylight, the screen is hard to see.

Overall Size - It depends. If you have small hands, you'll likely like the Katana II. For everyone else, the Katana is a very nice size and fits just fine in tight jeans (if that's what you wear).

Looks - Again, subjective, but I like most agree that the original Katana is just a nicer looking phone if that's important to you.

The near perfect phone? Start with the original Katana shell; add the nicer keys from the Katana II; the slightly nice operating system from the Katana II, the 2.5mm headset receptacle from the Katana II, improve the screen under daylight conditions, slightly improve the speakerphone, improve the camera, and you have yourself one nice phone.



Jul 23, 2007 by dancer022

I got the Pink Katana 2 and I love it! It's thin and has a great design. The screen display is great and I love all the features. The camera has a lot of cool fun tools like many colors tones, stamps, and fun frames. It's good for text messaging because they have a lot of t-9 word options. I have not had any problems with it. I highly recommend this over any other Sprint phone!



Jul 21, 2007 by meatloafrepin301

this is the best phone ever...ive had lots of phones and this is definetly #1..i ordered this phone of ebay and it is jus great...i love the stylish front...the buttons at first i thought were wierd but now after havin the phone 4 1 week its a pce of cake...I LOVE THE KATANA 2...if u dont have it and u have sprint GET IT!!!!!!!!NOW

Excellent THIN phone


Jul 20, 2007 by sixinarow

Impressively slim and lightweight... a couple of my friends who have RAZRs are jealous. Most people think it's more stylish, too.

The screen resolution is really nice. All the basic phone functions are there and work very well. The internet functions seem faster and more responsive than some other phones.

I can't figure out how to zoom w/ the camera, though. Also, I think if you look at the back of it (the battery side) it looks a little plain and boring--not like the rest of the phone which is very stylish.

Overall, I consider it one of the best phones out there, if you aren't looking for one with a mp3 player, full text keyboard, removable memory, etc.

what it does it does well!


Jul 4, 2007 by Christofc7

this phone is great for a basic slim phone! signal still great, bluetooth still great, while i do indeed preffer the old body style, i love the keypad and battery life way more! no denying that this phone is more of an external upgrade, however its still going to be great for that person who wishes to have a stylish PHONE without all the extra features.



Jul 4, 2007 by freedom4u


this thing looks great and feels great but i loved the original design alot better....although the software updates and features are way better off then the first -- maybe they should have just included the updates to the same body but thats just me :)

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