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The Perfect Wireless Device


Oct 4, 2003 by Cry River

The 7210 is one of the best Nokia phones ever! I fell in love with my phone the first time I saw it and when I used it, I fell even deeper. This phone is original with the pattern of the keypad. It has a beautiful color display, graphics and polyphonic ringtones; it has java games, useful speakerphone and FM radio with the best clarity I've ever heard with an ear piece. And it even has the all important 4 way navigation keys! You have a to-do list, calender, calculator with currency converter, wireless Internet, infrared, encryption (which is very unique) and 2 way text messages. I love it! The reception is perfect, never experienced dropped calls or static with this beauty. If 7210 lacks anything, its petty voice-dialing, bluetooth and user friendliness. However, no one can accuse this phone of being simple, plain, or basic. I recommend the 7210 to anyone who likes elegance and creativity. Its the perfect wireless device!

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Excellent phone!


Feb 13, 2003 by cyclone

I originally started with a t68i but traded it for the 7120 two weeks later. While the unusual keypad takes some getting used to, the phone really grew on me after a week or two of owning it. It's very feature-rich, lacking only voice dialing and Bluetooth support. It's IR port (sorely lacking on the Motorola T720) is ideal for beaming phonebook entries or calendar entries to other Nokia phones or to PDA's, as well as for downloading ringtones, graphics, and applications and for syncing. The 7120 is very light, yet battery life is quite good, I get about four days of moderate voice and gaming use. The speakerphone is excellent; in quiet environments most people can't tell I'm using it. There are a wide variety of games available, many quite good, and the phone can be easily remotely unlocked without a cable at very low cost. RF performance is excellent; even in the SF Bay Area, where AT&T's GSM network is sparse, I seldom have dropouts or lose a call. My t68i frequently lost calls.

In total, an excellent, mid-range phone with near-PDA features!

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Pretty good but lacking some features


Nov 1, 2002 by Jay Ramos

It's not the perfect phone but unlike the the Samsung S105, it has a speakerphone which I find useful and a nice FM radio feature which you use with the headset provided through the phone's Pop Port interface connection.

The screen is good although it could be brigher. Better than the Ericsson T68, thats for sure.

I uploaded my own pics and java apps to the phone via my laptops infrared using Nokia's without a hitch using Nokias PC Suite 5.0 software. Very easy to use!

The volume is quite loud and I have no trouble hearing anyone in noisy environments unlike the Samsung S105 where users have complained of low volume.

The polyphonic ringers are pretty decent but I've heard better. Still it's quite an improvement.

RF perfomance has been great! No problems whatsoever. Even in places where I would get a low signal, the phone holds up pretty well during conversations. Inside my apartment building here in NYC, believe it or not, I get full signal strength!

Battery life is pretty good too. I talk a lot and I still find some bars left when I get home at the end of the day. 4 hour talk time on this phone I believe.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this phone. I've never been a big fan of Nokia but this phone has stolen my heart. The only downfalls are: There's a little hiss in the volume and the keypad is kinda wacky but you get used to it after a while. It doesn't have voice dialing or recorder either but I already knew that.

Still, I think this phone is better than the Ericsson T68 and some respects. It does lack some features but makes up for it in other areas such as having a better color screen (4,096k colors vs T68's 256 colors) and much better reception.

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ATT's best GSM phone to date


Feb 21, 2003 by Jeph83

This is my third nokia (5165,3360,7210) w/ ATT after a breif stint w/ Sprint.

I started off w/ the 7210 and ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT!!! then I decided to take advantage of the 30 day return period and tried the T68i. I had the SE phone for LESS than 5 hours and already began to hate it. The 7210 beats this in EVERY WAY. the only thing the T68i has that the 7210 doesn't is Bluetooth and a display for the TALK TIME and STANDBY remaining left on the battery.

In addition to the ULTRA COOL speakerphone, the nokia also has an advantage in the phonebook area w/ the ability of using the Phones internal phonebook, the SIM's, OR BOTH!!!

Some downsides of the nokia are that in text input, you don't have the option of entering numbers. Also the screen DOES NOT clear. One more thing I'm peeved about is a slight hissing in the earpiece while on calls. not sure whether its the GSM coverage in Bristol, RI but call quality isn't all that hot from what i get on the other end of the line

Bottom line... another solid nokia phone.
7210 ALL THE WAY!!!

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This phone is the greatest


Jan 12, 2003 by Kin Wong

I've just purchased the 7210 in Hong Kong and brought it back to Los Angeles. This phone is so far the best phone I have ever used.

This phone looks great. The color screen is much much better than the T68i. Features are easy to use. Love the polyphonic ringtones, another thing the T68i doesn't have. Signal strength is excellent. I use AT&T in the Los Angeles area and reception is very good in most areas. The radio is pretty good and very impressive with the speakerphone. The battery life is amazingly good even after hours of using the radio and playing games and at the end of the day I still have about half the battery life left.

There's nothing much i don't like about this phone but there's one thing. The games sometimes stall but that's okay.

Overall this phone is very impressive and fun. Afterall it's Nokia. For all Nokia fans out there looking for a stylish and eye-catching phone, this is the one.

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Feb 21, 2003 by Fawad S.Khan

I really enjoy this phone. Cingular give this model for free if you decide to get a two-year service contract. The phone has the best reception of all the Cingular phones, even better then the Siemens S40 and the new Motorola. The phone is small enough to fit comfortably in you paints pocket and large enough to operate will ease. Associations, name plates, rings, etc. are readily available. There are some small draw backs, but they are not worth mentioning. If you are looking for a stylish, basic phone, this is your buy.
The power button when pressed and released is a nice short-cut to changing the profile (normal to silent). Be careful to not hold the phone with your pinky cradling the bottom, you may actually be holding it over the microphone hole and you will sound muffled to the person on the other end.

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Average phone


Feb 23, 2011 by krob88

Nokia 7210 is a more of basic handset with basic features. It is a small, thin and easily fits into the pocket. It’s very cheap and flimsy, the screen is 2 inches big with resolution of 240×320 pixels and 30 MB memory. But I am quite disappointed with 2.5 mm headphones jack as you will not be able to use your favorite headphone set with this handset for listening to music. Overall it’s a ok ok phone from Nokia.

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It was ok


Oct 26, 2010 by narn3049

I give this phone a 3.5 because it shut off a lot and was not dependable that way, but worked for everything else I needed it for, and that's why I chose to keep it and give it a 3.5 rating

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Feb 18, 2006 by pramodmeee

I like this phone. the radio is so cool. also the headset fits me very well.. its fast. i would say the display should get little better.bluetooth is not good enough.

I would Give B+ :)

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Have had this phone for 2 years


Sep 12, 2005 by Mini

I bought this phone 2 years ago and have used it ever since in the Trinidad & Tobago. I've traveled to various places in the USA and Canada, as well as thoughout the Caribbean and this phone has been wonderful. Very light, and fits in my pocket with ease. Very stylish and functional.

Great reception. Doesn't drop calls.

I think that that volume on the ear-piece could be louder though. I have mine set on max, and sometime in crowded areas or noisy areas, I have trouble hearing.

I dropped the phone may times and it has survived up till now. The last fall I think damaged something in the display (about 2 months ago), which I had changed and now the screen is starting to go blank again. Time for a new phone I guess.. it's going to be hard to replace the 7210.

The keypad is oddly configured, but you get used to it after a while.

I've always owned Nokia phones, and love the interface with the menus. This one is no exception. Great menus, easy to locate contacts etc.

Only major problem I had with the working of this phone was the lack of connection to other handsets via infrared. It just never worked with this phone.

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