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Never thought I would own one


Nov 3, 2007 by dtoepel

After owning several PDA's such as the Treo 650, 700p & 700wx(mistake) 755 and I even tried the moto Q. The Sprint Techs whom I know very well due to the frequent visits to help try to fix the issues (power cycling, dropped calls, freezing) and the list goes on.
It sounds like most of you know exactly what I am talking about! I finally told them(Sprint) i wanted out of my contract and it was time to move on. They begged me to try one more device,The Blackberry 8830. I had no interest. For some reason I was NOT a BB fan although I had never owned one prior to this. So I tried it, and I LOVE IT !!
100% trouble free. I and my family were not used to me not screaming at Sprint everynight because of all the problems.
This was great I can not say enough about my however!!!
I miss the camera and some of the other multi-media stuff that I had on the Treo's.
Well it sounds like Sprint and BB have answered that with the arrival of the Pearl 2.
I am really excited about this if it as good as the 8830 and can give me photo/video and multi-media I will be in heaven. I will keep you posted.
I can honestly say that I would be hard-pressed to own any other device other than a Blackberry. Thank you RIM !!!!

Great phone


Jun 6, 2007 by mct777

Just a quick review.

I've used this phone for two weeks now and I love everything about it. The sound quality is great as it always is with Verizon phones. The reception is up to par with other Verizon handsets. The trackball took me about a day to get used to and now I don't think I can live without it. The phone doesn't have a camera, but since I have two phones, this didn't bother me any. I understand that some people can get defective phones, but I haven't seen any software issues or had any problems with parts of the phone not working. I use this phone for e-mail and for the past week i've rarely opened my e-mail on my computer at work (something I'd do ten times a day minimum in the past). If you're looking for a great smartphone, the 8830 is the way to go.

In closing, as I've seen many times in the past, it seems Verizon took a great phone from another carrier and made it better by running it on their network with their software!

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Blackberry 8830


May 19, 2007 by montoya32

I just got the 8830 today and at first I was not really excited. After using the it for a while I've grown more and more pleased. The new media player(music, movies, ring tones, and pics) is real nice. The speaker plays tunes well, even thought it is not in stereo. The functionality has remained pretty consistent, but the track ball does take getting used to. The "back" or exit button is now right next to the track ball and in my opinion, the old track wheel of my 7100 was much easier to use. There is a little more dexterity required to operate this device one handed. The voice dialing and micro sd card are definite pluses and the screen is large and clear. All in all it is a step up, but RIM left room to improve on the next generation.

large screen
new media capabilities
dedicated volume buttons
easy to use storage card

buttons too small and close together
micro sd under battery cover
battery cover difficult to remove
no stereo speakers
no camera
no stereo blue tooth

This is about the ringer volume (IS adjustable to be much louder)


Jul 6, 2007 by DebbieGom

I won't go through all the pros and cons, except to say that as both a phone and a PDA, this BB rocks.

Having said that, I see ALOT of people referencing the low volume of the ringer even at the "loud" setting. You can adjust the ringer to be louder, you just need to know how. When you choose "loud", there is an automatic "default" for the volume, but it can be increased several times higher from there. Go into "Profiles" on the main menu, highlight "loud" (or whichever), then hit the menu key. Now click on "show tunes", then click on "pre-loaded" and scroll to your chosen ringer. Click the trackball to play it. On the right side of your screen, you will see the volume bar. On the "loud" setting, it defaults about 3/4 of the way up the bar. Use the volume keys on the side of the phone to move the volume setting higher. Set it as high as you like (it will play it at the new volume so you can hear how loud it is). Once it is at the volume you want, hit the menu key again. Click to save it as your phone's ringer and it will save the new volume setting as well. At the highest setting, this thing is L-O-U-D.

Hope this little tidbit helps :-)

Just an awesome device


Jun 4, 2007 by theattack

Just to start- I have been using windows mobile for a long time. I began with a Samsung I600, which was before its time, used a Samsung I730 for a while, and the a Moto Q for a year. I had enough of the crashing, short battery life, and poor functionality. I finally bit the dust and picked up an 8830 and was so pleasantly surpised. Without touching a computer, i was getting all my email accounts directly on my blackberry without a single problem. I figured out the OS in minutes, the trackball is a pleasue, the keys are solid but could use improvement, the broser works great.

The cons i found so far are the keyboard could be better, Wifi should be included, it needs GPS (i heard VZWS plans on adding VZNavigator- but after paying for unlimited data i really dont want that), and thats about it.

Its got great design, a great screen, good battery life, email capability is just rediculous, good speaker, good media capabilities, nice PIM sync with outlook, just exactly what i need.

and the Phone works great. I have good reception and call quality.

This is a must buy. I really just wish Verizon didnt kill the GPS option, thats just wrong if you ask me.

Buy, and enjoy.

The Best Phone I Have Ever Owned!


Sep 20, 2007 by mcaspe1

I am a VZW customer and this basically is the best phone I've ever owned. It does it all. There is plenty of free software add-ons to make the phone complete if it doesn't do what you want. I added Jivetalk for a messenger service, $9.99 after free 30 day trial, (besides for the BB messenger that comes with it). The only drawbacks are that the GPS chip is disabled right now but VZW is supposed to be having a firmware update out very soon opening up that capability. I know they will have the VZ Navigator, which is a great tool and I believe among the best options for GPS for VZW customers. Call clarity is incredible and the signal is very strong. I haven't dropped a call yet. In places that my old phone has disconnected I still get a good signal. SMS messaging is fast and easy along with email. The handset has a media player for music, video pics,etc. Using the desktop manager is simple and putting media on the phone is as well. I use the phone as a Walkman in the gym all the time and works great. The INTERNET is fast. I downloaded mini opera 4 (which is free) and use that all the time as my browser. It works great and very easy to use.

I love this thing. Now I know what they mean by CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!

-media player with media card
-phone clarity and signal

-Speakerphone seems to be half duplex rather than Full duplex
-no MMS with VZW. (No big deal. Just use the email service to send pix/flx etc. messages)
-No camera (I never use one anyways)
-No voice recording software except for BB messenger where you can send a voice note. (You have to download a voice recording software. I recommend VR+.)

Over all a great phone. I am addicted to Blackberry.

First time Blackberry User-great device


Sep 13, 2007 by mkhall22

This is my first Blackberry and it is certainly working out very well for me after about a month. I would say I am on the phone for about 2-3hrs a day on average and constantly keeping up with emails. This isn’t the iPhone, it’s a productivity tool as I look at it and if that is what your trying to achieve this device should work for you.

-from factor, not too bulky or too small
-screen is very sharp and auto adjusts backlight i have no problem seeing it in sunlight
-trackball is very adjustable
-speakerphone is loud
-good battery life, (varies on usage)
-Verizon actually made an alright theme
-media player works great layout similar to an ipod menu
-email is a breeze on this...its truly an email machine
-agenda view in calendar is very clear to see what you have going on
-connectivity to PC is GREAT worry free backups
-good signal strength
-can charge off the computer, very convenient for sync...so whenever its charging it will sync with your Outlook cal/notes/etc.
-keyboard, may seem small at first but you get the hang of it
-great software out there for it (ex. Google maps...for free!)
-OS is pretty rock solid, not really "laggy" like the Q or some other lame device
-email push

-ringer volume
-microphone is a bit sensitive, sort of a trick to talking effectively on it
(both hopefully fixed in OS update)
-sort of wish it was black,(for functional reasons) the white on black for the keyboard is easier to read then the blue backlight on silver (but not a big deal really)
-you may eventually look like a "crack"berry user after about 48hrs of owning the 8830.

Side notes
-if you want to take care of the device I would recommend getting the blackberry rubber cover and order a screen guard from Shield Zone. The case is great for keeping the phone IN you hand and not on the sidewalk and the screen cover is pretty much invisible and indestructible

I Love the BB 8830


Jul 29, 2007 by imo knowles

I have had this phone for over a week now and I love it. Iam with Verizon I had the 8703E first than when to the ENV, I just can't stay away from the BB (they are wonderful phones).
Beautiful design
Voice dialing (just great)
Large screen
Great Battery
Keyboard is fine (just had to get use to it)
Ring volume was a little low (fix it by turning all rigntone volume up to high)
I had the 8703E for about 6 months (did not have voice dialing big con for me), this phone has it and it is a big ++++ for me a must have
I really like the case that comes with it
I really can't thing of any

It you are a BB fan this phone is a must have

easy to love


Jul 11, 2007 by keeva381

I previously had the blackberry 7250 and while it did what I needed it to do for work, it was very awkward in a lot of ways (primarily the phone features). The 8830 has solved many of those issues. The front is smooth and feels like a normal cell phone against your face. Also, it's very thin and you don't feel like you have a brick in your pocket. I think everyone has covered all of the pros and cons, however I think there is one con missing:

This phone doesn't pass "the crinkle" test. You know when you take a phone and gently squeeze it, you can sometimes hear the crinkling of the plastic? Well on my phone I hear that noise with the battery cover on the back. This was not a problem with the 7250 or other blackberry's I've held, but on this one it is. Everyone else feels solid on the phone and no crinkles, but right where the battery cover is it's just not that solid feeling. Not enough for me to return the phone or even rate it poorly, just and FYI to others out there, since it didn't make the "crinkle" sound until after a few weeks of usage on my phone.

Pretty nice


Jun 8, 2007 by speedy3

Moving from the BB 8703e, my main reason for moving to this device was the Voice Activated Dialing feature. It sounds clearer than the 8703e when talking on the phone and although it's slimmer, it feels heavier and more solid. I have Bluetooth set up in my car running through my speakers and now I can call anyone by just speaking their name. Although the ringer is not as loud as the 8703e, I can still hear it. I heard from a VZW tech that the Nav software may be available outside of Get It Now because the Blackberry is not supported or not configured for Get It Now. Having that, a louder ringer, and MMS would give this baby a 5.0 as opposed to 4.5 rating.

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