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Brand New to Blackberry


Jun 2, 2007 by restats

It does take some effort/time to understand how it all works and much of it is less than intuitive. OK, this is my first BB and the e-mail is absolutely fantastic.

The set up takes some work but I am close to having this tuned the way I want it.

There is a major problem with Bluetooth in my BMW. Whereas the Motorola Phones automatically pair up whenever I got into the car, this phone is a major hassle. Granted I have only had the phone for a day, but I have yet to have the Blutooth connection work for more than five minutes and then it freezes or shuts down or disappears. Verizon techs tell me it is a BMW software issue because they are compatible with Motorola phones and they are.

It is sleek and it works but getting the settings to where I want is more of a trial and error issue with little in the way of easy to understand documentation.

Overall, I love the phone.



May 25, 2007 by dany

i had many phones, this is my first BB, i love it, its the best out there, call quality is amazingly, weight, etc, its by far exceeds anything out there so far, you cant go wrong, the only thing that is a minor is that the volume even on loud is not sufficent, but i am sure a small software upgrade can get it fixed,

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Pros, Cons


Jun 14, 2007 by mistermarler

Cons: NO Camera
No Stereo
No Stereo Bluetooth
TOO many business features
Phone is too big
Says Verizon on it
It's silver
You have to actually work a little to put
the micro sd card in

Pros: No Camera
LOUD speaker for mp3's and videos
Bluetooth WORKS YAYE!!!
Perfect size for typing and viewing it's beautiful
Amazing for internet and fun games
Trackball is the best thing that has ever happened to a phone, ever. I love this phone. I paid 600 bucks for it and it's worth every penny.

so far, so good


May 23, 2007 by pjbarry21

I've had the phone about a week, now. The reception on Verizon's network has been pretty equal to my "old" 7130e (which was really good here in Tucson) and the phone calls have sounded clear. The speakerphone works well and I synched up 2 Bluetooth headsets with no problems (both Plantronics). I'm already used to the layout with the new trackball and escape button and it seems to work pretty well. There's a heft to it, but I think it's just that it feels more solid (though, my 7130e took some drops and never had an issue - so the plastic-y feel may have just been a bit deceptive). The screen is gorgeous and really does adjust to the ambient lighting -- if you hover your hand over it, it adjusts, or you can tap the power button to adjust it. You can associate photos with callers now and you can fine tune the tones/rings to match with mail from different accounts (great for me to hear if the mail is from work or a personal account before looking). And the vibrate function seems a bit stronger (though, not by much) than the 7130e. Also, the new BB Desktop manager has a transition feature -- to move data/apps from another BB or another device. I don't know how well it works for non-BB devices, but it did a decent job with all my mail and accounts from the 7130e to the 8830. I had to reset my BIS connection to the new device (just clicked "yes" when it asked if I wanted to use the new device), but other than that, all my accounts were set up and fine just by running the transfer option within the BB Desktop app.

Pros: gorgeous screen, better vibrate, nice speakerphone, thin, trackball, some 3rd party apps seem to run a lot faster (PocketDay Professional, especially), decent battery life

Cons: Can't find a shortcut to lock the phone/keys or to set to vibrate only (only scroll to the lock option or change phone ring profile) - 7130e had a button you could hold to lock it or set to vibrate. Keyboard is a bit cramped, but usable.

Overall, worth the upgrade.

Great Phone... BUT!


Jun 30, 2007 by editor

Let's start out by saying, I’m not new to Blackberry. They are the BOMB!
Hook this baby up to Mailstreet.com’s Exchange Server and you are in Outlook connection heaven! My 7250 was replace by the new 8830 Verizon World Phone 2 weeks ago. Everything about this phone is for the most part great. The single most glaring mistakes are twofold. The ringer and the vibrator are virtually useless. Unless you want to walk around like SPOCK with a Bluetooth earpiece (and I don’t) you will not be able to hear the phone on your belt outside of your office.

I tried to create an extra loud ringer using “The Old Phone” MP3 ringer. I imported the MP3 into some fancy editing software and made the MP3 ringer sound uncomfortably loud… all efforts to no avail, the importation back into the 8830 did not help.

Now here’s what’s strange. The Audio Player, plays it LOUD, the ringer is still low.

For this reason I would not buy this phone until it’s fixed. This is the ONLY reason I give this phone 2 out of 5 stars. RIM should have caught this, Verizon should have caught this. In all of your normal daily activities, YOU WILL MISS CALLS!

World Phone
Screen Crisp and Clear and Bright
Voice Dialing - do not use
Call quality Excellent
Bluetooth 2.0 Superb
Trackball Fantastic (thought I'd hate it- actually love it!)
(Purchase the charging cradle accessory!!)

Ringer Volume LOW - WAY LOW
Keypad Buttons could be a tad larger
Keypad Button Backlight not control-able, should be brighter
Battery life could be a bit better

Note: Don't care about the "no" Camera
I like a phone to be a phone anyway!

Seems pretty good


May 25, 2007 by mikejaret

Upgraded from an 8703e. I loved the 8703e and was very skeptical about switching to have the pearl ball in the middle, but i have been wanting to be able to go left and right not just up and down. The transition has been pretty easy. I hardly ever even reach to the right side to move the wheel...

The size of the phone is pretty good, its a lil taller and wider then the 8703e but its much slimmer so thats ok. The keyboard is just as easy to use as the 8703e's.

The only problem i have with the phone i had with the 8703e...I hate not being able to send a long text that gets broken up into 160 character msg's and i also hate not being able to get mms messages.

other then that i love this phone...cant wait to try it in Russia next time i go!

BlackBerry 8830


Oct 5, 2007 by questorz

I was about to give up the PDA world and go back to a standard phone that "worked" in the fringe area's that we are located in. I had a UT Starcom 6700 that had TERRIBLE coverage and had to reboot every other day among other little bugs. I was ready to give up on PDA's and go back to a regular phone that I could make phone calls on in fringe areas. To my surprise/astonishment this 8830 is a "REAL" phone that works! It has some of the best sensitivity and coverage of any phone that I have owned. The audio (receiving audio especially) is absolutely excellent. My wife has the LG VX8300 that does excellent on receive and low dropped calls (I believe it was a consumer report best in a recent survey) and the Blackberry 8830 I believe does just as good or better!
The battery life is good (Never had it die during the day, even when in fringe battery consuming areas). I usually get about 10-30 emails a day, run bluetooth, maybe a bit of google maps, notes, tons of phone calls. It's got a lot going on so I don't expect it to last 2 days with the strain I put on it. The google maps for it is very impressive. The web browsing speed even on 1x is way faster than my old 6700. (We don't have EVDO in all areas yet) The speaker phone is decently loud. The screen is absolutely beautiful; Very clear, sharp, and bright. The voice dialing (at least for me) has been pretty much flawless and I have had low false positives. You don't have to program in "voice profiles" for every number like in the 6700. It's WAY easier to make a call from than my old 6700, especially when you have to dial a number that's not in your phone book riding down the road. I get good audio reports from people I have talked with. If my work didn't supply this phone, I would own this phone personally, and I NEVER thought I would say this about a PDA/Blackberry type phone. Hope this helps on your decision to try one!

Great Tool, AWESOME Reception, Decent Sound Quality


Sep 22, 2007 by Seahawk02

It's a BB, and as such you get a lot of great functionality. What I do not like is the cramped keyboard (you do eventually get used to it) and the quiet ring tones that it is set with in the default mode (You can change this, but it takes some effort). As expected, email, attachments, etc. are fantastic, screen is great, media player looks awesome and the phone is a tank. I live in an area with abysmal signal, the 8830 outperforms my wifes LG VX-8700 in obtaining and holding a signal, but on the other hand you sound worse when you're on the phone, no matter how good your signal. Speaker phone is loud and the screen resolution, clarity, contrast and color are very good. I'm very happy with the phone. Lack of Wi-Fi and th e biggest single hit for me: YOU CANNOT SAVE MS OFFICE DOCs TO THE BB 8830, YOU MUST EMAIL TO YOURSELF TO OPEN AND VIEW, unless you buy a 3rd party unsupported software suite. RIM needs to fix this ASAP. The Blackjack and Q, which are junk compared to the 8830 can do this natively. What was RIM thinking?

8830 is an AWESOME tool!


Sep 13, 2007 by 21stcenturygadgetguy

Ok, so this is my first posting here, ever! I have worked in Wireless for 9+ yrs, and I have owned quite a few Pocket PCs, Smart phones, and Palm devices, but this is my first Blackberry. I cannot believe how this small, effective device can be so dang smart! I have suffered with Windows products, and yes, they are getting pretty good, but BB has it down! The OS has the speed of a good Palm Treo 650 or 700P, but does things much better-

So here it is in a nutshell:


Size--about like the Moto Q
Screen--great lighting
Screen--Great layout of Icons
Ease of use--Rollerball beats stylists!
Voice Dial--powered by VoiceSignal
Expandable memory to 4GB!
Holster--changes profiles when "Holstered" (really)
Battery Life--2 days (minimal use)


No Camera-

I dont think you will go wrong, and if your with US Cellular, you get the 30 day trial, so test it out for yourself!

wonderful product


Aug 7, 2007 by willv

i have had this phone for about two weeks... i work in the cell phone industry and have had a lot of phones in my day. from the 5185 nokia now to the 8830 from vzw. i have to say this phone is amazing... i would reccomend this phone to anyone who will use it to its fullest... the phone i had proir was a moto q. the 8830 blows it away. the only file i have not been able to view is a 3g2 video from an env. my emails merge flawlessly, and the call quality is unmatched. while running 2 games, looking at pics and listening to music all at one, the phone started to run a little slow, but nothing like the q. this is my first blackberry and i can say i will only purchase blackberry products in the future.

sharp look.
great screen.
trackball is amazing
once u figure it out, easy to use.
internet with page view/desktop view

CONS: no camera( i can live with that.
music doesnt play as clear as it should.
battery life could be better( lasts under a day, i use it alot).
keyboard is a little small and not visible in low/no light.

overall i would say its the best phone i have ever used. i read the other reviews first prior to purchasing, and most of the negative and positive views are true, so i knew what i was getting myself into. if your gonna use the phone for emails and data and business, this is the best out. if u just want music and videos, get the new chocolate... NICE ONE BLACKBERRY!!!

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