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Sprint 8830


Jul 8, 2007 by Pac1999

After owning the Sprint Blackberry 7130e I was not sure if upgrading to the 8830 would be worth it. it was. When you turn on GPS navigation in blackberry maps it shows you how many satellites it is tracking and your current speed and will show you moving down the rode as a little arrow icon.

By downloading the free google maps you can view your current location as either a map or satellite view. you can search for a business and get directions to it. Your current position shows up as a blinking blue dot that moves down the road as you move.

The memory card is hidden in the battery compartment, however with a 2gb microsd card (purchased separately) I do not anticipate changing it that often.

The new media player is nice combined with the microsd to carry a few tunes and pictures.

media player
easy to synch with outlook

haven't found any yet.

Happy yet frustrated ...


Jul 25, 2007 by Fishmac

First, let me tell you that while it may seem that I'm frustrated by a few idiosyncrasies with my new BlackBerry, (as well as some issues with my carrier not living up to certain promises and limiting certain features of the phone) I still love the phone. I just can't seem to put it down and in the long run, the improvements made in this model will help attract many of the Treo or other "smartphone" users over to BlackBerry.

I like the fact that the phone is thinner now (not as "deep") and has a new more "business like" look to it. It feels good in my hand and doesn't feel awkward when making a call.

Voice Dialing is an awesome addition to this phone, and makes using my bluetooth headset a whole lot easier. Well Done!

Included holster isn't the standard "clip" style I was used to. It's more of a "drop-in" style with a magnetic "flap" to keep it secure.


This is the first time I have seen the new "two step" home screen which only shows my meat and potato's icons first. I really like that.

The trackball often opens up a small menu with only the options that I want anyway. It also offers me a shot at the full menu when the option I'm looking for just isn't there. Awesome!!

Voice Dialing included. 'Nuff said

Convenience features such as easier (automatic) search for names in your address book and the ability to "invite attendees" to appointments when scheduling them in the Calender "ala Outlook".


Trackball is a little too bright for use at night - it's hard on the eyes.

Keyboard backlighting and smaller size of individual key "labels" make it more difficult to see letters and characters for typing.

The "Convenience Key" (only one as opposed to two on my 8703) seems to stick out a little too much and I bump it nearly EVERY time I put it back into the holster.

The lack of a larger separate speaker seem to cause problems in ringer volume.

After all that, BUY THIS THING! It's worth every penny.

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all i can say is wow...


Aug 19, 2007 by Christofc7

as time goes on so does my list of phones. lol. this one is forty something... this is by far, and i mean by far, the greatest phone i have ever owned. period. i have been continuously playing with this phone for a few days and phenomenal! I'm a previous owner of the bb7100i on nextel, which i despised and just didn't work for me at all, i was very unsure of purchasing this phone. but once again its great! around every corner is a new trick or tip to make life easier!
carrier: sprint
actual phone quality is great. all calls sound great, is flawless, build feels solid (lol except that back door-Lil flimsy) signal is "very nice." the scroll ball , is for me, way nicer and more fun to use than a touch screen, keyboard is very officiant-i have no problem typing and rarely make mistakes. lol. software is quick to respond and carry out tasks, and you cannot beat blackberry e-mail. the security options of the handset itself is like nothing i have ever seen! the gps is very nice, i downloaded telenav and its breathlessly accurate and is a feature very important to me, as well as the advanced voice recognition. and they performed well past my expectations. personalization options: there are many!

while i don't find it to much of a loss, even a basic camera would have been appreciated, my initial 8830(this is the new replacement) unit was defective in more ways than i can count, the loud speaker is good but leaves room to be desired. and the most annoying of all, the convenience key. what it is is an inconvenience key! with every volume adjustment, insert or removal from the holster, just grabbing it to look at a message, even setting it back in the box after i first opened it, triggered that key. so i actually just disabled it. but it would be nice to have it available. but i have found I'm not missing it. it was just annoying triggering it all the time. lol.

overall: amazing. of all my phones, none come even close to this one.

BB 8830 w/ Sprint Is Outstanding


Aug 2, 2007 by trenier

Ive been with sprint for years now and have had a plethora of phones from them. Latest phones include the Palm 755P, PPC 6700, and Mogul. Simply put, none are as great all around as the BB8830.

This phone is built solid, and RIM has basically though of everything. The only thing this phone really lacks that my others have had is a Camera, but lets face it, its more of a business phone than a leisure phone. Throughout the past two weeks i keep discovering more and more little things that RIM has done to make this phone phenomenal. The new Media player is a great new feature, Sprints GPS Navigation is awesome as well, i could go on for days.

Loud Speakerphone
Loud Ringers (change profiles)
Media Player (Music, Movies, Pictures)
BB Email (unprecedented)
GPS Navigation (With Sprint)
World Capability
Brightness Adjusts to your surroundings (outside its brighter, lowers at night)
Trackball is tons better than scroll wheel
VIVID screen
Ease of Use
Bluetooth is best of any phone yet
Reception is also best
Fast Data (Sprint EVDO)

No Camera
All messages in same inbox by default (emails, SMS, etc.)
No Speakerphone button (who cares really)
No Stereo Speakers
Battery Cover Flimsy
MicroSD Under Batt. Cover

As you can see, the BB8830 with Sprint service is a perfect match for a phone that can basically do anything and is comparable in size to many other HOT phones right now.
About the same thickness as my old A900 Samsung (Blade)

Sprint 8830 world edition


Jul 19, 2007 by Bizarre

Highly recommend this phone. with the sprint version it is sim unlocked, gps capable, my music goes on seamlessly, i have 2 movies on it now and they are full screen, i use my motorola S9 stereo bluetooth to listen to it, best phone ever, can multi task with now freezing i can listen to music and do whatever else i want lag free.

-way to many to name here!!!

-no wifi, but EVDO is fast enough for whatever im doing

-no camera, just had the samsung M610 and took maybe 2 pics, i dont need it


Actually - the 8830 seems to be the perfect phone, combined with the Sprint service and some handy accessories


Jul 17, 2007 by drfinbone

Been among the BB faithful for years, always envious of colleagues enjoying features RIM lacked. That's changed now with the 8830. Verizon lacks GPS. ATT net is slow. Let me begin by saying the 8830 is by far the most compelling cell phone experience I have ever had. No longer have to carry GPS nav, ipod, stereo headphones, even my laptop often....really!! The 8830 form-factor is reminiscent of video ipod. Adding the Motorola S9 stereo bluetooth hi-fi headset/microphone, along with a 2GB microSD card for media is the way to go in making the 8830 truly amazing and useful beyond compare. With the 8830 and the Mot S9 headset, the music automatically pauses and the call comes in, music resuming when call ends. I can even remotely voice-dial over the headset, never removing the 8830 from my pocket or the briefcase. With the 8830 in hand, the TeleNav app becomes a voice-guiding personal GPS-enabled navigation assistant that is always dead-on with directions. I can't even begin to tell you how handy this app is if you travel. The 8830 replaces the familiar BB jog-dial with the new Pearl-like pointer. I thought this would be a challenge for me, but it has turned out to be quite intuitive and much easier to navigate with. Some reviewers have dinged the new keypad, but I have found it to be very intuitive and familiar and hav no issue with it. The quality of the screen is really nice. The speakerphone quality is tops. The 8830 will double as a hi-speed wide-area data modem for your laptop over the Sprint EVDO network. Handy indeed and beats diving for Starbuck's and airport hotspots. Finally, the 8830 works internationally. This is an obvious for those who travel internationally for work. Get it and enjoy. You won't be sorry.

Sprint 8830


Jul 16, 2007 by JOVE

I'm coming from a long line of treos and palm pdas. I've had this phone for a week now and I'm blown away by the simplicity, ease of use, bug-free, and the sheer number of little touches that make the difference between treos and bbs a breath of fresh air.

Pros: Fast, great gps, bug-free, push email, track-ball, sexy look appeal, a lot subtle differences (i.e. changing your font for the whole phone, being able to track how long you are on a phone call, many appealling aspects to business people.), media player, fast dial-up networking (i've clocked it at about 2mbs. My office connection only gets .7mps).

Cons: No camera, no wi-fi, no IR port, but I can live without those things.

Overall a great phone, highly recommended!

RIM BlackBerry 8830 (comming along)


Jul 1, 2007 by Stomper709

First off this is my first review post.
I have to admit the world of telecommunications has ruled my life for the last 5 years.

8830 (Bell)

Security. With this, RIM is second to none. They support their product to the fullest for the customers, insuring a quick start up and access to their services.

Simplicity. This device is so easy to set up.
The user interface (Desktop Manager) sets up in under five minutes.
FAST AND GREAT SIGINAL. Whatever RIM has up there sleeves, I find that the quality, both sound and signal are superior. I've traveled around with all kinds of different hardware and this unit "takes the cake". I can honestly say I haven’t dropped a call or missed any email. (I’ve only had the 8830 for 3 days). Listening to audio on the blackberry has always been an issue for me. I LIKE TOYS. The Blackberry products were never toys for me. (Panther) MR. 8830 brings to the table audio with Stereo Bluetooth. The ability to support mp4 video and of course a photo viewer, if you ask me this is now a toy.

GSM and CDMA Support (Bell). For international travelers this device has support almost anywhere on the globe. Keep in mind that in the packaging there is a SIM card, if you lose this I don’t think it can be replaced (Carrier and Phone Specific) and you do need them while roaming where there’s only GSM coverage.

The contents of the packaging were somewhat impressive. A cool holster, house charger, battery (Phone Specific), set-up software and USB cable (Blackberry Specific). I would suggest picking up a car charger for those long road trips (3 days or more) and maybe a rugged carrying case if you are in the elements.

I’ll say it now like I’ve said it before.
Blackberries are for people who don’t seem to want any more out of there device then emails and a phone. The 8830 has changed that for me.

Ps. I am aware of the music software for previous BB'S.

hope you enjoy

Love This Device


Jun 6, 2007 by li2327

I absolutely love this device. Can't find anything to really complain about.

Awesome screen
Very user friendly
Love the trackball
Full Keyboard
Not too big
Media Player works great
Very easy to personalize

No camera. Still gave it a five rating based on already knowing it didn't have a camera before purchasing so its not a true con.

This phone ROCKS!


Dec 18, 2009 by sportmodel

I work in the wireless industry, and get to play with MANY, MANY phones. I chose the 8830 as my work phone, and I LOVE this phone. It's amazing the sound quality of this phone. I frequently use Pandora while listening to music in the car. I rarely use my radio any more.
The keyboard is small, but works great. I rarely push the wrong key while texting. SMS texting as well as composing emails is easy as pie. The 8830 is a bit bigger than the 8330 Curve, and a bit heavier. The construction of the phone is solid and feels solid in hand.
On the flip side, I do miss having a camera on the phone. Other than a software issue early on causing repeated freezes, this phone works flawlessly for me.
I plan on keeping this phone for many years to come (or at least until a worthy successor come along)

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