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Great phone


Nov 22, 2009 by stevenseagal10

This phone is overall just great. Great look, lightweight, great video, clear screen, good battery life, very very tough even when dropped several times, easy to text and find your contacts. I am a logger and this phone keeps better signal than our southern link work phones, even while in the middle of no where. On several occasions my boss has asked to borrow my phone to make a call. I only have 2 cons for this phone, the major one is that the speaker phone is way to low, even on its max setting its hard to hear, specially while driving a car, so its not the best hands free phone. Another minor con is the slide part is a little hard to grip, most of the time i have to use 2 hands to slide it out instead of using my thumb. Ive always had Motorola work phones and flip phones, and this phone is better than any of them.

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Samsung M520 is a GREAT phone.


Nov 5, 2009 by anthonyk

I've read some of these negative reviews and I just can't agree. I have had the M520 for almost 2 years and THIS PHONE IS TOUGH. I have dropped this phone, on average, once per day for since I bought it new. I have dropped it on hardwood. I have dropped it on asphalt. I have dropped it on gravel. I have dropped it and then stepped on it. I have dropped it and then accidentaly kicked it. I have even dropped it in a sink full of water and the 520 just keeps going.

I originally purchased this phone based on it's size and weight. I have enjoyed the features, ease of use, speaker, camera etc etc. But I have loved this phone because it holds up to my complete and total lack of coordination.

You can also check gmail and facebook in seconds.

It rules.

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Very Pleasantly Surprised


Oct 2, 2008 by G Man 21

I made the choice for this phone in a hurry while in the Sprint store, thinking, well, I can always return it within 30 days. Well, I had nothing to worry about. I'm lovin' this phone. It has all the capabilities of much more expensive phones and it's very affordable ...and lightweight, easy to learn and handle; surprisingly clear, bright screen; easy to text; decent (not great) pics; great sound; I have the Sprint vision package and this phone is ,again, a great surprise. I'm constantly checking my phone for sports scores, news, weather, etc. This is my first slider, and I gotta say, I definitely love the simplicity and ease of this phone. It's a keeper.

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Awesome phone............


Oct 1, 2008 by bottomline

Fantastic phone......For a mid-level phone, it has everything you need & then some. The audio on the phone is crisp & loud, user friendly, and descent battery life(especially for its' size). I used to have the sanyo m1 which was also a great phone, however, one thing that I noticed was even though the speakerphone on the m1 was also loud, I was told that I wasn't received clearly on the otheer end. On the samsung m520 I've had no complaints. The only negative I can think of(which isn't really a big deal) is the camera. Don't get me wrong, it definitely serves its' purpose, it's just that the camera on the m1 was a 2.0 megapixel which really isn't fair to compare. Overall, great phone !!!

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Sep 26, 2008 by santuri

There's no such thing as a perfect anything. But this mid-level phone has basically everything u need. The only negative that I can think of is the camera. But then again, if u really need to take sharp, crisp pictures, buy a camera........The battery life actually is pretty adequate considering its' size. All in all, a very good phone.

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waste of money


Aug 15, 2008 by stars08

I did some research on this phone before i first purchased it but the slim sleek look of the phone is what got me. 4 months later my phone's screen would fade to white when i was using it. so far I've sent it into samsung twice to fix it and I've gotten the same exact phone back with the same exact problem. no phone is worth spending money on just for the look. especially when the company doesn't want to back their product up. take my advise and just don't get it.

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Poor quality


Jun 22, 2008 by jjohannesmeyer

I've had this phone for about 6 months now and I'm not happy at all with it. About 2 months ago I was expieriencing some lagging and screen display malfunctuions, and now whenever I slide it up it is a complete blank screen. But it is a nice and sleek design, but thats just about the only good thing about. Not worth the money.

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it's a good phone


Sep 16, 2007 by whitt

1. mini SD slot
2. looks very cool, sleek and slim
3. easy to use
4. many "one touch" buttons
5. camera is protected when closed
6. camera images look great when uploaded to you computer.
7. 99 speed dials
8. speakers are good and loud, for a phone

1. power cord plugs into same slot headphones plug (no listening to music while it's charging)
2. screen not that large
3. only offered by a few companies
3. full picture is not displayed when pic caller ID is used.
4. full image of video is not displayed when video called ID is used.
5. can't take pictures while phone is slid closed.
6. short battery life

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Very sleek, lightweight. Great phone overall.


Mar 30, 2008 by kimberw83

I've had this phone for a little over a week now, and haven't had too much to complain about. The sound is very clear, and the applications run pretty quickly and smoothly. The camera is pretty good and it records video really well. It's so lightweight and easier to use than the Katana II I had before it. (Although that is also not a bad phone) Also, it's very sleek and I'm glad Sprint finally offered a slider!

The only real thing that has bothered me is when I close applications it takes a few seconds, and I've noticed a little lag sometimes when texting. It's not terrible, but texting is pretty much the main thing that I use my phone for. Also, I'm not sure if this is something I can fix, but the ringer is really quiet for the first second or less, then it gets louder. This hasn't affected me, b/c it gets loud enough to hear, it's just odd and I can't figure out how to change it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this phone. The minor issues I mentioned are nothing compared to problems I've had with other phones. It's easy to navigate, the screen is big and very clear, it's compatible with the music store, Sprint TV, streaming music, etc. I've enjoyed using it. I know that some people have complained about the battery life, but that hasn't been a problem for me at all.

Small and Lightweight
Camera works well (and is protected when closed)
Good screen size and resolution
Easy to navigate
Nice choice of applications available
Sleek and stylish
Sound very clear

Bit of a lag sometimes when closing apps or texting
Hard to keep screen free of fingerprints (just a pet peeve of mine)

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Pretty good phone


Apr 1, 2008 by bigmanheredia

Well I would like to say the phone looks great! Very appealing, besides that, the calls go through smoothly, texts and pics are fast, I can't ask for a better phone. Great sound, crystal clear screen, vibrant colors, great overall phone, even the bluetooth features are awesome for stereo bluetooth headsets.(Listening to Music)

What I didn't like about the phone was how easy fingerprints get on the screen. some websites that are for mobile phones don't work correct? Parser error,myspace page freezes the whole phone, where the only option is to take out the battery. Be careful of formatting your card when you already have songs on them, it will erase them. Also the screen cracked easily on me, I didn't drop it nor put it down on the counter hard whatsoever, just plugged it in to charge and saw the screen was bleeding colors.

If you like a great phone, its for you, if your somehow clumsy or rough with your phone I don't think this is for you, I even had it in a pouch and it some how cracked. oh the battery is so-so too, but I mean, its a entertainment phone, not just calls. (Web, music, news, texts, pics, voice sms, etc.)
Meaning if your going to use your phone to its potential, expect the battery to go too.


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