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Mar 3, 2008 by krs8705

protects camera (had razr they didnt do that)
pictures and video are bright
never dropped a call
love everything about this phone.

there are no con just all good things. the reason the camera doesnt work when shut is because it is a slider phone. it was made to protect the camera from people who drop there phones like me...lol. :-) if you have sprint or quest and are due for an upgrade get this phone you wont be sorry

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Good Sleek Slider Phone


May 2, 2008 by jmill517

I just upgraded to this phone and it has great navigation tools! I like the fact that it is lightweight and easy to use. Sprint does have it's downfalls but that's not the phone's fault! I think that despite Sprint's sometimes crappy network the phone is great! I have yet to drop a call or get bad reception on my end.

1.3 Mega-pixel camera (that is protected when closed)
You can use the music player while using other functions
Nice speaker for ringers and music
Settings make it pretty easy to personalize
Power Vision enabled, so downloads go quickly!
You can navigate the main screen with the phone closed

The only con I have is that I have set up my navigation keys for shortcuts and they don't work. I like to be able to click one button to get to text messages and I've tried a couple different things to make the navigation keys work and I can't seem to make it!

Other than that this is a great phone! If you're going with Sprint, Samsung or Sanyo are the only ways to go.

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Battery life


May 6, 2008 by copyeditor

I would have given this phone at least 4 stars if it were not for the battery life. I read many reviews that complained about this and thought I'd give it a try, but that turned out to be a bad idea. During the time I had the phone, I averaged only about three phone calls a day with a few texts, and each day the battery was dead by 10 p.m. I began to charge it all day at work, and that still didn't work. I don't think my usage was even close to excessive.

This was really disappointing to me, because I absolutely LOVED this phone! I don't subscribe to Sprint's "data" plan but wanted something a little fancier than the basic phone. This phone was the perfect "in between" phone for my needs. The graphics and features were very cute. The screen was sharp and colorful. The T9 texting and black screen with the yellow type made texting enjoyable. It also has built-in GPS, which I paid an extra $5 per month for on my plan.

Like other reviewers, I also noticed that the phone's first few rings were quiet, then even at full strength were not very loud.

One other minor complaint is that with the slider phone, my thumb kept accidentally pressing a button from the main menu while opening the slider, so I would always have to press "end" afterward. However, this is a minor complaint.

Overall, this phone had it all - it has a pleasingly cute & modern design, was slim enough to fit comfortably in jeans pockets, and has a little more features than your basic phone. If it weren't for the battery life I would have kept this thing and possibly given it 5 stars.

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Mar 16, 2008 by mw1733

I have had this phone for a month now and absolutely love it . I would recommend this phone for anyone who's looking for a light weight but yet solid phone .

awesome battery life
excellent reception
cool features like email that pops up as it comes in from gmail verizon any pop3 account you got
nice camera
crystal sharp screen
awesome phone overall

absolutely none well done phone by sprint

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Freaken Wicked. simply love it.


Jul 28, 2007 by msegale

I won the phone in a sales contest and now that I have played with it I simply love it. I would have paid for the phone if I didn't win it.

I would put a PROs and CONs list if I could think of anything to put in the CONs list. All PROs baby!

The phone takes a microSD or Transflash card up to 2gb. you can put music, music videos, videos, pics and more on your phone.

Camcorder can shoot 15 sec video mail or longer videos which can transfered via memory card. I shot over a minute video several times.

you can call out and answer the phone without sliding it open.

Its Wicked Thin!

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Sep 8, 2008 by ARALIDNYC

I just bought this phone and well I gotta admit I love it. It has a lightweight feel and it's slim not bulky. The only issue I have with it so far is the mail service. On Sprint services you have what's called SprintMail, well every now and then it updates the e-mail accounts you have added. When I had my yahoo account added it I would get an envelope on my phone showing that I have mail. After checking my vmail and my text messages and seeing nothing there I assumed that it had to do with my e-mail accounts, so I would check them yes there would be mail but the envelope wouldn't come off. I would turn the phone off and that's when it would go off, but then come back several minutes later. I finally had to delete that account off of my SprintMail. That's the only problem I have with it. Love the fact that I could go online, if I need to, texting is great, call quality is great, and love the fact that I can answer without having to slide the phone up!

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Best phone yet!! I Love Sprint!!


Aug 3, 2008 by hangntyte

I got this phone as soon as it came out! I LOVE IT! only 2 con's that I can find and I know how to work this phone 100%.

Camera not bad for a cell.
Call Clarity is great!
Ease of use.
micro sd slot.
Ringer is very loud.
I LOVE Cell's with a "service" light!!

Fingerprints on screen.
When charging the screen light stays on all night. (lights up my Bedroom!) I turn it over! lol

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Dont love it


Aug 1, 2008 by jnette

I pretty much hate this phone. It looks great, works really fast...but, there are hesitations when you push the space key during texts, so I have giant runon words. The phone itself feels cheap and flimsy. The battery gets really hot and has a very short life span. This is a great phone for a person that only uses it for the occasional phone call. Easy to dial, great sound and reception....just don't talk too long, or send lots of texts..

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Nice Phone


Jul 22, 2008 by sarahkap83

I got this device after having the LG rumor (worst phone ever btw). So far so good!

- predictive text makes texting on this even faster than on a QWERTY keypad.
- camera is pretty good for only being 1.3 MP.
- Reception/ Call Quality is awesome.
- Built in e-mail client

- The battery life leaves something to be desired. I have to charge it everynight, and it's usually dead by 3 or 4pm.
-FINGER PRINTS!!! You pretty much have to touch the screen to slide it up, and finger prints really show. (that's just me being picky though) It's definately not a good reason to NOT choose this phone.
-You can't send pics to an e-mail address with this device. This isn't a major drawback either. If you have sprint it comes with an e-mail client pre-installed, and you can attach your pics to your e-mail through there.

This is probably one of Sprint's better phones. If I had to do it all over again, I'd definatly pick this phone!

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Samsung m520 not cut out to what I expected


Jul 14, 2008 by RyanN

I had to get a new phone because my Sanyo M1 was about to completely die on me after having it for one and a half years. Coming from the M1, I may be a little harsh on this phone, but I have to say I'm bringing this one back.

I got the phone Friday evening. I put in the battery, and it said it was activating... Guess what, it didn't activate. Then I had to call Sprint and get them to activate it, which was a pain because their phone menu is very simple... too simple to be of any good use, and after an hour on the phone, it was activated.

I didn't sleep very well Friday night, and I quickly found out why. While this thing is on the charger, it will beep notifying you that it is done charging. It would be fine if it only beeped once. But not once every fifteen minutes. This ended up being very very annoying that on today (Sunday) I called Sprint to see why the heck it does this. They told me it was a "feature." Feature or not, it was a big turn down.

I also sent my first text message on the phone. Maybe my M1 spoiled me, but I hate texting on this thing! Predictive text sucks, the screen has a horrible resolution.

Another thing is searching through my contacts. I have 149 of them, so a simple up and down with the button is not going to do, so I mostly search. With this phone, I type the first letter, wait about 3 seconds, then it moves to my contact. With the M1, I press a letter and it goes instantly to it. What is it doing in the 3 seconds??? I don't know.

The camera is also not great
I've pretty much been thought my purchase was a waste, so I'm bringing it back Monday to replace with either the Motorola i880 or the ic902.

Last thoughts: I really miss my M1, too bad everything started to fail on it.

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