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small phone, big problems


Sep 16, 2003 by tanya lewis

I had this phone for over a year and have had to have it replaced three times. The third one started giving me real problems but i was to lazy to turn it in so i just dealt with it. To my surprise the problems ceased after a while. I guess you have to stick with it for it to behave.

This phone has really cool features and changeable faces. I also love the way u can set up a specific ring for a number. If you already have this phone stick it out till the brutal end. If not don't invest ur money on it. Too many great nokia and motorola phones out there to waste ur money on this phone.

Bad Phone


Apr 12, 2003 by Paul Rumsfeld

I work for metro PCS in ATL, and I try to tell every one not to buy this phone. If you drop it, it causes the battery not to work. This is another cray product from SE. Metro is a great company, and if you are going to get a phone, go with the Audiovox or the Nokia, those are the only two good phones we carry. TRUST ME!!!

A Really NIce Phone - a few things missing


Mar 27, 2003 by C B

As the subject says, this is a nice 3G 1x phone, with features such as voice dialing, calling cards, and voice recording.

One unfortunate thing has to do with my provider, Telus, handicapping it so that I can only download ringtones from them - a penny wise and pound foolish organisation.

The phone itself has a clear display. You can associate ringtones and pictures to individual callers.

The voice features are particularly good, allowing you to decide which of up to 4 numbers for a particular person you wish to call, and voice dialing a number. When they call you, the voice tag plays so you know exactly who is calling, if you are in the car.

Incoming sound quality is excellent, outgoing I'd have to rate as average. The internal antennae is great - reception with this phone is wonderful. Unless you have an antennae fetish, you won't miss the antennae one bit - in fact its nice its not there to break, etc.

There are a few things I've noticed that I don't like, and I'm surprised Sony-Ericsson didn't fix these minor annoyances.

They allow storage of up to three calling cards, but no way to voice dial using a calling card? (At least not that I've found yet)

They also didn't make it possible to record during a call? Kills some major functionality - I'd think thats something you'd want to do with a phone.

The buttons aren't bad, but admittedly not the best. They are a little small. Mind you, I tend to use my dialing list (hit and hold the key relating to where in the list you want to look (ie. hold 5 for j/k/l) or the voice dialing which works great. A little awkward to dial at first, but you adapt to it.

The little features like an alarm clock, games, calendar are built in too, and as others have mentioned, you have the ability to block calls.

Overall, particularly given its price, this is a great phone, and I'd highly recommend it.

Not Good


Oct 8, 2003 by bhavik mahadevia

Sony Ericsson T - 206 not good at all its been giving me all kinda problems and as i didn't take any kinda insurance from my service provider which would US cellular so they cant help me with anything except giving me Sony's number and call that number give about 2hrs before you even get to a live person till then just keep on talking to 'MAX' they automated friend. So i would definitely not suggest getting this phone and please don't not listen to your service provide they don't know JACK !

Sony Ericsson T206 on MetroPCS


Oct 11, 2002 by Jason Warm

Quality of service:
The quality of service on this phone has been outstanding. Just switched over from a Nextel and I feel like I am in heaven. The voice quality has been superb. I have not had a single dropped call. The only place I have not recieved signal is right along the edge of Hollywood beach.

Quality of phone:
This phone is packed with features. The voice recognition does something I have never seen a phone do before. It is packed with environmental audio files. What this means is the phone adapts to the conditions under which you are using it, such as hands-free, in an echoing room, and under windy conditions. Due to this I have had almost a zero failure rate when I issue voice commands. The reception is near perferct.

A good phone, but it has catches


Mar 6, 2003 by Jessy May

I really liked the style of the phone small and lightweight. I had 4 phones to choose from Metro PCS (Miami, FL) and so I picked this one. Its not hard to use and I made my own ring tone which is pretty neat, I am able to put pictures on my phone book, when a caller in my phone book calls, the picture shows next to their name and number, its very cool. The wallpaper on the phone are not very nice, theres 3 that are good the rest look as if it were made by a child. However, the phone sounds great but the battery really isn't good at all, it wastes fast (For every good thing theres a bad thing). My advice to give to those who are looking for a good phone is ... get it if you have small hands (another reason I got it because I have small hands), like great reception, don't talk much on cell phones. Everything else on the phone is pretty good.

T206 is ok


Apr 17, 2003 by Mia Monroe

I mean the phone is ok, I do like the blue display. You cant download ringtones, and that kind of sucks, as far as the sleek design I do like that. You know I work for another wireless carrier, and I get asked all the time "Is that GSM?" and I have to answer no I guess because of the design everyone assumes it's GSM. I think that Metro should come out with GSM and that way they can break into this oh so competitive market.

its alright...


Dec 12, 2004 by im05

im a telus client and have had the phone for almost 2 yrs. initially it works amazing and then it slowly starts to disappoint w/ little glitches like not being able to call ppl u put into ur phonebook cuz it wont find the # so u have to write the # down and dial it on the phone. thats a pain. at the start its battery was really good being able to last a week w/o charging.. even w/ heavy use... then after a 1.5yrs period of time it would last 1 day and need to be charget nightly. the battery would drain and charge randomly while the phone was on and when using it, would just turn of on u when u know the battery was half full. the phone also at times ddint ring or show missed calls when ppl caleld and would instead just show new voicemail if a msg was left.

the good things about this phone r its cute and small design.. and its beautiful and clear blue lighting. i also liked that it had loud rings and strong vibrating that would work at the same time. the very, very best thing about this phone and the main reason i kept it and dealed w/ it for as long as i did is for its incredible reseption and clearity of calls.. this may be a TELUS thing, in which case they do an amazing job!

so overall the basic features are what make this phone practicala nd useful.. its nice design, small size and excellent reception. the little glitches it develops after a yrs use get annoying.. and so im getting rid of it. but if u just need the basics go for it, u'll be satisfied w/ the sony ericson t206 :)

No Pros About This Phone!!!


Sep 22, 2004 by snoopy_rulz

I have had this phone through US Cellular for almost a year now. I have taken it to the shop 3 different times. Once, they even sent it back to the manufacturer for them to fix it, but when it came back, it still did not work. My husband and best friend both have the same phone. My husband's phone has been sent back to Sony, and he still has not received it back yet. It has been 5 months now, and we just found out that Sony Ericsson doesn't have their contract with US Cellular anymore, so I'm not sure if my husband will ever get his phone back. My Best Friend's phone was messing up as well. I am just glad that we are getting new phones in 3 days. New, DIFFERENT BRAND (LG) Phones. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE WHATEVER YOU DO. SONY ERICSON SUX!!

One problem solved


Jan 13, 2004 by kate2176

This is the first phone I have ever owned, the only thing that has been a problem to me was the fact that the web browser did not work, so it was sent back and I received a new one. Since I have received this one I have had no problems. It's small it's compact and it fits ( this is for the girls ) in our little purses. As for that great little phone for me.

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