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LG brings Virgin Mobile this great phone!!!


Jul 3, 2008 by virginmobilefan00

I purchased this phone at Radio Shack for $30 at Radio Shack. May I say, it is well worth the money. There are more pros than cons, and I think its one of the best looking phones Virgin Mobile has to offer.

(+) external display for displaying Caller ID, time, date, etc.
(+) sleek, black, and glossy
(+) very thin, light, and small
(+) downloadable content via Virgin XL: RINGTONES, GAMES, GRAPHICS, ETC.
(+) ringtones are loud and clear
(+) external display blends in with the phone, can't tell the screen is there until it is lit up (COOL FEATURE)
(+) Bluetooth (works great)
(+) voice dialing
(+) many useful tools
(+) easy-to-navigate menus

Cons: :-(
(-) poor battery life
(-) phone warms up too easily
(-) games take longer to load
(-) feels a little cheap

**Despite the cons, this phone is probably my favorite from Virgin Mobile so far. LG is a great brand, which makes this phone different. It also looks very sleek!!

Very good regular phone


Oct 22, 2007 by mikec

For what is does, this is a great phone. Got it off eBay for cheap. Very pleased.

Small and light, with all the needed functions (Bluetooth, etc.) In my opinion, better than a RAZR or KRZR.

No camera, but I really don't need one. I actually think it helps the form factor not to have one.

Sound is LOUD, which is nice. Has normal headset jack, again, very nice. (No extra dongle connector like the Motorolas, Samsungs, etc.)

Single touch speakerphone and text button on keypad are useful.

If you need a "basic phone" on Sprint, this is it. I prefer it over other (more expensive) phones.

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Lg Lx-160


Aug 25, 2007 by jsee

I just got this phone in the mail today. I signed on a two year contract with Sprint again. So far this phone is working really good. I live in Harrison Tennessee and usually sprint gets horrible service here. But with this new phone its picking up all the new towers. The text messaging is fast and awesome! The calls are crystal clear and it doesn't freeze up like all the other phones. Everything on this phone is perfect! Lg you made a great phone, keep up the good work!

Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

I Spit My Last Breath at Thee


Mar 13, 2008 by GravityFails

It's much easier to find things to dislike about something than it is to go out of your way to find something to admire; negative judgment comes naturally to some of us, myself included. But as I've said before, rating a phone poorly because of missing features is akin to bagging on Uhura because she's never a part of the away team. What Uhura does (answering the phone and keeping the communicator in her ear), she does well, as is the case with this attractive little handset.

No, the Flare (Virgin Mobile's LX-160 twin) doesn't have a camera. It's not a 802.11n-enabled laptop with a quad-core processor capable of browsing the web at speeds that would make Mr. Sulu soil his Federation jammies. It's not a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Curse you, foul telecommunications fiend, for not facilitating the creation of fluffy biscuits and crusty baguettes! Oh, the inequity.

You pick up the phone, you make a call. It goes through loud and clear, with nary a garble on the other end. You send a text message and it arrives in a timely fashion (thank you Sprint), and as a result you experience that mystical and sometimes elusive quantity known as mobile communication. The menus are fast, the buttons and casing are tight and squeak-free, and the screens are brighter than that crazy-ass gleam in Khan's eyes right before he set off the Genesis device.

The Flare is also light, and feels good in the hand. Battery life is also good for a CDMA device, around three and a half hours.

If you want more than this from a phone, there are many alternatives. The LX-160/Flare is a winner, as long as you're not expecting it to build a space elevator using multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

Great little phone


Sep 23, 2007 by jifusf

Absolutely recommend this phone! It's nice, light, cheap, works great, feels very comfortable in your hand. I also love the fact that the display is in color. It looks beautiful and more expensive than what it costs!

slim and sleek


Sep 22, 2007 by nasjanv

Very happy with this phone. It's really light and smooth. Call quality is excellent. Texting is great and fast.
A great phone!

Sprint Lx160


Jul 2, 2010 by narn3049

Not an easy texting phone, because of numeric keypad and no camera. Which means no multimedia messaging which i LIKE a lot.

I considered this phone but turned it down when I played with it when it was displayed at the sprint store. LG is good for the messaging phones though!

I like mine


Sep 7, 2009 by IrisMG

I've had Flare for about a year now. Nothing has broken on it, I got it at either Best Buy or WalMart. Target had it locked up on the shelf so I couldn't handle the phone. Note to Target: that's a huge turnoff - is anyone going to seriously steal a VM phone?! Anyway. Pros: piano black looks makes it a good phone for GROWNUPS like myself. With the Bluetooth, I can use it with the Motorola Bluetooth speaker in my car for hands-free use. It has an alarm function, so it has replaced my alarm clock for waking in the morning. Call quality is great - no complaints from callers unless I move the mic away from my mouth too far. Very seldom do I drop a call, and when it happens, it's the fault of the other network. "Crawlin'" is a WONDERFUL distinctive ringtone that comes with the phone. Know before you lay money down that it has no camera. I personally like it that way. Cons: If you like to text, and I don't, it takes FOREVER to reply to someone with this phone. However, if you use it enough, it tries to second-guess you buy filling words in for you. It's not easy to figure out how to activate the very important vibrate function, as it's not in the manual!

All phones should be in this price point, but they're not. I replace my K5 slider with this phone, my first flip, and it's been a good phone. I've been careful not to drop in toilet or other hard places, and it has retained it's good looks and functionality due to my care. The flimsy recharge door hasn't fallen off, surprisingly. All in all, it hasn't been a bad phone for under $50.

This fone sucks


May 7, 2009 by fonefreak15

this fone was my first fone and this fone sucked on the sprint network. I had three or four of them in 6 months.

call quality
ease of use (too easy)

no camera
texting sucked on it
horrible reception
felt cheap
not very much internal memory

It was just a horrible fone but i have to say it held up when me and some friends played fone soccer in the hallway at school. :) very fun!

Falls short of "great".


May 1, 2009 by AzureBlade

I was lucky enough to get this phone for a mere $15, in a silver version. While the cost and Virgin Mobile service are very accommodating, (I prefer to buy $20 unlimited monthly messaging packs) this phone had its flaws.

First, however, let's take a look at its positive aspects:

::Above-average reception. I had recently owned a cheap Tracfone, which refused to get service anywhere near my house. The LG Flare got a reasonable deal of reception, even inside my house.

::You can't argue with the price. Many retailers provide it for an inviting $20 price tag.

::Virgin Mobile has fair service overall. Activation was beyond easy.

::It suited my purposes for its entire lifetime (more on that later).

::Nice outer display for such a cheap phone.

::Standard features (camera excluded). Includes WAP web browsing, which moves at a tolerable pace.

Now, the cons:

::Perhaps due to the low signal strength in my area, I've received texts up to 6 hours late (the phone showed bars, though).

::Typing, even with predictive text, is sometimes frustrating. The word list can slow things down a great deal, (poor processor) and many features of the T9 are annoying unless turned off.

::I have owned two so far, because the first one malfunctioned, refusing to start up after the "Hello" screen. The replacement arrived promptly and free of charge, however.

::BOTH phones would occasionally freeze up with the "Message Sent" screen, and would occasionally require battery removal to power off. I believe all Flares are subject to this glitch occasionally.

::Heats up fast during web browsing.

::Low-end phone overall.

If you just want to text or call, this phone may suit your purposes. Expect occasional glitches and inconveniences, though. The low cost ALMOST makes up for it.

Side-note: The second one I owned is now split into two battered pieces, which shall reside in a small creek forevermore. Don't ask me why.

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