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Great Phone


Oct 10, 2007 by akgheart

I work for a Sprint Kiosk. I have always been fond of sanyo as a brand. I bought the 3200 because of my fondness for Sanyo and I really couldn't see too much of difference between the Katana I and II and the 3200.

1. Very Durable, snaps into open position and closed position.
2. Signal strength is great
3. Battery lasts days
4. Catchy key tones
5. It comes in 3 colors
6. quality of voice is excellent
7. speakerphone quality is fantastic
8. internal antennae (as opposed to the 3100's external antennae)
9. Has a clasp on the bottom that fits over the charger port. Keeps out dirt
10. Very solid phone. Hard to brake

1. A bit bulky, but nothing too awful.
2. Not as "stylish" as the Katanas
3. Texting can be a bit annoying on the phone, but not a huge issue

overall, great phone i reccommend it to anyone who wants a phone without a lot of functionality, but nails the basics very well. Durability, Battery life, and signal strength are FANTASTIC. So if that's all you need out of your phone. This is the one for you!

3200 - a nice update


Jul 2, 2007 by SprintMgr

Let me immediately qualify this by saying I am a power user, and do not own this phone, so my experience is limited, but it is too good a phone not to have a review, so this is based on my experience. Also, it is rated as a 5 because in my opinion, it is exceptional for what it is intended to be, i.e. an entry level phone.


Bluetooth - works well, better than many sub $100 handsets
Signal Strength - Hard to beat Sanyo on this, and it seems the signal problems with the 3100 were an anomaly
Form factor - great looking phone, feels comfortable, newer look
Button Layout - very intuitive
Screen - upgrade to TFT nice improvement


Voice dialing - Sanyo users won't mind, but a Samsung user will be disappointed that it is not speaker independent
Size - a little bit chunky, but some people like that
Finish - feels a little too plastic compared to the soft touch trend

All in all, an excellent execution from one of the top handset manufacturers(JD Power) as far as entry level handsets are concerned

It's a beast.


Aug 19, 2009 by fomgoms

I've had this phone in pink for a couple years now, and it's such a beast.

Sure, it's not as sleek or stylish as other phones. My friends call it the "Barbie Phone" as well, and most people who see it think it's a candy dispenser. All of which is pretty entertaining, if you ask me :)

Also: this thing is invincible. Seriously. It can take so much abuse and just keep on truckin'! I can't tell you how many times I've dropped it (in water, even!) and can't count how many nicks and scratches it has. It still works as well as the day I got it!

As far as performance goes, this phone does everything I ask it to do-- which is what EVERYTHING you own should be like. Of course, all I really do is call, text, and take the occasional picture. I've never had a dropped call, my texts always go through, and my phone pictures are pretty okay.

I guess I text too fast. The words lag a little, especially when I try to type "I'm" for some reason. This gets a little annoying at times, as I have to wait a good 5 seconds to continue. Usually I keep on typing, but I'll lose a word or two in the following words.
One other thing is the 160 character limit on incoming and outgoing texts. Usually not a problem, but it gets irritating when it is. Incoming texts get cut off, and the second half of the message isn't sent as a second text-- you don't get it at all.

One of the buttons on the side of the phone will mute you if you press it during a call. Just a little blip I've done one too many times.
Also, if you want to check the time discretely and plan on pressing one of the side buttons to light up the front display, it gets a little picky. Accidentally press twice, and you get a key lock message that sits there for a couple seconds. Hitting a key twice is easy to do, as there are buttons on both edges of the phone.

Overall, this is a fantastic phone. The cons are really only small annoyances. I highly recommend it, especially as a starter phone.

Are you kidding???


Aug 28, 2008 by hammyoo

Lots of stuff to say about this phone

1. Calls are okay, but kind of annoying because they are either to lound or to quiet.

2. No memory card, so you have to delete your pictures once you've used all the space.

3. No good ringtones.

4. This phone is downright not stylish at all.

5. The external display just makes the phone even uglier.

I got this phone for my 13th birthday (I didn't choose it) and I hated it because it was pink, and everyone was calling it a Barbie Phone, because it looked like it wasn't even a real phone.

I don't mean to hurt sanyo's feelings, but whenever I have to call someone in public, I try to hide my phone in my hair or go in a corner where nobody can see my disappointing phone.

Favorite phone ever


Jul 31, 2008 by EdHead

I absolutely loved this phone. It was my first "real" cell phone that I could use for anything other than calling my folks for rides home and such. Originally I tried to order something much more expensive, but was sent this instead. I ended up loving it.

It lacks some of the bells and whistles, but this thing is literally INDESTRUCTIBLE! Once I learned this I would routinely throw it against walls, toss it onto concrete, and generally be very mean to it. Never once did it fail me, and it still works to this day despite having upgraded.

Signal strength was fantastic. I rarely had any issues, and when I did it was usually because I was out in the middle of nowhere (deserts of New Mexico outside of Qwest's coverage area) or something. Calls were rarely if ever dropped.

Battery life is great. Nothing else to say about that, really.

This little trooper of a phone is basic, easy, and completely worth it. It's not so easy on the eyes... Small orange backlit external LCD screen, kinda a wonky blue color if you ask me. But after I spent 3 years with this thing and scratched it, painted it, scratched the paint off, scratched it up some more, and was generally rough with it, I showed off every dent and scratch off with pride. This is one tough phone that makes calls and texts every single time. You can depend on it.

If your rough and tumble lifestyle depends on having a reliable phone for basic uses, try to find this guy. It's not the prettiest thing out there, but I'll be damned if it doesn't do it's job. It's a tank!



May 24, 2008 by deejaydeejay

I returned this phone in the 30 day trial period because of the cons listed. They said it was just the phone, but I switched to Verizon anyway.
Pros: Durable, great features for a basic phone, ok camera
Cons: Terrible reception, roams all the time, and when I turn off roaming I get no service. And it's heavy and UGLY!! I'm ashamed of you Sanyo!

alright phone to use


Mar 29, 2008 by babytaz

This is a good phone to use for someone who is a novice user. I like the fact that it has blue-tooth and an internal antennae.

when you download ringers, they aren't as loud as they are on other phones that I have used. it is also hard to find a bluetooth earpeice that is compatiple with this phone. I have had 2 already and the clarity isn't good. I have to keep the phone in hand to have a clear signal which defeats the purpose of having a hands free headset

Pretty Sweet Phone!!!


Feb 27, 2008 by MURF

This is a sweet simple phone for basic users. I use this on a second line as a business phone. I got it for a couple main reasons so here ya go...

1) Original Sanyo Quality!!!
2) Analog Ability
3) PTT Readylink (works fantastic)
4) Crystal Clear Call Quality
5) Simple, Clean, User Friendly
6) Great Battery Life
7) Durable
8) Call Screening

A perfect phone for exactly what it was intended to be, a simple, solid, clean, reliable basic phone! My main personal line is the M1 and my wife has an M1 and a Muziq. We know and use all our phones. This 3200 has analog ability so it is not an EVDO (power vision phone). The 3200 is a vision phone which is still equally fast to any other carrier in the USA. Only a power vision phone is faster.



Nov 8, 2007 by facethewoods

This ugly phone breaks easily and has horrible reception.

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