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Nokia E90 Communicator


Feb 5, 2008 by ronr9286t

I've been using my e-90 on AT&T in the US for two weeks now. Previously tried a 9500 (abandoned because of poor coverage - no 850 GSM), and a Cingular branded 9300.

For the past 5 years I've been using a string of forever-upgrading Windows Mobile devices. Our company is on an Exchange Server, and the e-mail, contacts, and calender syncing was great. However, very mediocre phones. The touchscreen, while great for some things, is terrible for one-handed operations. The Bluetooth on every HTC device I've owned was intermittent, dropping calls at the most inopportune times, and the reception was never great.

I like the idea of the communicator, and the Activesync application finally sold me.

While the data side has some limitations (less than perfect syncing of calender and contacts, no US 3G), the e-mail sync is flawless, and the software and form-factor make e-mails easy to read on the fly. The keyboard in the "open" configuration makes typing easy, so it is a reasonable e-mail device.

Most importantly, it is a great phone! Nokia makes great phones. The sound quality is waaayyy better than the HTC units, the bluetooth works well, and the features that I use are seamless. I don't consider myself a power-user, but the unit is finally one that I can take on vacations and not feel the need for my laptop to read and respond to e-mails, and do light web-searches.

I purchased Garmin GPS software and US maps, but just installed it and haven't really had a chance to try it out.

No problems at all so far, although the keyboard is making light marks on the screen.

I'm optimistic about a long relationship with this device.

Ron Rosenberg
San Francisco

The best


Oct 24, 2007 by Mr Bond

This phone was released way before it’s time. It packs a dual processor and now has the U.S 3g version which makes it the fastest browser out there. Below are some of its features: 3.2 mega pixel camera with flash and auto focus. QCIF camera for video calling. Up to VGA (640x480) at up to 30 fps. Up to 128MB free memory for user data and applications, Extendible up to 2GB with microSD Memory Card. Quick office tools with editors, Maps application for location-based services, Nokia Office Tools 1.1 (including Active notes) VoIP 2.1.Use the Download! client to personalize your device with add-on applications. Support for Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite. World Mate service, Psiloc Wireless Presenter application, and Global Race – Raging Thunder game available for download via Download! Client ETC
As of today October 24, 2007. Nothing beats this mini laptop. It is the best PDA phone on the planet.

Very, very nice device!


Jul 20, 2007 by Vipermad

HUGE internal screen. Can CTR-T to full screen, full HTML browsing. VERY clear display!

LIGHT YEARS ahead of the 9300/9500 with regards to inner and outer screens. TODAY view on outer screen is great. I had the 9300 brielfy before this arrived and the difference was night and day.

No battery issues. I do a little voice, lots of e-mail (pushed via BBC4) and TONS of texting. Meter hardly moves.

Blackberry Connect 4 works like a charm. This has replaced my BB8703.

PC Suite synchs fine with Outlook at home and Lotus at work....just like the BB.

WIFI works perfect

GPS works perfect...though you have to pay IF you want turn-by-turn.

Very user-friendly! I came from VZW Blackberries so the Symbian OS was new to me. I was up and running without problems. See note above comparing to the 9300/9500....this is one solid phone.

Small laptop that works as a phone.

More of a Phone/PDA than a multimedia device.

RED in color!

Price, of course. BUT.....these are now in the range of the IPhone (close).

Size. It is a little taller than the EnV, a littel wider and a little thicker (when closed). It is pretty heavy.

Not many cases out there, yet. I did manage to get a TMO case for the Wing and it works nicely.

EDGE only in CONUS. Still, pages load pretty good with ATT. Suits my needs fine...plus there is WIFI.

No threaded texting out of the box (or I haven't figured it out yet).

As stated, more of a work-horse than a multimedia device. The keyboard is awesome...for those who realized long ago they could NEVER be without a QWERTY...this is it!

I swore I would have this phone when I first started seeing the specs. It is NOT the be-all-end-all.....well, it is for ME.



Jun 30, 2009 by Unreachablefait

Well, I got this phone a few days ago and I love it. I've been using it for T-Mobile and I think Nokia really stepped up their game with this phone. I've pretty much tried every Smartphone out there at one time or another but this one blows a whole lot of them out of the watter.

Great Screen (both inside and outside)
OS is so easy to learn and use
Camera is awsome
Call quality is fantastic
Signal with this phone is really impressive (I get a perfect signal everywhere I go that I didn't get with other phones.)
3G is available in the US (I got it)
SD supports up to 16gb of memory.
Keyboard is very responsive and big (so easy to type)
Vibrate feature is the best I've ever seen (good if you turn the ringer off and don't want to miss phone calls. It was so powerful, I felt it vibrate while I was downstairs in my house)
Quick Office
The "My Own" buttons are a great addition to the phone
The Hinge opens at a 90 and 180 degree angle and anywhere in between making it so easy to use anywhere
-the pros go on and on and on (you get the idea)

The CONs: Three I found so far

Email isn't that great (its slow at times and I can't seem to figure out how to be notified when I have a new email. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I have to hit the "connect" button to retrieve my emails

The Micro USB interface doesn't charge (even though you can transfer files).

This is the the only other thing i dislike on this phone...The internal qwerty keyboard doesn't light up. It makes it difficult to text/used the phone in a dark setting if the phone is opened, although the outside keypad does light up. But all I did was tilt the screen at the 90 degree angle and it shined enough light to use the phone right then and there.

Anyway, the pros on this phone far outweigh the cons, which is why I gave it a 5. Worth every penny.

nokia e90 is crazy


May 18, 2008 by nokiasharmout23

the best phone in the world!!! I had the nokia 9500 before i bought the e90 and OMG it is unlike anything else. Dont listen to the person who said it is not worth it and it is to big and doesnt have 3G. It has 3g, by the way the iphone doesnt at all. This phone has an advanced 3.2 mp camera that takes amazing pictures. Wifi and even more. PLUS it has built in GPS reciever with nokia maps of the world all ready on the phone. Email is very simple and easy. The size is not to big compared to previous communicators. It is easy when in the pocket. Compared with the iphone, it is pretty wide to have in your pocket. Sure it doesnr have touchscreen, but has a beter resolution screen with 16+ million colors. I really dont have any cons, not because i own it, but because i have used different phones and nothing compares. The iphone has to be jailbroken just to be able to get good features, and that voids the warranty.

The E90 Is A Very Powerful Device to date.


Mar 8, 2008 by dboss52

Ive purchase the phone at exoticphone.com for 900 bucks and its very reasonable price other web sites its over 950 and don't offer insurance like exoticphone.com now for 2yrs 45.00 and 4 yrs is 65.00 and its worth it for an expensive device i had my share with lots of phones so far nothing is compare to the E90 Nokia Besides the htc tilt the E90 Is pretty big for its size but what can you expect for a mini laptop that has everything for your business and pleasure it runs on s60 3rd Edition software now for the cons well not really cons its just to update people that own this wonderful device customers that purchase the E90 in the past has the older e90 device had problems with the gps and the keyboard touches the screen now nokia Can fix this problem and came out with a new firmware and its a big improvement and also know they made allot of changes in and out of the device the fix keyboard now for you to know that you are up to date the back of the phone under the device inside you are going to see Nr12 Number that is outdated The New number is Nr14 If You have The latest you should have no problems with this Device okay i hope this would help to customers if you have any questions please feel free to wright your comments thank you.

US 3G?


Nov 24, 2007 by communicatorguy

Hi, I was just wondering about the Nokia E90's 3G, the guy in review below mentioned that it has the US 3G now, is that true? Does anyone know whether that is comfirmed, the source of the info and if the E90 will have american 3g in the future?



Jul 30, 2007 by Versed

Cons: No North American 3g/HSDPA, if LG, HTC and Samsung can manage this I'm sure the worlds leader in mobile communication can figure it out.
Over priced, not worth $1200, or even 900, OK maybe $500.
Size and format, looks like a brick, bulky and ungainly in the hand.

Pros: Screens nice and sharp.
Makes good phone calls.

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