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Pantech C150


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Good (Girly?), Ipod-esque Phone


Dec 7, 2007 by V Inc.

This phone's ringtones are semi-sexist. It has 'Cosmic Girl' & 'Queen Of The Night'. Where's the manly ringtones?

-Size/weight, design is perfect. The keys are perfectly shaped, though I must say that the center key pops out like a nipple (which isn't a con to me.)
-Screen size and color display: thumbs up
-Speaker volume

-Needs more customization!
The navigation keys can't be changed. It's defaults for up = texting, down = contacts are fine. It would be nice to change left = My Stuff, right = IM. I checked the manual. Nada.
There are no color themes. You're stuck with AT&T's blue and white.
-The alarm does NOT work when the phone is off. The Wake-Up Call option only works when the phone's on. All it does is bypass vibrate/silent mode. Hopefully in the near future there will be a software update. (Or is it just my phone??)
-After exiting vibrate/silent mode it resets back to default ringtone mode. So for example, if you originally had it on Ring+Vibrate it goes back to Ring only. That means you have to go to Settings, Audio, Ringtone, and then Ringtone Type. (Or is it just mine?)
-Why doesn't AT&T have it in Black?

Well, you get what you pay for. The aforementioned cons and the brand name are probably the reasons why this is a free phone. (I paid $18 upgrade fee).

What is that?


Dec 24, 2007 by Juanbyjuan

I got this phone due to my phone breaking. So playing with it and having it for a couple months I can say that the phone works pretty well. I can see some cons that kinda bug me.

1) Internet use on it is alright
2) The VGA pictures is not too bad.
3) neat looking. Don't know how many people came up too me when i pulled this phone out and started asking me about it. Even people who work with me. (AT&T call center)
4) ringtones are loud (if wanting it to be)
5) good speaker phone

1) exiting out of the Internet is a pain, takes way too long.
2)drop calls
3)delay mgs if near a bad service area or in a couple of building, never had this issue only if i had bad service with other phones.
4) only one color for this phone, and trying to get a car charge sucks because a lot of ATT&T stores don't care extra for this phone. Have to go online for it.

Other then this it does make a good phone for a cheap price or for free online. Good for first time users.

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Stay Clear of the Pantech C150


Sep 17, 2008 by 221joey

After 4 months of use, the joystick cracked and then fell off. Since it was under warranty, I sent it back for repair. About a month after it was repaired, the joystick cracked again and days later it fell off again. I have read other reviews stating the same issue. This in not the only problem with the phone. You cannot reprogram the joystick control and that is unfortunate because everytime the joystick gets pushed in, you go to the internet. While taking the phone out of my purse, I have found more than once my phone surfing the net. The charges were not pleasant!

Stay clear from this cheap plastic phone!

Good phone, has some flaws.


Sep 1, 2008 by hallebruscotte

The Pantech C150 is a great little device!
- Camera quality is in the middle of good and decent. Same w/ video!
- Looks great - white color is sophisticated and classy. Solid and compact.
- Joystick never broke for me and I've had this phone for about 4 months.
- Bright screen.
- Call quality is good, I can hear people and they can hear me!
- VERY SMALL! I've gotten SO many compliments on it you cannot even imagine.

- Buttons do feel a little cheap.
- Small memory space.
- Gets smudged (screen) and scratched easily.

BOTTOM LINE*: It's a pretty good phone if you just want something simple that doesn't have all that fancy whatnot. You can't go wrong since it's free!

RECOMMENDED FOR*: Ages 9-14. NOT recommended for adults with big hands - this phone is extremely small! Only 1.7 x 4.1.

This gets a 4/5 stars from me ^_^

Joystick is terrible!


Jul 13, 2008 by tenayan

I've had two of these phones, and each of them broke. My brother had one too, and his broke too. For all three phones, the joystick fell off. Completely. My phones broke about 4 months after ownership and for my brother, it was about 6. Terrible. It's probally because the joystick STICKS OUT AWAY FROM THE PHONE. So when you drop it, thats the first thing that it falls on. In any case, just DONT drop it.
Other than that, all options on the phone are fine!

Solid with Some Flaws


Jan 9, 2008 by adamantflasher

Need to preface that I'm one of those people that just use their cell phones for calling and texting.

I think most of the people know the PROS. But my favorite is the simplicity and the look of it.

CONS (in order of annoyance) :

1. When the battery is low, it plays this audio clip that REPEATS every 2 mins until its plugged in. DRIVES ME NUTS! I end up turning off my phone at that point.

2. Speaker phone audio volume could be MUCH louder. Also, most people on the other end can't hear me.

3. Regular phone volume is a tad lower than I'd like.

4. The joystick is not re-programmable! I don't need to browse the net, I rather it do something else. I have it programmed to auto-lock but since the joystick sticks up above all the other buttons, it gets pushed in my bag all the time, turning on the phone lights, and thus contributing to why the battery is so short lived.

4. Can't delete the default phone numbers to access AT&T on my phone book.

5. Would prefer having a regular headset plug rather than a bluetooth, but this isn't a big deal.

Honestly, still a great phone for what I need it for. Despite the issues I have with it, I don't regret getting it at all.

P.S. Read some other negative postings, not sure why some people mentioned easily breakable - I've dropped mine several times and it's been fine. No dropped calls, good buttons, and like the size alot.

Pantech C150


Aug 10, 2007 by dazzlinsatx

First of all I didnt realize this phone was so small but that is ok.

1. The ringtones aren't very loud at all. The volume should be much louder.

2. For alert tones(text message alerts)you have to use the alert tones they have on the phone, there is only 3 alert tones. (I do not not like this at all) I bought an alert tone and it didnt save it in a folder I can retrieve it from. So bought for nothing

3. If a pictures are texted to you can not use it as a photo ID because it will save in the graphics folder and that folder is for wallpaper display only.

4. You can not move photos to another folder

5. Battery life isn't too good.

6. Ive been looking for an earpiece for this phone and it seems I can only use bluetooth
(not into the bluetooth).

Advantages: not many
1. The alarm works well
2. pretty clear camera VGA
3. You can use Photo and Ringtone ID
If i think of more advantages I will post.

Overall I will keep the phone because it basically does most of what I wanted on the phone and it was free, it was an online offer, this phone is regular 199.00 without a contract with ATT&T.

(Small, Camera/Video, Photo ID, accept MP3 ringe tones, IM pretty good)

great phone all the way around


Aug 26, 2007 by crackberry

volume is very good on this phone both ringing and ear piece.
bright screen.
easy to use.
size. even the small keys were easy to use.
reception and signal strength is great, on par with nokia and sony.

only one. caller id pictures have to be taken with the camera. you can sync the phone with your computer and open a bluetooth connection and move your own pictures into the camera folder and use those as caller id photos, but you have to make the picture 160*128 or it will freak the phone out when you get a call from that contact (it took a while to figure all this out :-)

but if they would have made it to where you could use any pictures for caller id, i'd give this phone a 5.

Great Phone


Aug 10, 2007 by Cedric

This phone is the greatest pantech ever made, it has great ring volume. This is a great phone

Wholly useless, terrible phone, a NIGHTMARE


Dec 5, 2007 by disgruntledmb

I ordered this phone based on the positive reviews here; I felt compelled to register and write this because I had such a bad experience. I had AT&T Warranty replace it TWICE and therefore used three different specimens of the c150--same problems every time.

Call quality is awful, near useless. People I was talking to would hear echoes, I'd hear static. Things would fade in and out. I tried other people's SIM cards in the phone; they had the same problem. I travel a lot, had the same problem in several big cities. There's no chance these problems were coming from anything but the succession of phones I had.

I assumed that I had just received a faulty phone the first time around. When the second phone didn't work either, nor the third phone, I had to conclude that Pantech has made a phone that simply does not function. I can't believe it was ever put on the market.

0.5 marks for the stylish design; it's pleasant to hold, fits in the hand well, bright screen, fairly well laid-out, draws oohs and aahs when I take it out of my pocket (it's totally a great iPod ripoff in its styling). Too bad it doesn't WORK. If it wasn't as pretty, I'd have given it a zero.

So RUN AWAY, folks, RUN AWAY, to anything, _anything_ else.

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