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Nokia 6085 Phone - Great phone.


Dec 14, 2007 by attrippedme

I like my Nokia 6085 phone very much.

I like the expansion card, video camera, speaker phone, and external screen. It is nice to see who is calling without having to open the phone.

I just wish I could take it with me.

I am switching carriers because AT&T cheated me. I swapped out a 3 year old phone and they messed up or miss managed my account. Now I have three bills totally $1076, that should have been around $270. They say I have to pay. So I am leaving AT&T FOREVER !!

I just wish I could take my new phone with me.

Consider the cons before you buy


Dec 11, 2007 by Jujaoranges

This phone was a step up from the only other HotSpot phone T-Mobile had in Sept. Now that I am on my fourth 6086 and it too is failing, I think it is safe to say that I would discourage anyone from buying it -- wait for something else or Nokia to resolve the problems (they just have me restore factory settings every time I call - and it resolves nothing).

-Speaker phone - really good

-Spontaneously restarts in the middle of calls but the dropped call still accrues minutes until the other party hangs up. No notice that a restart is coming.
-One touch dialing performs a last number redial. Have to hang up from the redial and then one touch works for that one call.
-Call is dropped when you move from tower to HotSpot or HotSpot to tower.
-Phone frequently will not connect to any WiFi, even the HotSpot modem - gives "network error".
-Muting a call takes numerous steps.
-Buttons are hard to push for texting.
-Gives only 1 hour of talk time - and that is full charged and with a new battery.
-Batteries only last 1-2 days - the external display spontaneously lights up and discharges the battery.
-Have to wait several seconds after dialing a call before one can put it on speaker phone.
-Silent mode has no vibrate option for when text messages are received.

Recommend getting a different model or a different brand. I historically have been pleased with Nokia, but this model has been a repeated let down.

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Best non-smart phone I have used


Oct 27, 2007 by Ktollstam

I bought two of these phones (6085) in Hong Kong, unlocked. It is cheap, but well built and feature packed. The basic phone functions are rock solid;


Superb RF performance.
Excellent battery life.
Loud and clear ear piece and speakerphone - works well as a desk top speaker phone.
Nice keypad; good tactile feel.
A folder - personal preference.
Readable display.
Flawless BT performance.
Series 40 w/snappy menus.
Nice SMS implementation; I like the RECENT feature.
Workable MP3 player.
Native email client (POP and IMAP).
Java capable.
Micro SD card (up to 2gb).
This phone just works and it works well.


Camera (but who cares?).
Cheap plastic but still durable.
Style - it is on the ugly side.

Bottom line; a great phone for the money. Durable, reliable, excellent performance on all of the functions that really matter.

How do I


Oct 9, 2007 by ashton13

I purchased this phone for the Hotspot@Home feature and LOVE IT. :) I would like to know if any one can help with one thing. How to change the wifi to connect to a wireless mac router. One of my friends have a Mac and I see on here it says they changed it to a Mac and had no problem connecting to it, If you know please let me know, Thank you. Again, this phone works great for me.

Description doesn't mention main feature -WIFI


Jul 29, 2007 by mthaler

Got the 6086 wifi phone from T-M the day after it was released - June 28th.
Phone works fine as a phone. Connects quickly to wifi and switch over to GSM is seamless.

The MAJOR negative is that you can't use a Bluetooth headset with this phone because of excessive interference. This has been reported by others on howardforums. The other wifi UMA phone now used by T-M, Samsung T409, is supposed to work ok w. BT.

Another negative is the icons that indicate whether you are in wifi mode or GSM are very tiny.

Sound quality is excellent. I use an SE r520m, as my everyday phone w. BT - so I am spoiled by having an easy to read b&w screen.

This color screen seems worse, tho, than the few i've seen.

If you don't use BT, this phone would be a 4.5. If you do use BT when on wifi, it won't work for you.

What a great phone!


May 21, 2007 by lagammill

I work for a cellular company and go a lot of different phones and since my company introduced our customers to GSM technology 2 years ago I have gone thru 5 different phones and of those I have to say that the 6085 is so far the best one I've had! This phone is loaded! Bluetooth, MP3 player, extended memory space, just to name a few. This phone is good for people who want a simple phone with the advanced features of the more difficult phones.

Good low budget quad band phone!!


Aug 16, 2007 by sim2000_brk

While the 6085 is not the best looking nor does it have the best graphics. IT is a Nokia... So you can count on great signal strenght and batt life. This phone is the answer if you need a cheap international phone. As a gift for your kids.. NOT But the facts are it works when you need it to.

Big Let Down=[


Dec 13, 2008 by nokia h8r

-memory card slot
-strong signal(centennial)
-internal intenna
-clear bright screen
-simple to navigate

-bad camera
-fragile charger
-charger makes a high pitched buzz
-single colored external screen
-sliding battery door
-headphones/only 1 ear bud
-memory card slot opens easily
-cheap plastic feel
-front piece pops off easily
-quiet on calls(both ways)
-static loudspeaker(even w/ good reception)
-buttons sag with heavy texting
-single speaker(for music)
-not customizable
-too simple

Not too bad


Nov 29, 2008 by mikemund

Got two of these, a pink one for my wife and a black one for myself. Previous phones were Moto V190s.

Good quad-band reception.
Vibrates better than the Moto.
Bluetooth, something the Moto didn't have.
Good looks and keyboard feel.
Like the speed-dialing and keyboard locking feature.
The theme with the moving hot-air balloon is awesome!

The Galaxy Balls game is addictive.

Needs louder ringtones. My wife is especially critical here, she has to go with the ringtone that sounds like a old-fashioned phone ringing. I don't have this problem as bad. One suggestion would be to keep the vibrating alert on, as I often feel the vibration before I hear the ringtone.

Had to try two different Bluetooth devices before I found one that the phone could find, though in all fairness, that may have been the Bluetooth device, not the phone. Had no problem whatsoever connecting with the second device.

The camera is not the best, but if I want to take a picture of something bad enough, I do have a 8.2 mp digital camera.

Battery life is subpar, but at least it charges more quickly than the Moto did.

The voice dialing, as was indicated in another review does leave much to be desired, but with a combination of voice inflection and re-labeling and/or intentional misspelling of some of the entries (e.g. Wahlgreens for Walgreens), I have overcome most of the issues.

All in all, I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Good gone bad


Aug 21, 2008 by bunglegirl

I was very excited to receive this phone a year ago. It looks great, has some pretty neat features and the camera isn't half bad for a cell phone. It worked great for about 4 months but started having problems shortly after that. My biggest complaint was when I finally hooked it up to the HotSpots@Home I started having a problem with dropped calls. There were times I would have to call people back 5 and 6 times before I finally gave up. Another problem was the freezing. It's very random, so I couldn't say what causes it, but the phone will occasionally freeze while in the middle of a text and more rarely while answering a call. It also didn't seem to like either blue-tooth model I have as it would emit a high pitched screech from time to time. Very painful when the blue-tooth is on your ear.

Nice feel. Not too heavy, not too light and it is comfortable to talk on.
Buttons are great for texting and the phone keeps up with fast fingers
Wi-Fi is great if you can get it to work properly
Decent camera, but don't use the zoom
Memory card port is in a convenient location

Takes forever to get through to cust service/tech support if you have the Wi-Fi feature turned on
Phone freezes unexpectedly and the only way to fix it is to remove battery
Sound becomes crackly when the Wi-Fi is on
Not enough memory and battery power to support Wi-Fi, Blue-Tooth and regular antenna's

Over all this was a good phone, but after having it replaced 4 times for the same issues, I have finally given up on it.

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