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Great Phone!


May 22, 2007 by sgraves4

I work for a corporate cellular company as well an go through phones quite often. This phone has the capabilities of the Nokia 6133 and 5300, plus wi-fi and great battery life! Reception quality is excellent and the organizing applications are easy to use and very useful. Overall a great phone. I recommend it highly.

I am in the Cellular industry, my review of the T-mobile Nokia 6086


Sep 15, 2007 by Robert S.

Ok first i want you to know i am in the cellular industry & have been in it 4 yrs very unbiased and un-like some of the other reviewers, this is a a intelligent review of this phone, also i have used the Samsung Wifi phone. Lets start with the cons.
*Sketchy reception & Wi-Fi connection, there may be a reason why others havent picked up on this technology. What i have found is positioning of router that comes with this is Key. It must be in the central part of your house or else you will have problems. Also where you stand one minute may have wi-fi reception & then the next may not. Also the reception on this phone is hard to understand to, although no reception never happens here in the country side. The phone will sometimes read very low to no reception but still work although this may have to do with the fact that unlike other nokias that have 8 bars of service this one only has about 5 so obviously the scaling is different.
*Battery cover and ejecting sim card is a bit tricky
*Ear piece volume is a little low and could be better.


*Speaker phone is VERY GOOD
*Pictures are good some what slow to catch up when moving and the brightness should be adjusted every shot to get the right color but otherwise good, i dont use the camera though that often.
*Menu icons are strangely old school but easy to navigate.
*Internet is very quick
*Form factor is good, not to chunky but not a stick that will break quick either. It is obviously designed after its younger brothers the 6103 & 6101
*Many preinstalled apps, like stuff to keep your money balanced and many games
*Huge amount of shared storage, ive held around 20 pictures and close to 600 inbox and sent box msgs just on the phone

Dont listen to the people who got dud phones and blame the phone, or compare this phone to phones above this price range, this is a great phone for the price & is worth the money, not to mention how much you will save by using Wifi. If you found this helpful please mark it so, thank you!

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Nokia 6085


May 12, 2007 by arrival59

This phone was a huge surprise for me after getting it.I don't need all that gadgety stuff that does nothing but clog up the real use of a cellphone and this was was a steal for me at $106.00 bucks but then it out performed speakerphone,signal,battery wise better than phone's i have paid 3 time's as much for.Who this phone is for:Just your everyday cellphone user that wants long battery life,loud speakerphone,clear call's,good signal,Nice looking in Dark Blue or the Silver that i had the choice of but it does come in what they call a Sand and Black and Pink.In the U.S. So far the only carrier i have seen carrying this phone is Cincinnati Bell Wireless.They are cheap priced even at retail(though you will see them higher on Ebay,but not much) it is 139.99.And for a phone that does the above and handles up to a 2GB MicroSD Card and Edge and really the phone has 5MB User memory not 4 as stated.It also comes with 3 Java games not 1 that most see when looking this phone up.I love this phone,it's not a camera phone though it has one,i mean it is a basic VGA.But i use a celllphone for a phone not a camera.So if a flip phone that is loud,looks good,lightweight but durable plastic(better than 5300) and all the above at a fair price is what your looking for,you just found it.

My Nokia 6085 Review


Feb 4, 2008 by callie

I bought a Nokia 6085 today and I'm very pleased with it so far. I had a Nokia 6102i before and boy, can I sure see a difference between my old phone and this one. It's great! So far, I have found almost nothing but positive things with it. I have created a list below of the pros and cons that I found with this phone.

-GREAT speakerphone
-Earpiece volume is very nice
-ringtones are loud
-phone does not feel cheap (compared to the 6102i)
-much faster operating speed
-buttons are rubber and raised, so I can feel which button I'm pressing
-quad band world phone
-can put a microSD card in it

-text could be bigger at the top where the battery, signal strength and network indicators (whether you're on 3G or Edge) are.

I'm very happy with the phone I chose and I highly recommend it to others.

pretty good...but...


Jul 28, 2007 by jonesbm

This Nokia is the best they've had so far in some ways...but there is a glitch...


great signal (at&t in TN)
excellent battery life
ear piece volume is very loud and clear
texting is fast and easy
edge is rather quick
mp3 player is actually quite good
loud speakerphone (can be a con...read...)
loud ringers


speakerphone sometimes "cackles"

internal display very difficult to see outdoors

bad camera


All in all, a nice solid handset from Nokia. If they would fix the glitches and put a 2 megapixel camera on there with a flash, it would be great. They also need to really address the pop port for their headsets...the Blackberry Curve hit it on the nose adding the 3.5 mm headset jack for listening to mp3's.

Positive experience with Wi-Fi


Oct 5, 2007 by stinkynelson

I bought this phone because the cell reception at my desk was too weak. I opted not to get the branded wireless router and set the phone up with the Linksys router I already have running. The phone wouldn't connect to it using WEP security, so I switched to MAC filtering and the phone connected fine.

Call quality has been excellent - people I speak to are surprised to learn that I'm talking on a cell phone. So, very good news here.

The phone's pretty boxy, especially compared to the Nokia 6133 I had. I hope T-mobile introduces some better handsets with UMA in the near near future.

With Nokia's PC Suite (free) software, the transfer of contacts from my old Nokia to the new one was wonderfully easy.

So, thumbs up to this phone for its UMA performance.

Great Value Great Features


Nov 18, 2007 by cellulargod721

When we first got the 6085 at my store I truely thought I got the most boring current phone imaginable. Take a really good look at it. To call it an abomination would be a compliment it is so damn bland. Little did I know that underneath the plain yogurt was tons of flavor. First off like most nokias the music and videos sounds can be played over a normal bluetooth. If only some other manufacturers would do that. With that in mind you can get a program for free to convert your video files to play on a regular cellphone or 3gp format. So now I can watch episodes of the office while at work and listen to it on my standard bt headset.

Battery life easy 5 to 7 days with liberal use of media!!

Music and Video audio through standard bluetooth!!

Nicely spaced buttons!!

It is very very very very bland looking. It is visaually striking as dirt.

The screen is very blurry and muddled.

The reception is below par.

While overall it is a good phone and is a good fit for some it is just too bland for the flashy market its in. Its a good job that it is cheap.

small form factor, not flawless


Jul 18, 2007 by boomerang86

Bought this handset on Dobson prepaid; wasn't my first choice (a cheaper Moto V197 was out of stock). It's a pretty small flip with a monochrome (blue on black) outer LCD. A brief vibration confirms power up and down cycles. Signal quality is excellent. Plastic case is a little loose around the hinge (mine won't stay flush with the phone body). Sound from the speaker was very buzzy and unnatural.

I returned mine after two weeks; microSD memory cards are inserted in a hinged covered side slot and do not click into place (the door holds it in under spring load). I tried three different cards (including two Kingstons, a 256MB and 1GB) and the phone wouldn't recognize any of them. Nokia USA support claims only Nokia branded microSD cards would work, which is nonsense.

Great little phone


Jan 15, 2013 by azurecrimsonrose

For years, my family and I have owned Nokia cell phones and when I got the Nokia 6085, I was excited. In the short time I had the device, I got a lot of use out of it. I loved the physical, raised, buttons and the call quality was great. The speaker phone had a good quality, but the screen was a bit small. I liked the blue back light on the external display and I enjoyed the features that it offered. I liked how basic it was. The call quality is good and I did not experience the negative things that I read about in other reviews. All in all, a great phone and I recommend it.

It works, when it wants to


Apr 15, 2009 by behemoth85

Ah the standard "free" phone. This is one of many. And with free phones you can either get an excellent deal, a "mediocre" phone, or one that is completely pathetic.

This one falls into the "mediocre" category hands down.


-Very simple key layout, and raised keys make it easy to dial.

-Large numbers on the screen when punched in.

-Respectable battery life.


-Its impossible to hear the ringer on this. Many customers have returned it sorely for this reason alone.

-Vibration feels a little weak.

-At times the speaker feels crackly, and sometimes feels shorted out.

-The display can seem washed out and hard to read.

-Camera takes rather disappointing pictures, even by VGA standards.

-Signal can be shaky at times.

Not bad, but there are better FREE phones out. I'd recommend shelling out a few extra bucks and moving to a Moto EM330 if you're looking in the "plain vanilla" phone territory.

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