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this phone is a piece of poop(the nice way of saying comething else!)


Jun 26, 2009 by idkwho

it sucks. i hate it. its screen has cracked.
pros: good first phone or simple phone
cons: Everything else.

today it froze on me and luckily i could turn it off but i couldn't do anything else.then it started randomly calling my voicemail every time i opened the phone. What a waste of minutes!i tried taking th battery out and then replacing it. it didnt work. i hate this phone cuz now i have to pay an extra 75 dollars cuz i dont have an upgrade to get a new phone.

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Best phone for the price!


Aug 5, 2008 by dmh3107

As a Sales Rep for Att, i love this phone. The phone is sold a a very low cost which helps out the consumers. with this phone you can: record your own audio and save them as ringtones, which helps save you $2.99/ringtone purchased. It is thin, easy to use, large buttons and display. For first time phone users, kids and elderly people this phone is the best based on price, functionality, durability, and looks.

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eghh its okay...


Nov 19, 2008 by kaitlynn

Mhm. If this is your first phone, then you would probably like this. Simple to use, fairly durable, and it's cute.

I am an avid texter. What disappoints me is the terrible sound, memory, and the lack of message tones.

This phone has terrible memory! I love pictures and having several ringtones. I can only have maybe 7 ringtones and about 40 pictures. I was dissapointed.

I wish this phone had message tones. It has 4 poly phonic tones. Thats it. I cant set my ringtones to alert me when i get a text.

Between the inbox and sent, this phone can hold 200 messages. Not bad. But when i fill it up it takes forever to delete and i cant close it until its done.

I would only recommend this phone to first time users and the elderly (big dialing numbers). Good luck to all seeking phones. :)

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Phone is great!


Apr 3, 2008 by catnmouse

I love this phone!!

Everyone basically has the same pro's, but for cons:
-you cant use pictures that anyone sends you. You can save them in a folder, but you are unable to use them as backgrounds, or caller id.
-you cant download a ring tone for the text message. You must stick with one of their pre- recorded 4 tunes.
-To use the speaker phone you must keep the phone open. Closing it will end the call.

Other than those, this phone take good pictures, gets great service, Ive never had any problems with how others sound, nor does anyone complain about how I sound.

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Great phone with just the right amount of features


Dec 10, 2007 by GFountain

Lightweight phone
Great reception, which is even better with the Bluetooth
Takes pretty good pictures
Stores up to five numbers for each entry and has clear caller photo IDs
So many features to totally personalize your phone

No predictive text
Numbers do not light up for night time use

This phone is the perfect phone for someone who doesnt want the standard talk only phone, but doesn't want the elaborate do everything but your taxes phone. I am very pleased with it!

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Very pleased.


Sep 19, 2007 by kelseylou

Usually, I am not very much of a Samsung fan. Problems in the past that, of course, we will not get into. I recently got hired as a cell phone sales representative with a company that deals in Cingular, Alltel, and Sprint. This past weekend, I had at least two customers who upgraded to this phone.

Before I continue, I am not an owner of the phone being discussed. I do, however, handle this phone on a daily basis (6 out of 7 days). This phone usually goes out to people who want nothing more than a phone for it's sole purpose: making/receiving calls. It also has the basic features that almost all phones come with, too, such as alarm clocks, calculators, cameras, bluetooth, and the ever growing popularity of being able to set favorite songs as ring tones.


What I have noticed that customers love about this phone, and I do have to agree, is that when you're dialing a number, the numbers display huge on the screen. If you use a number that is at least 10 digits long, it fills up the entire screen. Definitely a plus! Since it's a basic phone, the call quality isn't as up to par as is the case on a lot of phones, but it is still good. I use this phone from time to time when making test calls for customers to ensure that it is set up properly. And I always make sure to give them a call once they're out of the store to see how they like it, too. Reception isn't too terrible, either.


Not as many features as a lot of the newer phones. Camera could be a lot better, so could call quality, but is to be expected as it is primarily a "calls only" type of phone.


No real complaints from any customer I've sold this phone to. Certainly the perfect phone for anyone who is just looking to use the phone on a basic, not-so-flashy level.

Definitely recommend the Samsung A437.

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Good phone, especially for free


Jul 22, 2007 by mejmea

We got two of these for free as part of activating a new plan. One is for my wife who is non-technical and a fairly basic phone user, the other as a 1st phone for our daughter. We've had them for about 2 weeks. By current standards they are fairly basic phones but they do what they do pretty well.

Small, light, and thin
Good sound quality and signal strength
Good volume (better than an older Samsung x427M we had)
Has a speaker phone
3G capable
Has Bluetooth (headset, hands free, and serial port profiles)
Capable of up to 8 speed dial numbers
Can create caller groups (for names stored on phone but not SIM card)
Although camera is low res (VGA) can do various effects such as B&W, sepia, sketch, etc. which is entertaining (at least for my daughter). Has a timer so you can include yourself in the photo
Pretty straight forward to learn and operate for those who are non-technical

No music player (if you want that)
Somewhat limited customization options (goes along with being fairly straight forward)
Phone book only stores names, numbers, and emails, no addresses.
No voice dialing
Outside display (monochrome) can be a little tough to read depending on lighting.

Overall we are happy and I think they will suit the needs of my wife and daughter. If you are looking for a basic phone this is not a bad choice and the price was right.

Note that technical support from Samsung is currently very limited, perhaps because the phone is so new. I emailed tech support to try and get an electronic (PDF) version of the manual and their official response was that "this phone is not a North American phone". Their marketing people, however, seemed to know that the phone exists in the U.S. when I contacted them about getting the data cable and PC software (P/N is PKT200BBEG/STD, $50 plus S&H).

One note about the software. After I installed it, it would not work until I went to Tools->Check for Updates and downloaded about 32Mb (300+ files) and let it update itself.

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LOVE this phone


Sep 8, 2007 by prevezzo

This phone is great. Although I don't use all the extras I did take a photo which was simple and it turned out great. I love the large icons displayed on the screen and you won't believe how large the number you're dialing appears on the screen...it's awesome. Navigating is simple and every display is perfectly crisp and clear. Very slim design. I found NO CONS on this phone.

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Nice and simple phone


Aug 28, 2014 by YoshiMoto   updated Aug 28, 2014

Carrier: AT&T

This phone is good and basic. Battery life on casual use was not the best but it worked to last the whole day. The speakerphone is built into the earpiece (but there is no speaker hole on the outside, like some Samsungs). The dial pad is responsive and easy to use. There is also a camera key to quickly get to the camera, and also take self-portraits (by holding it down when closed). The speaker is nice and loud, good for alarms. I don't get good reception in my area but sometimes I would still get six bars.

Good reception
64 simultaneous voices (good for playing large MIDI ringtones)
Voice memos
Internal antenna makes phone more compact
When dialing, numbers are large and easy to read (size can be changed in the settings)
External display wallpapers (4-shade Monochrome)
Optional screen slogan on front display (set by default to "Have a good time")

Storage space limited to 3 MB
Screen breaks easily
Slow keypad beeps tricked me into texting slower
Mobile Email keeps signing me out
Will vibrate to tell you that the battery is low but won't play ringtones
Sometimes restarts when downloading Java apps
The keypad will freeze up and only the End key will respond if you have it on for a long time.

The phone is nice and compact. It's small but it gets the job done. I accidentally dropped my phone while it was open and the screen cracked. Now I am using a Sony Ericsson W350a. You can still make out the display but when you have it on for a while it turns white.

This is the end of my review.

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Not bad for the money


May 7, 2010 by allewyn2

Pros: [You should buy this phone because of the following:]
1. Lightweight. Samsung really packed alot into this little thing.
2. Decent looks. Slim lines should appeal to most people. The fact that the clamshell fits very nicely when closed is good.
3. Fits in the hand well. A plus for flips, Samsung has developed this phone to rest comfortably in your palm while dialing or listening. A screen protector should be used to keep the screen from getting soiled.
4. Good volume and clarity. I had no problems except with ATT signal strength in my area. The phone was fine. ATT dropped my calls.

Cons: [You should NOT buy this phone because of the following:]
1. Camera works in my pocket. I don't need it to work in my pocket but it seems to want to take pictures when it's not needed. Samsung needs to make the shutter button less vulnerable.
2. Charging port door broke off. I knew it would l it's just so flimsy and small, it really had to. I was waiting for it to happen as I used the phone and tried to avoid hurting the little door. But no, one day it snagged on something and off it came. I now have a hole in my phone. Samsung (actually ALL makers) needs to agree on a standard charging port like 2.5 or 3.5 mm universal jack. Like that will happen.
3. Battery gave up after about 6 months. Just couldn't recharge it any more. I will NOT buy another battery. I'd rather throw the phone away than be forced to buy proprietary hardware. I'm serious.
4. Then snug fitting clamshell is a plus but also a minus as it makes this phone hard to open for those with large hands.

Overall a good middle of the scale phone with some considerations. Great for first timers.

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