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Good basic phone


Mar 6, 2008 by altakakka

I'm a 50 year old late adopter in need of a phone that just plain worked. I bought the U410 from Verizon and I'm happy.... which I rarely say. I'd love a combo PDA / phone but I returned my Motorola Q because Windows on a phone is so awful. This phone cost $0 after rebate. The ring tones are limited but I found a basic one and it appears that the low volume problem has been fixed - I got plenty of volume at a medium setting. The voice commands work pretty well. Storing names / numbers is painless. Battery life is 'typical'. Bottom line - good basic phone with no killer flaws.

Not bad


Mar 13, 2008 by 900gecko

I was forced to use this phone by my company, when they switched a few of us into their corporate Verizon account. I thought this was a step-down as I was using a Motorola Windows Mobile based smartphone (MPX-220). What I have learned from this experience:
1. A smartphone is only a toy. You don't use all the bells and whistles, spend countless hours trying to figure out all the features, spend time fixing issues, upgrading firmware, etc, but the end result is that most of the time it is only used as a phone!
2. The KISS principle applies to cellphones too. I thought I would miss my smartphone but after a week with the basic Samsung SCH-U410, I actually like it.

One feature that I miss, but does not apply to this phone because it is not a smartphone/PDA: With my previous Microsoft Mobile based smartphone, I was able to sync Microsoft Outlook contacts with the smartphone. Also the contacts were saved in the SIM datacard used in GSM phones. With Verizon's CDMA there is no SIM card and contacts have to all be manually re-entered. Took me about 45 mins to enter all the contacts I have.

Good basic phone. Has all the functions including voice activated dial. No problem with the volume of the ringer (maybe Samsung has fixed this "problem"?) No major issues or complaints.

1. Front screen is not very bright. With contrast turned up the screen looks washed out.
2. Voice dialing is not as robust as in my previous (above mentioned phone), but I will try to get used to it.
3. Very limited selection of ring tones.

Good all-around phone. Small so it fits nicely in the pockets without being bulky. Almost too small for my average male hands. Photos are okay not great but if you want great photos use your digital camera. No phone ever provided great photos.



Nov 8, 2007 by sleepykisser

Like the previous reviewer, I also used to have the Motorola V265 and in comparison, I while I was not a huge fan of my last phone, I think the SCH-u410 is far inferior.

The sound quality is nowhere near the V265! It's so bad that once, I left myself a message on my home phone and could barely understand one word. Another time, I was trying to talk with a customer service rep. (in India) about a problem with my computer and with the combo of his accent and the terrible sound quality of the Samsung phone, the conversation was actually IMPOSSIBLE. I literally had to give up.

I also can't stand the menu interface and horrible, cartoon-ish graphics on this phone. Just embarassing...

Ringtones- there was only ONE that was bearable. Seriously! My Motorola didn't have anything to write home about, but jeez...there were at least a half dozen options that were ok.

I don't care about camera phones, but I'd say this one is average. I was able to take some good ones to use as wallpaper because the default ones are awful.

Pros: no antenna, sleek small design
Cons: Almost everything else. The predictive text entry options are terrible, Sound quality, menu and graphics, lack of ringtones, phone seems geared toward getting you to buy the web features + more ringtones. I could go on and on...

This phone sucks; I'm sending mine back to Verizon.

Great Little PHONE!!


Dec 11, 2007 by BuckeyeBasher

Got this one last week (Verizon New Every 2) when I returned the LG5400 that the sales rep raved about...but I could only play "Can U Hear Me Now?" with it! I'm really not concerned with BlueTooth, music, or camera's. I just need a phone that won't drop calls and provides a (near) crystal-clear signal. I am in a rural area where alot of phones lose signals, but this Samsung delivers with the call-quality of higher priced phones. Clear and crisp sound, speaker phone is also more than adequate. Strong signal. That's what I require...I'll use my Ipod for music and my Canon for pictures! For a dependable, clear cell connection I will highly recommend this one!

PRO'S: Battery life good...but as stated, I'm using it for a phone..not a camera or Ipod!
Simple, stylish design; keypad easily functions on calls and texts, "flip" seems sturdy and not flimsy. Displays clear
FONT size CAN be changed (and saved) for texting & receiving.
Strong vibrate mode on both calls and alerts.
CLEAR reception on my ends..other end has even suggested my call "landline"!.
Crisp, manageable menu a tad above the typical VZN expectations.
Speaker function better than most of this price/range.
Side keys for volume, camera, speaker easily accessed.

CONS: Ringtone choices pretty much suck and ringer volume somewhat weak.
Front display subject to fingerprints, but aren't they all anymore?


Can't really truthfully critique the camera and bluetooth capabilities as I haven't tried them..and probably won't. But as a
phone...if that's your major consideration..
you won't go wrong here. Speaking, hearing or texting!

Small, light, good working cheap phone!


Oct 31, 2007 by jumpinsquid

Pros: Weak ring volume, word mode has no word choices.
Cons: Weak ring volume, word mode has no word choices.
Purchased new, from Verizon, two weeks ago.
Maybe not as flashy as razor, but it performs really well. I don't much care if it’s sexy, since it spends most of its life in my side pants pocket, where I hardly know its there thanks to it small size and light weight.
Reception is equal or better than my last phone, a Motorola V265, in the same areas. Audio is loud and clear. No one on the other end has complained about not hearing or understanding me. I do not believe I have used the speaker phone much, if at all.
The Bluetooth works great. Although I have no previous Bluetooth experience, I have had no issues.
The camera does take slightly blurry / grainy pics. It’s only a VGA. I don’t need a camera on my phone, but the phones without have poor reviews. If you desire a camera with a phone on it, get the Samsung SCH-a990.
Battery lasted 3 days with much use.
When texting there are three modes: abc, word and 123. Word types out the intended word most of the time, but when it doesn't there are no choices. The only fix I have found is to switch to abc mode. This is done by holding down the * key.
The ring volume is a little weak even on high.
One more minor thing; the #1 speed dial is factory set for voicemail and not changeable.

not really happy @ all with it


May 19, 2008 by joewiseguywillis

Purchased one 5-16-08 from Wal-Mart for $49. Previously had a V3 razr so this one was a big step down.

PROs : Price. Good clear sound quality. Bluetooth capabilities, though I don't use those. Long battery life compared to the Razr.

CONs: Ringer is way too quiet. Dissappointing choice of ringtones, Feels too light and flimsy. Camera button on the side gets inadvertanly pushed. Wallpaper choices are ugly. Bad graphics design with the software. Menu choices for settings,etc arent very cohesive. Lid feels loose already. Not much you can do with the camera. Won't fit snugly in a generic holster for similar sized phones. Built in antenna is suceptible to interference when you touch the top of the phone.

Summary: I would only recommend this phone for someone in a rush who needs a prepaid until they can do better.

Cuts on through to the other side


Nov 25, 2007 by Uma

This little phone, (right now it's free at Verizon) is not so bad.

PROs: It works inside the house and inside the trailer. Our other phones won't except sometimes. (verizon user here in the mountains)
Its fun and easy to use. User friendly. Easy keypad. Easy to read screen. Easy to navigate. Easy to open. It's our 9 yr olds' phone. He's the first one to figure out how to run the various doodads the phone is capable of such as picture sending with music, ect.

Cons: The hinge feels like it might be easy to discomblooberate.

Decent, Simple Phone


Sep 15, 2009 by Momo572282

I got this phone because I needed something simple yet useful. A couple of my friends had this phone and loved it so I decided to get it free with my plan. It's practically indestructible- I've dropped it probably hundreds of times and it still works, but it's not designed for heavy use. I've had it a little over a year and I've basically worn it out. The charger intake on the phone has stopped working, so it's just time to get a new phone and I'm looking for something a little more heavy use-friendly.

-Simple, Great Layout
-Easy Access
-Bluetooth Capable
-D-Pad can be used as shortcut keys (will miss this)
-Very durable- surprised it's still ticking

-Gets hot when calling or texting
-Camera is pretty terrible, same with sound
-Battery life goes WAY down when using backlight and vibrate, BUT can make it last about two days with both generally off.
-Vibrate quits working periodically
-Slow texting, and because of heavy use, the keys have stopped working very well

Overall great and simple phone for first-timers or light users, but heavier users may want to find something else.

gpa has this phone


Sep 7, 2009 by narn3049

I give this phone a 3.5 because it does not have the greatest camera but the ringtones are cool, and loud for him. Although he things that they need more different cases, he is more of the holster non flip and he doesn't like the plastic one it is held in now.

The black finish is really nice and cool, he liked his other phone (sch a930) better then this phone but the upgrade time came and he wanted to get an upgrade because the phone looked totally beat up. But his new phone doesnt have video and sadly no sd slot or vcast, more of a downgrade if asked by me.

okay phone...


Jan 30, 2009 by agm2013

I bought this phone in the summer of 08 and was pleased with it a first.
But after not having it long, i began to find some flaws

-easy to use
-good sound quality
-Get it now search
-okay battery life

-backlight not bright enough
-pathetic ringtone selections
-the hinge to flip the phone is way too loose and feels like it could fall off
-the side camera button activates in my pocket and takes bad pictures
-bad graphics
-very disappointing choice of wallpapers
-the front screen is cracking
-bad camera

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