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Horrible in EVERY way!


Aug 29, 2008 by Karahuna

I got this phone as a Go Phone from AT&T about 3 weeks ago, and I have hated every minute of it. I knew it was a pretty cheap phone, but I had no idea it would be this bad, especially since I thought that Sony Ericssons had a pretty good reputation.

1. I CAN BARELY HEAR people when I'm talking to them. If I'm in the car, I can't hear them at all. Mind you, I have the volume cranked all the way up, and I have perfect hearing. BEING ABLE TO HEAR is probably the most basic function of a phone, so this thing is worthless.

3. DROPPED CALLS ALL THE TIME and BAD SOUND QUALITY. I'm in a major city and usually I have less than 2 bars. Usually it's zero. When I DO get though, there have been several instances where reception gets too crackle-y to understand.

3. POOR BATTERY LIFE. This thing seems to need to recharge every 4 days or so, even though I barely talk on it because I hate it so much. My old razor could probably hold a charge for 7 days with normal use.

2. The phone is uncomfortable against my ear. The edge digs in painfully, especially since I press it hard so maybe I can hear.

3. Its cheap, flimsy plastic is too slippery in my hand. It's hard to dial or text. And I can't flip it open with one hand because the sides' edges are too smooth. I hate having to use two hands just to open it.

5. The ringtones and themes that came with it are limited, pathetic, and cheesy. I couldn't find a single ringtone I wanted to hear.

My only pros relate not to this phone, but to AT&T:
1. I like AT&T's menu better than Verizon's. Verizon's was convoluted and was hard to navigate. AT&T's icons are easy to use.

2. AT&T lets you put customized stuff on your phone (like homemade ringtones) for free, unlike Verizon.

PLEASE don't make the mistake I did in choosing this phone. YOU DESERVE BETTER! I am NOT exaggerating when I say that this phone is worthless in every way, and I am going back to Verizon and my second-hand Razr as soon as I can.

Pretty damn good


Nov 4, 2007 by money0808

Ok for starters, do any of you people actually have this phone? Because from these reviews, it doesn't sound like it. I have had over 20 different cell phones this year, and this is byfar the 2nd best one I've had! The first was an unlocked razr which I had to get rid of because it didn't have IM clients. But anyway,this phone does have a cheap feel, but once you use it for a while you get use to it..Just like the feel of every other phone in the market.

I absolutely love the hidden screen and icons!

The camera is not that bad...it's pretty good for a 50$ phone... and yes the pics get pixelated in the phone, but once you upload them to the net the quality is AMAZING!

I cannot comment on battery life and call quality because I don't call anyone and I'm always texting and IMing people and that's a major battery killer.

The keys are really nice to text on. I like the rubber feel. It also makes it easier to text on because my fingers aren't sliding. I've had the kyocera switch_back for virgin mobile, which is a texting phone, and I'm faster texting on my z310a than I am on the keycera!!

This phone is truly amazing!

And for those of you calling it a bad phone, what do you expect from a 50$ phone? I mean seriously now. If you want a better phone, KICK OUT MORE MONEY FOR IT!

Great phone.


Nov 3, 2007 by Kracker Snacker

I have the SE z310a (I don't know if it's the same as the z310, but they look the same). I do not think that this phone is near as bad as what some people make it out to be.


1. Body style : It's nice and small (1 inch
does not make this phone huge!)

2. Light Effects are very neat (lots of
options and colors to choose from, and the
blue lighting behind the keypad is really

3. Keypad (nice and flat, and buttons are not
stiff. This is my first cell phone so I
don't know how other phones are for

4. Themes and } (Themes are nice, and they
Backgrounds} look pretty good being

5. Exterior ( I like the hidden outside
screen, and the indicator
icons. The volume control
comes in handy too.


1. Camera (nice options and effects, but the
pictures become distorted after
you take them.)

2. Service (not a big deal if you live in a
town or city. I'm in the suburbs,
so getting a signal can be a bit
of a hassle. My parents old Nokia
gets a better signal than the


Battery....I have been messing around with
my phone for hours, and it's at
3\4 charge. I think thats pretty

That might be pretty lengthy but I've told you everything I know about this phone, and have tried to be completely honest.

OMG, best phone I ever had!!!


Oct 23, 2007 by pennyless10

OMG, this is without a doubt THE best phone I have ever had. I've been with AT&T for years, even since AT&T wireless days. This phone is everything I never knew I wanted in a phone. The music player is incredible, sound is crystal clear. Absolutely no reason to buy head phones or speakers. The video record goes on forever, and can be edited right on the phone, and then look out 'cause when you replay through the media player you will be amazed. The expandable memory slot being under the battery is a bit of hassle, but I'll suffer the inconvenience since this is future of cell phone technology.
i added another line for 9.99 so i would have a backup if this phone ever needs to be replaced! so i have the phone in both black and pink!!



Dec 28, 2007 by missyz

I have had this phone a a few months. Overall, I really like it. The biggest problem is the battery life. I do not like that I have to charge it every other day. I don't text or talk tons, so the charge should last longer.

Not real good Sony


Aug 2, 2009 by patrickeo

I have used this phone for nearly 2 years now. I did not realize how bad it was until I borrowed a friend's phone for a couple of days. Ignorance was bliss.

Pros:I love the small size and weight of the phone as well as the ease of use and the blue lighted keypad.

Cons: Unfortunately I am very, very disappointed in the awful sound quality-very hard to understand anyone. It is also hard to impossible to flip it open with just one hand.

Same problem with calls/messages not coming through until days later or not at all.

Summary: Sony got the size right just not the quality. There are much better phones out there and at better prices. Caveat emptor, stay away from this one.



Aug 11, 2008 by millerbl80

My wife had this phone and she had nothing but problems with the phone. It would turn itself off all the time and never got good or decent service even when my phone was at full signal. Just the worst phone ever. Maybe that is why AT&T have so many known issues with this phone.

Pretty Good Little Phone


Jun 15, 2008 by Sylar

This phone has a different button configuration, it take a while to get used to. The menus are pretty fast. The calling is probably the greatest feature. The Multi-Calling is really good as well. The first five times I used the multi-calling the sound was terrible, however, it eventually cleared up. The battery isn't that good though. Overall it's worth the price.



Mar 29, 2008 by jeremyrnr

This is the worst phone I have ever seen. My wife bought it and it has been nothing but problems. I believe it is software issues. Half of the calls go to voice-mail and you get a notice two hours later and texts are two hours late despite max reception. The battery life is terrible, two days at best. But what does the battery life matter if you can't get your calls? We tried new sim cards, software update, phone resets, etc. etc. We have sent the phone in to be repaired and they sent a phone with the same exact problems. To top it off sony refuses to stand behind their product even though it was purchased new and never worked. They will not substitute another model even though they sold us junk. They said "maybe we could discuss replacing with another model if it was sent in 3 or 4 times and still is having issues." Despite this being a common compaint by many people on the net. Now we are stuck 2 years with a phone that doesn't even work. Not to mention the pictures you take look horrible on the screen but I found a trick for that try rotating the pictures 90 degrees and presto they look fine. What a joke. And sony has left their customers out to dry. Because of this I will never buy any sony cell phone and I totally recommend against it.

good solid phone with average options


Mar 6, 2008 by FDPDED

I read a lot of reviews, for some reason they all said there was a problem with either hearing or being heard on this phone. I got it anyway knowing the reality of most online reviews. the sound quality is as good as or better than most phones I've had and used, including the Iphone, razor, pearl...
the buttons feel fine and are easy to use, I think all phones are a bit on the small side, but that is the direction we the consumer have taken them. the display is viewable in all conditions. the signal strenth is average to slightly above. battery life is better than average, (my last phone was a razor which needed to be constantly charged).

has most of the main options.
easy to use.
nicely laid out phone book.
solid feel to it.
blue tooth and infrared.
the lighting effects are fairly cool. (I like bright shiny things)

a bit thick.
the hidden front screen shows marks easily.
no cool games (all phones now have this flaw), at least not free.

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