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My Experience with the Samsung A727


Sep 11, 2008 by GMFWDFAN

This phone came to me free of charge as a warranty replacement for my third defective Razr. I was very happy to get an obvious upgrade to my plain old defective V3 Razr.

I had this phone from November 2007 until May of 2008, when I received the LG Shine as my graduation present.

Overall, I liked the Samsung rather well. But there were always certain quirks with it that sever suited me...

- loud ringer volume
- camera works rather well for 1.3 megapixels
- plenty of storage memory (with or without microSD card)
- text message memory (holds up to 400 inbox/outbox before delete message)
- thin/lightweight
- durable (dropped quite a few times and was fine)

- subpar signal strength
- 2 second delay in ringtones (ringtone would be soft for two seconds before becoming loud)
- random freezing up (removal of battery required to fix issue)
- "2" button became hard to use
- dark spots in middle of LCD screen
- battery cover became loose and fell off frequently

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Best size, the rest is just okay.


Jan 1, 2008 by const451

1. Size! It is very thin and weightless.
2. 3G with HSDPA works fast and reliably.
3. Screen is very nice.

1. My biggest complain is UI - it is awful.
2. Reception is okay, worse than my old RAZR.
3. The speaker is quiet, sometimes I miss the calls when the phone is in the pocket.
4. Keypad is not tactile, it is all flat. Forget about scoring high in Tetris.
5. Camera is only good in bright lighting, not very useful for indoors.
6. AT&T put on the phone their phone numbers, applications, promo that cannot be removed.

Overall I like my old RAZR better but I prefer to use Samsung because of the small size.

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Lovin it so far....


Nov 30, 2007 by EDiddle

I've had tons of phones before this phone... Ericson, Nokia, Samsung, LG... the LG was by far my favorite but as like all phones it messed up...

This Samsung A727 is awesome.
I read the reviews on it before I bought it and didn't agree with some... but hey I got it and here are some PROS & CONS

Small, thin (like that)

Set different tones as text messages tones (haven't found out the tone that will be the right format to do it but it does)

Numbers (when dialing) can be changed, mine look like sticky notes

Custom ring tones can be used

I didn't have to format my memory card, nothing was deleted

Keypad is a awkward but if you're a texter like me, you'll get used to it quickly

I love the layout of the phone (UI) very easy to figure out (if familiar with phones)

Camera options are great, no only do you get B&W and SEPIA you get different types of colors and you can add frames (makes picture taking fun)

Games are great!

6 different profiles can be used. 1)Normal 2)Silent 3)Driving 4)Meeting 5) Outdoor 6)Airplane

Text inbox/outbox hold alot, so don't have to be deleted that often

Can set the key lock to automatically do it so you don't have to lock it every time

Signal has been pretty good unlike the reviews I read. I have Cingular and live in Alabama.


The middle circle to hit down to go to contact I always hit the center button by accident and connect to the INTERNET.

If you've got big fingers, phone is not for you. Buttons are very tiny

To get to the camera, you have to hold the button... Don't like that

In the text options, it's like you have to hit 800 different buttons to actually send it to the person you want, but thats most samsungs. You can't hit the call button like most funs to send it.

Took a WHILE to figure out how to send ring tones for people. But just go to the PROFILES and edit the option you want (Edit: OUTDOOR) and it'll let you choose what you want. But it took forever

Over all I love it. I hope it works

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Takes some getting used to, but its a great phone.


Aug 1, 2007 by Soon 2B ATT


Small, sleek design
Sharp display
Decent 1.3 MP camera (does the job)
Micro-SD card
Custom ringtones (pro & con)
I love the Samsung interface (coming from a Nokia and 2 Motorolas)

Small design leads to cramped keys (this can be overcome with practice. You're able to text easily once you get the hang of it)
Music player a bit basic (it's no ipod obviously)
Ringtones are capped at 300 kb if you plan to make your own

Reception is iffy sometimes, but good for the most part. (5 bars almost everywhere - in the middle of a concrete building with 5 floors on top of me)
T9 makes texting easy
Battery life is sketchy - I can't put a hold on it yet. I've squeezed 2.5 days out of it on moderate usage (internet, calls, and texting). However, I'm still sitting at full battery from heavy texting all day.

Overall, it's a very good phone. I'm very happy with it. I was planning to trade it in for the RAZR V9 once it comes out, but the SGH-A727 has won my heart and I plan to keep it.

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best phone i've hever had


Oct 28, 2008 by brandonjohnn

let me just say first I've been through every carrier and had many phones but this is by far the best I've owned

i know the keys may seem tiny and flat
but after about 5 minutes messing with it
they're actually pretty easy to use
i send about 1200 text a month and i have no
problem typing on it with my huge thumbs

great camera
accepts almost any music format
easy to type on
perfect size
memory card slot
can minimize the music player
stereo bluetooth
great signal

my only complaint is the shortcut key above the end call button
not very useful in my opinion

other than that there is nothing bad to say about this phone i absolutely love it!

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AT&T won't back problem with Samsung A727


Sep 18, 2008 by suzi08

We have 4 of these phones. When we purchased them from AT&T, we also purchased unlimited texting. PROBLEM: When you text alot on these phones, the keys have a tendency to crack. AT&T will not replace the phone because of this. They do not recognize it as a problem, they recognize it as abuse!!! When you tell a 14 year old girl that she has unlimited texting, she is going to use that to the max!! But, apparently, the Samsung A727 will not withstand unlimited texting. Her #6 key is getting worse, and is now cracked bad. We took phone to AT&T store, and they even called Customer Service to tell them that phone had not been dropped, abused, etc.... (AT&T told us to have store verify no abuse had taken place). Store verified this, yet AT&T will still not replace our phone. This is a common problem from what sales person told us. One of our other A727's is starting to crack on the #7 key. AT&T's phones need to withstand the purpose they were purchased for!!

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Not so happy


Aug 30, 2008 by elsa96

When I first purchased the phone on average i would have dropped calls on average of 1-3 a week, Not even a year later and now I'm up to 1-2 call dropped per day....Text messaging not easy. Camera takes pictures that always come out dark. Overall not happy with the phone.

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Sick of it


Jun 21, 2008 by RickaMel

I still have a year and a half left with this phone until I can get a new one and I don't think I can take it...

-The camera works fine for me
-The music player is easy to use
-The phone itself is compact and easy to carry
-Enough alarms
-Gets pretty loud
-love to make custom ringtones
-Any-button snooze is fabulous
-Very durable, even is m battery cover won't stay on anymore

-Sound breaks at least every other day and I have to restart the phone in order to hear any of the alarms or other sounds besides the MP3 ringtones I put on
-Can't have a 10-minute conversation without the service failing at least once
-Can't have a 5-minute conversation without my phone making loud static in the ear of the other person
-Constantly calling 911 while in my pocket

It's a failed attempt to make a high-tech piece of equipment with 3G, bluetooth, etc. It's everything except what it's intended to be-- a phone.

Switched from a clunky pre-paid Nokia

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3rd phone from AT&T


Apr 2, 2008 by ForkRB

I owned this phone for two weeks. I was looking for a durable phone from AT&T, and this was the third I tried. It was hard to find, as apparently it's discontinued, but I like the durability of a bar phone.

AT&T is pretty easy with phone exchanges within the first 30 days, by the way.

I made roughly one call and sent/recieved four texts per day and the battery lasted for about 5-6 days.

I'm a big texter and I found the key travel was no good, as I had to look at the keypad a lot, and the keys are just too small, so it's easy to miss. Also, when you send a text, you have to wait for the text to be sent before you can do anything else, as far as I can tell.

The software interface is pretty clunky. I found it would take a while to get in and out of menus, but the aesthetic of the graphics was simple and nice. Being able to instantly press things and have them happen is big for me.

My friends complained that they couldn't hear me very well on the phone. This is what killed it for me. Cell phones are already bad enough, but why settle for bad call connection or audio, when that's their primary function

Durable, simple.
Photo/Video is REALLY slick!
3G phone (although didn't use)
relatively customizable

Keypress lag (probably a symptom of overflashiness)
Static-y phone calls
earpiece too quiet
keys too small/not distinct enough
expensive phone

FYI: once you try to cancel your plan with AT&T, they try to convince you to stay multiple times no matter what you say. They also put you on hold for a long time. My call was about an hour long.

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Nice size, but tiny text


Jan 21, 2008 by nemophoto

I bought this phone about eight months ago to replace an ailing RAZR V3. The motivating factor was the size -- super slim and light weight.

-Bluetooth connectivity -- has better battery life than my old RAZR and can remain "on" without draining battery, compared to RAZR.
-Easy BT setup
-LARGE telephone number display
-Reasonably fast 3G connection
-e-mail capable

-Tiny text on screen (I have 53-year old eyes)
-A kludge to type and send messages and email
-address book not as well organized or friendly as RAZR
-limited ring volume (more often than not, I miss a call when it's in my pocket and I'm walking down the street)
-poor placement of antenna -- on the bottom of the phone

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