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alright for busy people who drop it, not for teens


Jan 13, 2008 by phonefreak24

this phone is pretty good. the camera is 2mp, sound quality is good, screen is awesome, keys are big yet narrow, and its sturdy, and ringers are loud!!!

Pros:2mp camera
good for people who are rough with phones
easy to use
and sounds great

not for teens or quick texters
not for people who like to put their phone
in their pocket


Wish all phones had this build quality!


Dec 20, 2007 by climb14d

After several days with my new BLACK type-S I am rather pleased. After trying an LG EnV with my NE2 credit I had to return it. Despite the qwerty keyboard and other nice features the reception was not even comparable to my MOTO E815. So far the Type-S seems to be able to hold on to a signal pretty close to the MOTO.

One MAJOR difference I noticed after playing with the Blue model in a store and my Black type-s(online only currently) is the exterior coating is NOT high-gloss paint. The Black model actually grips when in hand and when on other plastic surfaces.It seems comparable to the rubberized coating used on some phones. This was a complaint of other reviewers with the Blue model.

>Build quality is tank-like
>User interface responds quickly
>Solid reception
>Only $50 with NE2
>Monochrome exterior screen, way more readable than most color screens in sunlight(less battery drain too)
>Volume of ringers and earpiece are good and loud
>The camera is useless but the LED flash works great as a flashlight
>Battery life seems solid so far

>Considering this phones target audience is construction/outdoors people the included ringtones and wallpapers are pitiful.

>The speakerphone is obviously muffled by the fact the phones enclosure is water resistant . Clarity is decent, it just would be hard to use in a moving car, not loud enough.

>A minor issue when texting is every time I write a message I have to change the entry mode. The default mode does not use the T9 predictive input instead it uses multi-tap Abc mode. Just stupid, why not have the easier method as default.

>It is big so make sure you check it out at a store, for the big handed like myself its perfect.

Great for sports enthusiasts!


Jun 27, 2007 by ZHong Huan

Amongst all the phones I've had, this is one of the best. It may not be multimedia oriented, but it surely holds up to some abuse.

Durability was this phone's main selling point for me. I have owned an LG Chocolate on which the screen had broken in the first month. I've dropped, kicked, fell on, and submerged this one and it's still going strong, barely a scratch even.

Call quality is great. Even in the most crowded areas people can say that they can hear me just fine. Ringtones and speakerphone are a little quiet, but the vibration function is very strong. Bluetooth works like a charm, although there are few water-proof headsets. Coverage area is superb, I like travel a lot and I've never dropped a call.

Not many problems as far as I know. It lacks evdo, but then again I can live with that. I'm more for physical activities than computer games and movies.
Data is also a tad slow, but I only download ringtones and check the weather so it's not bad at all.

Overall, if you like to go kayaking, hiking, etc... Buy this phone, it will hold up very well even though it may not have a megapixel camera or an MP3 player, but then again most phones aren't really good at that anyways. Buy a digital camera and an iPod if that's what you're into, but if you just want a long-lasting phone that won't break the bank, I highly suggest this.

Good for what it is


Jun 26, 2007 by jskrenes

I demoed this phone for a week or so from the store I work at, and here are my thoughts:

Pros: durability, GREAT reception, this model is bluetooth-enabled (an obvious oversight on the type V).

Cons: bluetooth is a bit finicky, speakerphone and rigntones could be louder (the waterproofing probably limits them), no memory card slot (on the upside, one less potential weak point for water), it's big.

Since I live and work in South Dakota, I don't have to travel far to find weak signal areas. This phone held its own in those. I sold a type V to a construction worker who dropped his in a bucket of tiling grout, cleaned it off, and it still works, and another guy who dropped his in the bowling-ball feeder at a bowling alley. Since I was just trying the phone out, I didn't put it through any of those tests, but it feels as durable as the type V.

On the con side, occasionally callers said I sounded like I was on speakerphone when BT was on. The phone's own speakerphone was muffled compared to some I've heard. And putting this phone in a Grizzly case and clipping that to my hip took some getting used to.

Ig you're looking for the ultimate in durability, this is the phone to beat.

It is submersible REALLY..


Jun 15, 2007 by VzwSteve

If you get this phone, its a great PHONE!! Sound qualilty good, reception good, durable feel and I placed the phone in the sink full of water, then called it, it rang and vibrated and I was able to complete the call!

The data was slower than some of the others this is 1x not EVDO, so if your a gamer or video downloader ths is not for you.

Great phone!

I like this Phone,,,


Jun 10, 2007 by Sandpig

I like this phone. It gets good reception. I have had no dropped calls yet. Others say I sound good to them. Its the best I have had yet. I need a phone that can take physical abuse from the elements.

Water Resistance, Shock and Dust Protection,
I like the feel of this phone in my hand,
Built better than most phones (I think this will last two years (I have broke many past regular phones),
Appearance (nice Blue/Silver Color),
Nice snap in desk charger,
Buttons feel nice easy to use

Not the best camera (only basic with slow shutter speed),
no VCast (However you can get Mobile 2.0 with your airtime use),
Black and White outer screen display (however easy to read in the sun).

If you need a good Water Resistance phone thats tough with BLUETOOTH get this phone you will like it.

Can't Destroy it


Nov 9, 2009 by HawkeyeOC

We have had one of these in our company for the last 1 1/2 years. Sure it's bulky compared to other phones, but the whole point of this phone is to withstand abuse. It does this well.

can be dropped, kicked, sat on, stands up to rough environments well
Can't miss the red color
good battery life

no 2.5mm jack?
Verizons proprietary OS is nothing special

Very Durable and Tough


Oct 6, 2009 by narn3049

Hello guys, what we have to review today is the Casio G'zone Type-s cell phone. My uncle currently owned this phone and has had it replaced 7 times all just times because he wants his objects/tech to be perfect not a scratch, yet that is hard for him because he is a construction worker.

The 1st 2 phones had like software problems and one he dropped a fireplace mantle on, I mean it didnt die after that and got scratched up, he even dropped it 50 feet and it still works from just dropping it off of a balcony, where as his phone before lg 9900 envy (first gen) which was kind of a weird designed phone, etc, and he claimed it was horrible, would've broken.

I got a boulder 6 months ago in orange and I am liking it a lot as well. The camera's on both phones are similar and I really. really dont regret this purchase at all.

I had previously owned the Moto 276, and it turned off and wouldnt go back on ever again, it looked kind of chipperish because it had been dropped a lot and this beast the boulder handles it well.

I am sadly saying that mine is starting to fall apart, the sd card cover is bending, as well as the charger port is harder to get a charge, and I have to either hold it in or use the dock. I might exchange this for the rubber ruggedized model.

One thing I noticed in performance the boulder had I wanted to share, it's that we didnt have the computer it was in the shop, I used the phone on facebook myspace twitter, and the screen looks about as good as the computer screen. low quality for the computer but 5 ***** for just that.

If ever you want a tough phone, this is it.


Aug 13, 2008 by Thelastholdout

Seriously, I do warranty work for Verizon, and I've heard some amazing stories about the things. For instance, a guy slipped and fell on top of his phone, which he had in his back pocket. Only thing that broke was the little latch that tells the phone it's closed, keeping it from going into powersave mode. Any other phone would've been crushed.

Another guy called in. His GzOne was one of the...five? GzOnes I've gotten calls about that had a legitimate defect, where it pretty much just died on him after he had it several months. He happened to have it on him after it died, when he went to a party and was slipped three date rape pills in a drink by a girl and she had him drive her in his car. They rolled over at 120 miles an hour; he has several injuries, including a shattered knee, and she is in a body cast. The phone is still physically fine.

And finally, a truck driver was climbing up into his 18 wheeler when his phone dropped out of his pocket and landed, and he accidentally backed up over it with the truck. The damage? A cracked outer screen.

Not to mention I've gotten literally about five calls about them over the past six weeks, out of six hundred calls overall.

If only T-Mobile offered something like this, and I could afford it...

GZ One Boulder


Aug 7, 2008 by 5386

I work around water and decided to get a GZ One after a coworker dropped his overboard. The phone spent the night in twenty feet of fresh water. He dove on it the next day and found it. Dried ot off and it worked. He still has it. It is the generation before the Boulder which came out two days ago. I thought that would be the phone for me. Yesterday it arrived and the call clarity is horrible. I thought it was my imagination, so I had my wife listen. Well I'm sending it back.Getting the Voyager.

Pros- smaller size is nice
sturdy,loud ringer. Cons- listed above.

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