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nokia 6275I


Aug 20, 2008 by cindyt

I am very upset with the Nokia 6275I as i have been having the same problem with the phone and it only gets fixed temporarily. the problem is that when you turn the phone on it starts to boot up then eventually turns itself off thus making it useless. It has been fixed many times and the problem just keeps happening. Nokia has refused to give me a new phone because it is out of warranty now, and they are well aware that the I have had problems with this phone from the very beginning. It also takes a very long time to boot up so that you can use the phone. You also cannot enter your own words into the dictionary it assumes/inserts one word for another making your sentences insensible. Nokia wont give me a new phone and they also told me that no one else has had this problem. I have read through many reviews on this phone and have seen that many others have had the same problem. Nokia its not nice to lie to your customers! I also have a personal friend that had had the same problem.

I really Love This Phone


Feb 22, 2008 by drumlinkelpie

It's everything I wanted in a phone. It has a mp3 player, easy navigation, battery life is ok, 2.0mp camera, and the neat thing is, is that you can listen to your music through a bluetooth ear piece. When you set a specific ringtone for a caller, you hear it in the the bluetooth... My other phones did not do that.

The only thing that really sucks about this phone is the speaker phone and ear piece are not that high of quality but if you have a bluetooth that alleviates that problem.

The thing that is slightly annoying is that when I want to add something to my microSD card I have to take EVERYTHING off... including the battery.

an unhappy 6275i owner


Feb 14, 2008 by tim2112

i`ve had nothing but problems with my 6275i, the charger had a defect in it, so i had to buy a new one, the idiot company i bought it from told me it was my fault that the charger pin came off, the phone froze alot on the net in msn or yahoo chat, and now the phone starts up, but then shuts off after the boot process, I`m a very unhappy 6275i owner and i don`t think i`d ever buy another nokia phone because of this, i should`ve stuck with my Samsung it was a much better and more reliable phone than this piece of junk



Apr 2, 2007 by j man

This phone is the best!
Pros: full of helpful tools, plays music out loud, great sound, great mic sound, big screen, fairly good camera, very visible buttons on the black version, affordable.
Cons: It Should have came with a USB cable- not needed for operation though. Memory slot is under battery-- uses Micro SD card

Great Phone


Jan 13, 2007 by modman

I've had this phone for over a month and absolutely love it. I want audio clarity and reception quality above all else, and this phone does it. All of the extras are nice too.

-very good reception. Hasn't dropped a call even at very low signal strength.
-voice quality is very good, sending and receiving
-loudspeaker works quite well and is loud enough for most calls, except the quiet talkers. Often I enable it during a conversation, put the phone down on the desk or counter and talk away leaving my hands free to type, make dinner, etc.
-very good microphone. Like above, I can put the phone on the desk and talk away and the person on the other end doesn't know the difference.
-2MP camera takes nice daytime photos, and controls are easy to access
-most selection menu's are customizable
-bluetooth. Very handy when transferring pics or file to your computer.
-long battery life, although using the gadgets like the camera, music, and the network will drain it faster.
-phone feels solid and well constructed. The buttons have a good tactile feel.
-easy to access voice memo function
-has a FM radio!

-camera is terrible in anything but bright daylight.
-DRM prevents you frm using mp3's as ringtones out of the box.
-volume up/down toggle button on the side of the phone is difficult to press
-No quick way to enable the Security Lock on the phone-have to go to menu-settings-other-security-(enter lock code)-phone lock (if someone knows of a quick way to enable the phone security lock, send me a msg please)

I payed $179 from Virgin, which is quite good considering Bell offers the same phone for almost $100 more. Also Virgin doesn't charge you $9/month for a system access fee, or the "voice mail-call display-call waiting-911 access TAX"-those are all included, so Virgin's $30/month plan is actually $30, not $30 + another $30 of extra charges. Oh yeah, I can change my rate plan or cancel any time without penalty.

4hrs down


Jan 6, 2007 by jesse_7

got my 6275i 4hrs ago from the Virgin booth at the Cornwall Square, it is charging. Have had a little bit of time to play with it and WOW!!! It was worth the $179.99!!!

One of the greatest phones I have ever used. Am still playing with it and don't have any cons at this point. Can't wait for it to be fully charged!

Sexy black and no Virgin Mobile decal on it! By the way... to the suckers who bought it from Bell... $249.95 for pre paid phone! ouch!! (hold the smart ass remarks about Virgin using the Bell network... I know) doesn't change the fact that I hate Bell!!!

Great Phone!!!


Nov 26, 2006 by seera

I got this phone about 3 weeks ago now from Bell Mobility and I am just loving it! It's about time that they introduce a phone like this and I snapped it up for full price the day it came out!

It has several nice features that I am used to from other phones and several others that I am not:

**loud ringer
**2 mega pixel camera is great, especially with the seamless zoom
**bluetooth is good, especially with the Nokia PC Suite software for syncing info with your PC
**expandable memory is good (2 gigs is sufficient)
**phone will "learn" your words when sending text mesages so you dont have to leave the T9 mode and manually punch it in letter by letter (learn from this Samsung...learn!!)
**the blinking blue keypad in standby mode just adds to the cool factor!

**unfortunately, this just might be the last genuine Nokia CDMA handset Bell Mobiity might ever see again
**the inability to make personal MP3s into ringtones frustrated me for a little bit because that was the reason why I got it, but I found a work around for it, so I'm good again
**battery life is mediocre, but a car charger should balance it out nicely

All in all, I would say that hands down this is one of the best CDMA handsets Bell Mobility has to offer right now, it has more features for a lower price compared to some of the other over-hyped phones out now, and the workmanship on it is amazing, it actually looks and feels the money its worth.

Highly recommened to anyone!!

Great phone so far sorry about your dud


Nov 18, 2006 by backwar

I picked this phone up when Bell first released it here in Canada.


Battery lasted on standby for 6 days. A vast improvement on my previous phone. And that's not turn on in the morning and off before bed. Thats leaving the phone on for 24 hours a day.

Call clarity is fantastic. Places where calls would be dropped previously still sounded like land line to land line calls.


Bell limits some functionality on the phone. They lock the ability to use mp3s of your own as ring tones. And they refuse to let you install Java apps. Those are complaints more with Bell's policy as opposed to limitations of the phone.

To the person who can't find the alarm clock on his phone here is the path:

Menu => Organizer => Alarm Clock

Overall impression:

very solid phone with a bevy of options that don't get in your way when you don't want them. A very solid phone.



Jan 10, 2007 by vikz99

Overall, this phone is excellent, the battery life is great on it as well. MP3, radio is awesome. I have no complaints about this phone. I recommend this phone to anyone. You will love it.

When you get the phone, I suggest you buy a CA-53 cable for it (ebay $10) and download Nokia PC Suite from the Nokia site. With these 2 things. You will have the ability to change MP3 songs from the program into your memory card without removing the battery cover and removing the memory card itself. The ability to save your contacts from your phone to your pc, without any hassle. The ability to add and remove pictures to your phone, even on the phones memory.

Now i know that some people don't like this phone because Bell, Virgin and all the other carriers of this phone disables some features. But guys, search the web to get around it. Making MP3's into ringtones, yup you can, research and read. If you have to sign up for forums then do it. Ohh and to the person that bought this phone from Virgin for "$179.99 again..because i got mine for $49.99..from Bell. No offense, and i dont have anything against Virgin. :p

Defect problem on this model


Mar 5, 2009 by not.so.merry-anymore

I've had this phone over a year long and lovED it at first. The pictures where well defined, the sound good. It was also cute and very small. About 3 months after using it, problems started. Phone became blank after I installed the MicroDV memory card. It came to normal again but to be sure I took the card off. Its screen became blank again the next day and reopened when closed for a while. I could not use any function of the phone, no menu was available (so no camera, music, agenda, nor Internet). It was constantly acting this way until I brought it to the shop where I had purchased it, three days later. The employee knew what would happen to it. He told me he had seen this problem with other phones like mine and warned me it would stop working after a while, and so it did that same day. By chance I was still on the guarantee. So I had to wait at least three weeks before I could have it back. Then two weeks before the end of the company guarantee, its`screen became blank but not for good (not until three more weeks...). I thought I still had guarantee time but it was up! So since I know the model has this defect I have in mind to ask advice at the Consumer's Protection Group in Québec. I do not think a camera or phone or computer's normal life span should be of 6 months or even a year, it sells for about 200$ and my phone contract is still not off! I will investigate in that direction and give you an update if possible. Beware of that model, the phone shop where I bought it didn't keep it in store anymore and the salesperson seemed very negative toward the model. I am currently using my old Sanyo that has been much more reliable (for almost 4 years now!...)

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