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Kyocera Oystr KX9d / KX9e


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Jan 19, 2009 by phatmanxxl

At $20, you get what you pay for.

reception decent
call quality good
works like it should and you'd expect

cheap screen
slow OS
virgin mobile service and horrible customer support



Mar 6, 2008 by smashme101

I steped up to the Oyster from my k10. I wish i never did that.

First off I thought the phone was cute and cheap.Sure it was cheap but not worth it.

Second it was buggy. Very slow. I dropped it on a shag rug and it broke. It wouldnt turn on.

I had a second oyster and the battery life was now bad.

Now I own the Audiovox 8610 and is way better

Charging time

Battery life

Dont even think of buying this phone. You will be pulling your hair out after 1 hour

Virgin Mobile Oystr Is The Best So Far!!!


Aug 20, 2006 by kenofive

This phone in my opinion is the best non-camera phone that virgin mobile has came out with. The key to this phone is the 65,000 colors display. It's laptop display quality. I chose this phone for the 65k display and the speakerphone and the web browsing features. The phone is lightweight and also has a 1500mah battery that can be purchased. That's twice the capacity of the battery that comes with the phone. The phone itself is packed with features that would keep you entertained for hours. It's really hard to believe a phone like this only sells for 29.00 at the vm site or walmart.

If you are a virgin mobile customer this phone will never bore you. It's the best one I have had and I've owned quite a few flip phones. If you buy this you won't be dissatisfied at all. I see a phone like this selling for twice as much. Kyocera two thumbs up on this phone! Thanks!

Nice Little Phone


Aug 1, 2006 by cellphone freak

It's a good simple phone with basic features.

Unfortunately, I can't give it a 5 because of the problem with the display backlight. It's always on, even with the flip closed. If you disable the backlight in the settings menu, it'll still remain on all the time when the flip is open, but at least it'll turn itself off when the flip is closed. The power save mode will only dim it.

The backlight constantly turned on causes the battery to drain fast, so the phone needs to be recharged every night.



Dec 22, 2007 by keshawn999

1.it only costed me $20.00

2.small screen
3.it get dirty sooooooooooooooooo easy
4.stupid ringtones and grafics
5. half ass reception

good phone


Jul 29, 2007 by superbub

this phone has loud speaker and great vibration but it only has 2 games, 4 rings, 4 ID pix., 4 screen savers, 4 wall paper graphics and short talk time

nice keypad
long standby battery time
loud speaker
heavy vibration

stub antenna
short talk battery time
very little stuff preloaded

I use virgin mobile so I could get more stuff on my phone. I`d get this for a beginner

Very good basic no-frills phone


Mar 4, 2007 by MrFlashport

It's a 20 dollar phone, if you are expecting a 3MP camera, MP3 player, etc this is not your choice. If you want a good basic phone to make and receive calls, you cannot go wrong, especially considering this phone sells for less than half of what it costs to fill the average gas tank (how sad!).

I have had my Oystr for two weeks and am very happy with it. I don't use a phone for anything but making calls. And I've put over 1300 minutes in two weeks of talking, and so far the Oystr has been stellar in this area. It has a very good sounding speakerphone, and plenty of audio in the earpiece in loud backgrounds. People can hear me well...the Smartsound AGC feature is awesome, it raises (or lowers) your volume based on ambient noise.

They keypad is easy to use, and while it doesn't have a zillion ring tones or cook waffles for you, it does have some basic amenities like a calculator, alarm clock, timer, and a few games. The phonebook layout is good, allows you to store multiple numbers in one name.

On the battery life, mine has an ESN that starts with 03409xxx and it actually has EXCELLENT battery life with the standard pack. I got anywhere from 180-230 min of talk time off a single charge, don't know about standby but with my bucket mouth it gets recharged every night. This isn't bad for a CDMA phone.

Overall I am quite satisfied and had enough change to buy a spare in case this one gets lost or hosed (paid 14.99 at Best Buy per phone). It's a good little unit and despite what some say I think it's cool looking. Much better battery life and signal than the KX9 which it replaced.

Not a bad phone


Jan 17, 2007 by plousia

I had this phone when I first started using Virgin Mobile, and the only real reason I switched was that I didn't like the appearance. But as far as a good, basic phone for somebody who isn't using their phone all that much and doesn't need lots of fancy features, it works quite well. It did everything I needed it to.

-nice colour display
-good reception
-loud ringtones

-no external display
-(to me) rather cheap plasticy appearance and feel
-(very) short battery life

I'm not all that into extra features like games, wallpapers, ringtones, etc, so for scoops on those features, check other reviews. This phone worked well for me and did the job, and I could recommend it, especially for someone who just needs a basic phone and doesn't use it a ton.

All About the Little Things


Jan 14, 2007 by GravityFails

If you buy only one phone this year, don't buy this one either!

But seriously. If you're a potential Virgin Mobile customer, and you're considering which device to purchase, consider a little harder before plunking down your hard earned scratch for this thing. Save up a little longer, work some extra hours, sell your cat. Something. Anything.

Not that it's a bad phone, to be honest, but we're looking at five-year-old tech, here. No external screen? Really? Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to open the phone every time someone calls, just to see who it is? Or to see what time it is? Or to check your battery or signal? If you just want a phone to throw in your pocket or purse, just to have it in case of emergencies, this is the phone for you. But if you plan on using it with any regularity, including with VM's good text packages, I'd go for the Slice or the Snapper.


+ Smooth exterior
+ Decent sound
+ Large, user-friendly keypad
+ Good reception


- Only four ringtones and
- Four ugly wallpapers
- Slow, blurry screen
- Kyocera interface
- No external screen

I don't know what the gig is with Kyocera, but other than the Slider for Alltel, I haven't been able to stomach their stuff at all. The interface, though functional, lacks elegance and seems to include three or four extra button presses for every task just for the fun of it.

The lack of an external screen is an apparent omission; obviously you know about it going in. The problem is that you can't anticipate how much you'll miss that feature until you've actually used the phone.

The Oystr might be okay for someone with low-use needs, like a grandparent or middle schooler or something. But for the text-happy tweeners out there it'll probably disappoint.

(Look for phones with an ESN beginning with 03408 or higher to deftly sidestep the battery problem.)

Some bad qualities but overall pretty good


Jan 4, 2007 by cellphoneexpert

Here are some pros and cons of this phone

Pros:Good screen quality
Quality 2.5mm headset jack
Nice Web browser
Polyphonic ringtones
Good speakerphone

Cons:Slow phone
HORRIBLE battery life!
Barely any ringtones included

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