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old reliable


Oct 10, 2007 by Lowey33

Have you noticed that at&t won't let you customize the left and right soft keys on there phones anymore?
Well that's one of the reasons I got an unlocked one online, the other reason is I didn't want the blue, I got a black one.
Anyways, I've had this phone for about six months now and have very few complaints. It has become mr. old reliable, like my old razr, I just keep going back to it after buying and selling just about every other phone that catches my eye. (like an idiot, by the way)
-very durable ( mine hasn't cracked, and still looks like new after several drops.)
-perfect to hold in your hand. feels great while texting and what not.
-great signal strength, which I've had great luck with with motorolas.
-loud and clear earpiece. I always have my call volume on the highest setting with all my phones, and some of them I just flat out couldn't hear people.
-the mp3 player is pretty bad. It works, and I can plug it into my car and listen to music, however loading it up seems like it takes forever. It updates everytime I turn it on even though there's nothing to update.
I know it's because it's a java app. I wish itunes were back. I bought an old slvr on ebay a couple days ago, but I forgot how bad it was to text with. (damn u i phone, which I'm looking at picking up, lol.)
-the usb cover came off, but I knew that was gonna happen anyway.

All in all this is a good sturdy phone, that I haven't had any problems with at all.
I would reccomend it to anyone. Just remember if you want a more user friendly mp3 player, your not gonna get it with this one.
I'm looking at the sony 580i for that reason, but something tells me I won't like it. The w810 was great for music, but wasn't a good phone.
So after I buy and sell the 580i, I'll go back to this one again. lol. Probably will end up with the iphone, but I'll be keeping my krzr around just in case.

Great Phone


Jan 25, 2007 by Railman79

I had the Motorola V551 for the past 2 years. While it was a good phone, I was looking for a nice replacement. I examined the many variations of the Cingular V3 Razr phones but decided to hold out for the KRZR K-1 from Cingular. I am sure glad I did.

Oh the price can be enough to make your skin crawl, however if you are eligible for an upgrade or a plan renewal, good deals can be found. I got mine at Wal-Mart for $100 as an upgrade.

It has all the features I was looking for in my new phone. A 2MP camera, bluetooth 1.2, and EDGE technology. Plus seeing that BLUE is my favorite color, how could I go wrong!?

Well, I have had the phone a week now and am happy to report it is great so far. I still have lots of learning to do though, the menu is not quite the same as my V551 and or my Mom's V3 Razr phone menu.


-Sleek and Cool (I love the blue)
-Functional (fairly easy menu navigation)
-Great color screens (in and out)
-Nice camera (great upgrade from .3 MP)
-Video and Music capabilities
-Memory card slot (I picked up a 1GB card, can take up to 999 pics in 2MP mode)
-Great reception (I have service now where my V551 did not)
-For being as thin and long as it is, it is very sturdy and solid
-Great speaker phone


-Yes, I must agree with the others, it does attract fingerprints and scratches on the front cover of the phone. I chose to buy a clear, outer case for mine to remedy that problem plus help protect the phone.

Cingular customers be warned: This phone (at least when I bought it a week ago) is not eligible for phone insurance from Cingular. So I advise very careful handling and protective cases/holders. I have dropped it once so far, luckily without incident.

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Feb 23, 2007 by KidCash

I bought this form Myworldphone.com (unlocked) in black no less, and this phone is mint. I have had other Motos int he past i.e. V600, V3 and some of its variations....It seems like Motorola listened to all of the complaints about the RAZR and adressed them all with the release of the KRZR.


Solid Construction
Quality Materials
2.0 MP digital camera and video record
nice color display inside and out
strong reception with Rogers service
Loud Speakerphone
Quad band
Expandable memory card slot
no antenna
Mp3 Player with stereo headphones(sounds great!!)
Long Battery life
Its a head turner!


Fingerprint magnet



Mar 11, 2007 by gandido

After trying out some older Motorola models, I decided to try and make the jump to get a KRZR. Originally I got it because it's a much slimmer phone, but after giving it a pretty good tryout, I'm definitely impressed.

* Sleek, slim design that doesn't feel as bulky on the hands as a RAZR
* Average to above average camera quality
* Good reception on my local carrier
* Above average to great battery life
* Nice array of Bluetooth support
* External memory (SDmicro)
* Decent response on keystrokes
* Good max volume for speakerphone and ringtones

* Bad speaker placement: sometimes speakerphone and ringers get muffled due to the speaker being on the lower back part.
* Ringtone issues: sometimes if the volume on the mp3 is too loud, the phone does a cut on the volume. Can be worked out on a PC with sound editing software, but who wants to spend the extra effort?
* Hard at first to dial by feel, still gives me a bit of trouble.
* Software has crashed when clashing with screen saver and sometimes with the camera (don't know the version, sorry). Doesn't happen regularly, but it's bothersome.

The first two cons don't really bother me that much, but the 3rd and 4th ones made the push to 4.5 instead of getting the 5. I've heard that there are some good mods for it, but I haven't gotten into testing it myself.

All in all, a great consumer phone.

Great Phone


Feb 18, 2007 by quikfeat

I ordered my KRZR K1 from eBay and have the T-Mobile service and I've had the phone for about two weeks now and I am very satisfied so far. I had the RAZR V3 before this and it is a far better phone except for the screen and fonts isn't as big due to the KRZR being slimmer - that is the only thing the RAZR beats the KRZR. The one thing that stands out regarding the KRZR is my tzones service from T-Mobile runs a lot faster where the web pages come up faster without as much delay. There are the upgrade in camera to 2 megapixels from vga, memory card, video can play a lot longer than a few seconds, mp3 player, and speaker independent voice dial to name a few. Overall this is probably one of the better phones out there today.

Just about the best


Dec 25, 2006 by George Knighton

It's as if they took every little complaint you might have had about the Razr series and made it better to create the K1.

Bought phone directly from Motorola, unlocked. Very easy to set up Internet and MMS because it includes a Java applet that installs your provider's settings.

Two ways to play music, either through the SOUNDS menu or the DAP Java application. Both work fine, although I prefer the SOUNDS menu.

Address book is improved over the V3i, allowing more details and settings.

2 megagpixel camera does very well for a phone, with both video and stills.

RF signal capture is every bit as good as the V3i it replaces...or maybe slightly better in the worse places. Very impressed with this.

BATTERY LIFE: Are you ready for this? It's substantially improved over the Razr series. You'll be impressed by this.

Software is faster. If you're accustomed to the Razr menu lag, you'll ike the improvement.

Weighs about the same as a Razr, but the weight's concentrated differently. Most of us feel it's easier to hold onto the K1 for extended conversations.

If you buy the phone from Motorola, it'll come with Obeymoto with a US accent...and it works great, with some expansions of commands from what was on the Razr.

This is a very nice improvement over the GSM Razrs that it is replacing. :)

This is a very nice phone, much smaller than the razr


Sep 21, 2006 by msd18

I purchased this phone from topgiant.com and I have had it for around 1 week. When I first opened the box I noticed it looked alittle long compared to my old RAZR, but it was much slimmer and fit in my hand much better than the RAZR did. The Digital camera is great for photos and the speakerphone is loud, here are some pros and cons:

Solid Construction
Quality Materials
2.0 MP digital camera and video record
nice color display inside and out
strong reception with T-Mobile service
Loud Speakerphone
Quad band service for overseas use
Removable memory card slot
no antenna
Mp3 Player with stereo headphones(sounds great!!)
Long Battery life
Its a head turner!

Should have FM radio on it
high price

This is a really great phone, I am enjoying it and I love when people ask me about it and it gives me a lot of attention, I would reccomend it to anyone

wow whata phone!


Jan 22, 2007 by big-techie-geek

I bought an unlocked phone from amazon's web site. To replace a razor v3!


-Loud and clear volume(i might even have to turn it down...surprise i know)
-It feels really good in the hand
-looks(get lots of compliments)
-reception has improved loads
-solid built phone
-cingular was great helping set it up


-havn't noticed a to much improvement in battery life(but have been playing with it alot)
-finger print issues but i wipe it off more

Great phone i am thoroughly impressed with the sound quality. I can actually hear the person at the other end. Sometimes to the extent i think about turning down the volume...crazy huh! I highly recommend this phone to anyone

Impressed so far


Jan 21, 2007 by krzruser

I got tired of the size of my Sony W600 and wanted something sleeker and thinner.

So far I love the phone. Great reception, awesome size, and awesome call quality. It was actually smaller than I anticipated.

Construction of the phone feels solid, not flimsy although the glass front worries me. Gonna have to be careful with that one.

Biggest complaint would be the slowness of the menu system. It's just not as fast as my SE was. Not too slow that I wouldn't use the phone, just could use a little boost.

Call Quality
Battery Life
Looks Great

Menu System Slow
Glass front might be too easy to break
Holds fingerprints like no other
Price $$$

If you aren't worried about high-speed data or extra stuff like that, get this phone, it is definitely an attention grabber and a great phone. Serves its primary purpose quite well. I'm glad this phone came out, I liked the razr except for it's insane width....like holding a Big Chief tablet to your face. This is the perfect solution!

Excellent build quality and good reception, slow UI


Sep 19, 2006 by bluemonkey

Using this on the T-MOBILE network in Southern Cali area.


Excellent construction and build. Strong beefy metal hinge. Flip opens and closes without any creaks. Has a substantial "feel" to it. Even the battery door is made of metal (magnesium or aluminum, can't tell). Bottom part of phone also has rubber coating.

I have small hands, and love the slim form factor. Folks with larger hands may not like.

When getting a strong signal, call quality is excellent. I have both SPRINT (ppc-6700) and T-MOBILE accounts. Sprint has much better reception here in the SoCal area, but when the KRZR K1 has a strong reception, the call quality is crystal clear.

Nice responsive 2MP camera. Decent MP3. This phone uses the ATI Imageon media chip.

Stereo bluetooth


Stupid name. The folks at Motorola need to learn how to spell.

Phone is slow. Not super slow, but slow enough to get annoying - especially when one has a large phonebook. About the same speed as the RAZR. Phonebooks with pictures makes it even slower. For those that like a phone that is responsive, you may want to look elsewhere.

No standard audio out jack (no 3.5 or 2.5, only mini-usb).

Front of phone is a fingerprint magnet.

Screen resolution too low for a "flagship" phone with a 2MP camera.

Browser is slow.

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