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I like it


Nov 18, 2006 by NJS

I was skeptical at first, but the phone has grown on me. This phone was a replacement for my V710. Some UI functions on the V710 I prefer to the KRZR. I was always a Kyocera fan - the phones were very durable, but nothing new from them for Verizon, so I switched to Motorola.


*Great looking phone - a quick wipe keeps it that way
*Excellent sound quality
*Better connection in questionable areas compared to the V710
*Nice display, albeit small
*Very solid feeling
*Fits well in hand and in holster - very unlikely to knock it loose
*Decent pix for a 1.3
*More Bluetooth OBEX display than V710

*User manual stinks - memory card installation instructions are terrible
*Transflash from my V710 could not be read by the KRAZR. I used my computer to switch around photos, etc., but it was only about 50% successful - no format instructions
*Battery life much less than advertised, especially w/ Bluetooth usage. My car has built-in Bluetooth - eats up battery big-time!
*Inserting memory is cumbersome.

Overall, I do like the phone very much for it's main purpose, being a phone. The feel and sound quality are the best I've ever experienced.

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King Of Phones the KRZR K1M


Nov 17, 2006 by KingJohn405

I have bought the Krzr k1m the first week it came out. And I would have to say it is worth my money. I have paid 399.99 and I had to wait a couple of days because they were gone in every sprint store when first came out so i got it as soon it was stocked in stores again. This is a very good phone from motorola and i am pleased with it.

1.3 digital cam
MP3 player built in plus external controls
calender sync
good clarity
good signal
clear sound
very small and compact...not as wide as the razr.
long battery life and talk time.
Micro SD card.

no ear phones for music...you have to listen to it out loud.
process is kinda slow.
Kinda hard to remove the sd card and insert it..but you'll get used to it.

Other than that I really like this phone and really pleased with its performance.

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As Expected - Very Satisfied


Oct 6, 2006 by cmantelope

I am giving this phone 5 stars - however, the following disclaimer applies:

I do not use cell phones for cameras, or music players. I like all of my gadgets kept separate :) - like many of you, I read this forum for months, gathering info on which to base my purchase - I am 40 year old female, who loves technology - I am not as concerned with the last "nth" of customization - replacing an Audiovox 8900 -
With the above in mind, this is quite a step up from my old 8900. I purchased the vzw "pouch" and a motorolla bluetooth H700 ear piece - for driving

#1 selling point for me - looks - the back plate feels rubberized - front is gorgeous, despite fingerprints galore - sleek profile - the pouch DOES have a belt clip, and I now prefer this arrangement to a plastic holster - the phone is easily accessable from the pouch

Call clarity/reception - excellent - this is an upgrade from 8900

Voice command - excellent - old phone had to record my voice first for each contact...this time phone can "read" and apply my voice to the contact list - perfect

Speakerphone - excellent - despite having to open the phone to answer first

Bluetooth earpiece - works perfectly and is very convenient - I can open phone - press the voice command button - then my earpiece takes over, speak command - close phone - continue with call - much safer for driving

Overall - no disappointments - worth $200.00? - for me yes - I will keep this phone for a long time

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Motorola KRZR K1m for Verizon


Sep 30, 2006 by cavsrock222

Let me start out by saying that this is the phone to get right now. You may as well order one even though you aren't eligible for upgrade and have to pay full price. It is just that good.I was a big fan of the razr and was hoping that this would have some of the same feel/spunk that the razr had. I was astounded at how much MORE of an improvement it was to the razr. it is a little bit narrower and has a smaller screen than the razr. If fells solid, unlike some of the razrs I have had. The glass is a really nice touch but it smudges easily. I am constantly wiping off the front of it. The heat/touch sensitive buttons are the main thing that separates the k1 and the k1m. I love the gray/black color and it is so much more cooler than the tacky cosmic blue all the gsm carriers are getting. The UI is pretty similar to verizon's UI on the razr but it seems A LOT FASTER and some things are a little faster to get to like messaging and settings. Still not very easy to use but it is a sacrifice that one has to make in order to have this sweet phone. The camera quality is actually very good and much improved over the razr. The phone is not too long and it feels very comfortable in one's hand and up to your ear. A cool, but possibly annoying aspect of the phone is that where the charger/data cable goes in, has a cap that goes on and off each time you charge. Nice visibly, but a hassle over all. Amazing phone visibly, very fast, and crisp sound all make the KRZR k1m a great upgrade to the razr. I took it to my verizon store to get my contacts put on it and they were so excited to actually see one that they did not even charge the $10 for the phone book transfer. i am happy with my purchase and would not change a thing. Email me at cavsrock222@gmail.com for questions or comments.

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Returned it


Feb 13, 2008 by Denali

After a couple days, I returned the phone to Verizon. The problems:

The charging cable connects on the side of the phone, making it very awkward for a lefty to use while it's plugged in.

The letters on the keypad are difficult to see in any light, whether or not the backlight is on. That make entry of names tough.

There is no jack for an external antenna.

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Alltel Motorola KRZR A Keeper


Jul 18, 2007 by AccessCellular

First of all: being a phone nerd, you have to keep in mind that some of the listed carriers install a user interface over or in place of the Motorola UI. Due to Verizon and Sprint doing this, many of the user negatives are coming from the carrier installed UI, not the phone. For example, the slow text message deletion is a characteristic of Verizon's software on the phone, not of Motorola. The "slow" complaint stems from the two carrier UI's. Trust me, I know how you feel-I have used both!

Alltel's Motorola KRZR K1m has the original Motorola UI installed, and I have been very pleased with all aspects of the phone. I have always been pleased with Motorola products, and this phone certainly isn't a letdown: menu's are snappy, reception is very good (my primary want in a phone), and battery life is decent. Rarely do I go into a place where I don't have a usable amount of service (when compared to other Alltel phones). I use a phone to place calls, send text messages, and use the alarm. This phone has exceeded my expectations across the board.

I would highly recommend this phone.

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No 2GB


Dec 27, 2006 by Ringboy

I LOVE this phone.

I think everyone else has listed all the pro's that I would list... but here are a few con's.

- USB cover doesn't stay in after a week of use - I'm sure it's going to break off any day now. Probably not a huge deal.... but better design for this might be in order.

- DOES NOT support a 2GB card. This is a biggy for me. Card will work fine until I store more than 1GB of mp3's. Any written after 1GB will NOT play. Also the camera and video recorder start acting funny after 1GB. Locking up, resetting etc.

If someone has found a way to fully use a 2GB card in this phone PLEASE send me a message.

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Dec 24, 2006 by JohnnyJB04

I am also a Sprint employee and I previously owned the A900 (Blade) and decided to give the KRZR a try and let me just say that this phone is very disappointing.

The lag is terrible on this phone and has been brought up many times on the sprintusers forum and there still hasn't been a software update available. I have to wait about 4 seconds whenever I try to press the talk button in order to go back and view my recent calls.

I also hate how whenever I try to send a text message, I have to click the Options button in order to get the phone to bring up my Contacts list. Rather than it automatically giving me my contacts to insert for the message, the phone just has numbers for you to type instead. You have to click on Options, then go to Insert Contact and then you'll finally be able to choose the person that you want to send the message to.

The speaker on this phone is also terrible. Whenever I used to use my MP3 player on the Blade, the music was clear and loud. The maximum volume on the KRZR does not meet the max volume on a Blade. It's also hard to hear your phone ring whenever you're in loud places and having the setting on Loud and Vibrate doesn't help very much because the vibrate is so weak.

Overall, this phone is very overrated. Yes, it does have a cool design but it's the little things that this phone is missing. However, the bluetooth does work great on my iMac. Having to go to the Sprint Music Store in order to play MP3s is another downside. If the phone is supposed to be an MP3 player as well, why not have a media player for it?

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Dec 15, 2006 by idreamoutloud

Great phone, and thank you Telus for leaving the original Motorola software intact. I'm very pleased to see the phone has not been crippled to death with Telus' lackluster UI.

Excellent sound quality, typical of Motorola
Improved speakerphone quality
Unbeatable signal strength
EVDO highspeed wireless
Headphones, Moto phone tools 4.0 included
Sleek look
External MP3 Controls
Battery life is comparable to RAZR
Less distortion when rings turned way up

Does not support Stereo Bluetooth
No flash for camera
GSM version get 2.0 mega pixel vs 1.3 in this

This is a great phone from Motorola and a good evolution for the RAZR family.

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just a phone. . . simple as that..


Oct 5, 2006 by locke322

i'll admit i'm a hopeless early adopter, especially when it comes to nice slim shiny phones.

I was torn between the Samsung SCH-A990 and the KRZR. I'd had the A990 for about a month-- and after 48 hours of deliberation I chose the KRZR.

One thing I'll miss is the 256k resolution on the A990, and the ability to make my own ringtones and use My Sounds to set ringtones...

Other than that, here are my pros & cons wth the KRZR:


- the slimmest, smoothest, sexiest phone available for Verizon Wireless
- perfect fit in the pocket
- rubber grip on the rear sheath
- upgraded UI from Verizon, but still relatively limited in comparison to the A990
- reception: seems to drop far fewer calls than the A990
- enhanced Bluetooth-- seems to know when to turn itself on (i.e. when I turn on my bluetooth-enabled car), unless i'm unaware of any battery drain while in non-paired mode.
- battery life
- call quality is more dependable than the A990 (perhaps antenna location?)


- 64k color
- buttons are relatively slow in responding, reminiscent of the RAZR
- cannot use My Sounds as ringtones (my BIGGEST pet peeve about this phone)
- UI is not as cool as the A990, or as feature-rich

it was a tough tough decision for me, but i decided to just sell my A990 on eBay and keep the KRZR. all in all, if you want JUST a phone, and a really cool-looking one at that, the KRZR is for you. If you're looking for bells and whistles, try the A990.

i use my phone for 2 things 90% of the time: making calls and texting people. so 90% of the time, i'll be a happy camper.

if verizon (or motorola) takes care of those cons, this can quite possibly be the perfect phone.

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