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Kyocera QCP6035 Great Value


Jul 25, 2002 by Richard Smith

After months of study, finally upgraded to the 6035 from a StarTec. Reception is every bit as good and one month in, really love the phone.
The first 2-3 days I was ready to return the phone, just needed to spend an hour or so and go thru all the features and functions with the instruction book. The main complaint was the inability to read the display, until I discover the font size could be enlarged, a major improvement. Also needed to get the right balance of the contrast setting to give good results in daylight and backlite nite viewing. Still difficult during in between light setting. Also now carry a pair of reading glasses 1.25X magnification for some situations.
This is the best phone for the money of all I looked at. Great features and works really well for text messaging and email.

Third time's not a charm


Oct 25, 2003 by CFlo1214

I purchased this phone and within a week I was having problems, the screen would freeze on the palm screen and I could not dial out. I sent the phone back and another one was sent out only to have the same problems. I would not recommend this phone

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Great Phone, needs polish


Feb 6, 2002 by Mike Martin

I'm using it on SPCS and am impressed with the audio quality of the phone.

Switched from a Startac 8167 because I had a lot of data in a Palm data format and getting call history and updated address book info into the Startac was a pain (and highly manual).

It seems that the phone is best used with a quality headset (I use a plantronics boom mic) so that you can access the phone functions and palm functions with both hands.

I wish it had better connectivity and support from Sprint (Wireless PQA access is spotty, as well as web browsing and email wireless retrieval) and Sprint cant seem to help me on how to get this thing to connect to their own wireless web (like the PHONE.COM WAP browser in the Startac). Without this feature you cant send messages (a-la SMS) to another phone.

Speed in looking up phone book matches is very slow (but then again, I have over 2000 entries in the phone book and it's on a 30Mhz-ish processor).

There seems to be no CUT & PASTE of phone numbers into the dialer (bad move) -- all phone numbers that can be dialed seems to be done either manually by the pad, by touching a number in the call history list, or by selecting a number in the address book.

There is no SMS (phone to phone support). Would have been nice as I ditched my Moto T900 2-way pager for this feature that I expected to be on this phone.

There does not seem to be an active interest on Kyocera's part to support ongoing development and support of the software features of this phone -- then again, I did call Kyocera and they mentioned that the support of the specific model and features are up to the carrier (which means that Verizon users may have a unique and better software support than SPCS's version of the same phone).

It's better than what I had, but needs another "revision" of software polish.

6035 is a Smart Buy


Jun 25, 2003 by john_858

Big but powerful. I got this phone over a year ago. And the battery is still cranking great. It is our home phone. We don't have land line service. My wife uses it the majority of the time. She keeps it in her purse or it's laying around the house so the size is not an issue. Great Speaker phone volume. Easy one touch dialing to access voice mail. Easy one touch to silent mode. All the benefits of a Palm OS device including calendar and contacts. We sync using the included AvantGo software for daily static updates to web favorites. Check POP 3 mail accounts with relative ease. Ringer options not the greatest but adequate. Battery life is outstanding especially if you make use of the sleep mode settings. Looking forward to getting a 7135 when it's cost effective for us to upgrade.

SPCS Rev 2 much better.


Jan 25, 2003 by allenhuffman

My first 6035, purchased Sep 2001, would lock up and need a hard reset quite often. It seemed if I installed *any* third party software I was in for a rough ride. It was just awful, but if I left it alone with just the preinstalled stuff it worked okay. (But what's the point in a PalmOS phone you can't run software on?)

Finally, I reported the issues to Sprint and they got me a replacement. This phone had updated OS software and was great -- it didn't lock up all the time :-) It also had updated versions of several programs, and included a new WAP browser that did not come with my original. Finally I could surf the Sprint WAP sites.

The only odd thing to me is that SMS messages only work through the Wireless Web (WAP) browser. When someone sends me an SMS, I get notified, then have to "Browse" to get to it ("airtime charges apply") which makes it much more expensive to use than any normal phone with SMS built in.

So ... someone can send me a short message directly to the phone for free (via the e-mail addy or SPCS website), but if another phone user tries to SMS me it's a pain in the neck to use the klumsy browser to view it.

By the way, the WAP browser in the 6035 is PAINFULLY slow. I've seen the same software built into a non-smartphone and it was very fast. So, points down for that.

The HTML browser they include is really great -- I use it all the time to post things to my website when I am on the road. Adding programs like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, telnet, etc. and I am fully connected. The included Eudora mail, while having some limitations, works great too -- it just takes a long time to download mail at 14.4.

Love it. Can't wait to see the 7135 (color, MP3, more memory, etc.)

Great phone for what I paid for!!


Mar 6, 2005 by rafster

I picked up this phone for $30.oo on Tigerdirect.com. It was unlocked to be used either on SprintPCS or Verizon. Since I already have Verizon service, I called them and activated the phone.

As far as I can tell, if you want a long battery life, this is the phone for you. I've been using this phone for about 5 days and it still has 50% of it's battery left. I use the sleep function which basically turns the phone screen off, and I keep the backlight off at night (only turn it on momentarily when I need to see something).

It is also very easy to add contacts and add voice dial, etc.. I have already about 300 contacts and about 25 voice dial people. It is very easy to activate the foice dial feature, just hit send and wait. The voice dial is very good. I was standing at the other side of my office with the speaker phone on, and tried it. It worked flawlessly.

As a PDA, when this phone/PDA first came out, I'm sure it was one of the best out there. I currently have a Sony Clie NX80V as my PDA, so, I don't really have any use for the actual PDA functions of the 6035, but it is very nice to be able to check e-mail and chat on AIM wherever I have service.


When I first got the phone, it came with the old software, so it would "fatal error" on me. I just took it down to my local Verizon store, and within an hour, had the phone upgraded. It now works great.

The only other thing that really bothers me about this phone is that sometimes when I'm using the speakerphone, the people can't hear me, but the second that I turn the speakerphone off, it fixes the problem. Then when I turn it back on, it works again. Not too sure about this, but I can live with it since the speakerphone quality is great.

Those are the only 2 reasons why this phone didn't get a 5.



Good phone


Dec 14, 2004 by BKKloppenborg

Well this is my first Smartphone, for Verizon wireless so i was really glad to get one so i could also use it for school. I got this one because its older and i got it for a good deal and can't afford the new ones for 350 or more dollers.

Pros: Nice OS
Speaker phone
Voice dialing

Cons: hard to get programs for other thing to download on..

Not color

Recpetion is only so so not the best compared to my other old Verizon phones like the Lg VX10, and LG Tm-510 got betetr RF..

Last kinda hard to find some things on it.. like where is the wake up??!!!

I would suggest this phone if you don't want to pay 350 plus for a new one or one a bugget like me since i am a student.. I got this phone off of ebay for only 24 dollers and i thought it was worth it!

Also Voice quality is ok not as good as the newer phones...

*Jab at last post*


Nov 20, 2004 by humanpest

I've had this phone since... April 2001... It's got all those hard reset issues and the like when youn install too many applications, but its wonderful for holding several hundered contants, a couple of games, and the talk time is better than most phones out there TODAY...

It was amazing and revolutionary when it was released (to me anyway), but its a little bit outdated now... I was hoping to update to the SHP i550 when it comes out.. but it seeems to be a bit too far for me.

Oh and maybe the wireless carriers dropped it because kyocera stopped making them, and its almost 3 years old!!..


Rugged Phone


Apr 12, 2003 by Larry Jett

I have had my Kyocera now for about 2 years. My service is through Verizon.


1) Very rugged!! I have dropped this phone repeatedly from the hip and it has only one incidental crack on the display. That has not affected performance.

2) Form factor - I like a larger phone and this phone is very comfortable to hold and you can hold it between ear and shoulder if needed. Flip down does offer some protection in case you drop it.

3) Screen size - no problem viewing data or navigating


1) Monochrome screen - with the latest technology, I would hope to see this phone updated with a color screen.

2) Web browser - strips out images, takes forever to load.

3) OS - with the adoption and advances on the WIN CE platform, I fear the future of the Palm OS.

4) No memory expansion that I am aware of.

There is a reason all carriers have discontinued this phone


May 14, 2004 by dhawk

Ok as a PDA if you don't mind monochrome. Marginal as a phone, at best.

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