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Jan 6, 2006, 9:18 AM

Moving MP3s from FLASH to PHONE

This is really annoying me, only just got the money to buy the phone and now, two days later, its playing up. Grr.


I can succesfully send pictures to and from my phone BUT:
When I send an mp3 (using MPTools and yes it is updated!) it will succesfully tranfer to the flash card.
when I try to send an mp3 to the phone itself (so I can use it as a ringtone) it says it is transferring but it does not appear on the phone

The phone was succesfully letting me transfer files directly to the phone itself but now it is not.
    The phone does have memory free, and the ringtones are short 10 second .mp3s and are under 20kb

Ok, so another method:
Once I have sent the file to the flash card I go to menu>sounds...

Jan 3, 2006, 3:15 AM

how do i put games on my v635?


i just got a v635 and it's pretty cool! the only problem is that it only comes with 1 game. is it possible to add games to my phone using the TF card or the usb cable somehow?

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Dec 30, 2005, 10:34 AM

Use On Cingular ... Issue Free?

I have read on HoFo about flashing/flexing this phone, etc. If I get one from eBay and use in the U.S. on Cingular, am I going to have issues that I need to start fixing the minute I get it? Cannot anyway comment on this? Also, where can I best find this phone (if other than eBay)? Thanks.
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Dec 28, 2005, 7:45 PM

V635 Problem

Good day all v635 users. I resently purchased a v635 and i am very pleased with the phone so far but there is one thing bothering me. In the user manual it says to go to menu / settings / initial setup / and then brightness to ajust your brightness settings. But i dont see any brightness option. Can anyone help me with this problem ? It will be much appreciated

Thank You
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Dec 29, 2005, 6:09 PM

MP3 problem

I have transfered some MP3s to my cell phone. When I try to listem to them on my cell phone, the quality is terrible. A lot of blips and scratchy noises. As well, the time of the song is incorrect and goes down about 5 seconds at a time.

Any suggestions?

On another note, it takes forever to transfer MP3s to my phones (sometimes 20 minutes for one song). Is this normal?

Nov 22, 2005, 6:06 PM

V635 problem

I just recently purchused a V635 and I love it but when I open and close the flip it is making a weird noise like there is plastic crunching inside the phone. Anyone else have this problem.
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Ocean Jedi

Dec 21, 2005, 1:37 PM

Flashing V635 using Mac

Reading threads about flashing, they all relate to using a PC for the process.

Does anyone have any firsthand insight using a Mac to flash the V635?

Info would be greatly appreciated -- Thanks!

Dec 14, 2005, 10:20 PM

terribly confused with ringtones

Hi everyone! I got my phone half a year ago and I was so excited to use mp3 ringtones etc. but.. I haven't been able to at all! I always try and fail. =( I have the USB cord and everything, I understand how to transfer photos, picture files and mp3's. My mp3 player works fine and I can usually play songs on it. But whenever I transfer mp3 clips or midi's like I would for photos, it would not appear on my phone (no matter which folder I place it in) when I go to search for it. And because of this I have a big folder left on my computer, dedicated to all the song clips and midi's that I WISH I could use as ringtones but have not been able to do so. I've gotten so desperate I started using iMelody and punched in each note individ...
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Dec 13, 2005, 11:44 PM

missing file in audio folder.. HELP PLZ

When I try to add songs in my audio folder I noticed that the .mix file is gone. Now when I try to play new uploads on my phone the songs are corrupt ☚ī¸ . Could someone be kind enough to please copy their .mix file or whatever it's called in the audio folder (the audio folder when you connect your phone to the computer) and send it to ohtim@msn.com or post it here.
that would be greatly apreciated. thank you

Dec 13, 2005, 5:52 PM

I think my phone is dead!

Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone knows what happened to my phone. My phone won't turn on anymore, meaning the screen won't turn on. When I press the power button, the keypad will light up but that's all it does.

I can tell you that I flashed the phone like 2 months ago. It was 24R to 6FR and it work up till now, but yesterday, when I turned off my phone - the phone would not turn back on.

I need to know what happened and how to fix this. I research a bit and tried somethings other have done. Like putting in the ac power cord without the battery - nothing.

Or taking out the battery and then trying to turn it back on - nothing.

I tried to go into bootloader mode, which I think I suppose to see something on the screen, but ...
Mr Benners

Dec 4, 2005, 8:48 AM

V635 mp3 player info help

Hey all

Got myself a v635 yesterday and everything is wonderful except for the mp3 player.

I don't have the crash problem some users have reported, and can play music fine. However, all the artist, genre and album fields remain "unknown artist/genre/album" and only the song name appears.

Here's the process I'm using:
I load the mp3 into the melody thingy in mobile phonetools and create a low quality section of mp3. I then load that mp3 into itunes where I enter the artist, album and genre. Using mobile explorer I transfer the songs to the phone of transflash card.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Is there something on mobile phonetools that lets me enter details?
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Nov 30, 2005, 4:18 PM


can anyone tell me how to get aol instant messenger to work on this phone? 😕

and i cant send text messages i seem to only be able to recieve them...any advice? thanks

Nov 24, 2005, 5:56 AM

Ringtones and pictures that come with the phone

Is it possible to delete all the crap that comes with the phone to make more space??

Nov 19, 2005, 2:11 PM

MP3 player HELP!!!

I just got the USB cord and a earpiece so I can now finally figure out this MP3 player thing. I loaded a song to test and it plays well, except it stops when I close the phone. Isn't it suppose to work with the clamshell closed? What setting do I need to change?

Also, I installed Mobile Phone Tools Version 3.0 but it doesn't work. I can't sync my contacts and the phone image that pops up says "initializing". What do I need to download to make this work for my v635???

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Nov 20, 2005, 11:37 PM

Boot mode on the v635

How do you get to the Bootloader on the V635?
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Nov 17, 2005, 4:01 PM

Should I buy it?

Would really appreciate the advice.

It's either this, the v3 razr or the new v3i razr(razr 2).

My criteria....
LOUD earpiece volume with and without speaker
easy to send text and multi-media messages

Thanks in advance for any good tips/advice!!
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Nov 8, 2005, 11:09 PM

Picture noises!need help

Everytime i take a picture the phone makes a noise. DOES anyone know how to take a picture without the phone makeing a noise?????v635
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Nov 15, 2005, 12:46 PM

V635 Phonebook Question


I am using a V635 that is replacing a v600. On the 600 i could enter the phonebook while talking to someone. On the 635, I do not see that capability. Can this be fixed by changing a setting? Please reply with... HELP!
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Nov 13, 2005, 8:44 PM

Bluetooth question, does anyone know?

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if I can browse other phone's files using bluetooth?

My friends' phones can browse my phone so I was wondering if I can use my phone to browse theirs.

I figure out how to send files over with bluetooth, but not browse my friends' phones files.

I checked the manual and it does not talk about browsing, so I wondering even if this phone can do that.


Nov 12, 2005, 6:45 AM

TWO PROBLEMS! Help me fix it?


So I followed tracymarie's guide to flashing, and I did run into the reverse flip problem. However, I followed her instructions and the phone seems to be working fine now. However, the bug I noticed about my ring style changing everytime I plug in my phone has not gone away. Also, I now have a new bug since I can't send any text messages in English despite changing the Language setting. I think the txt messages are now in arabic of some sorts 😛 Anyways, what's the best way to fix these two problems? I thought flashing my phone would take care of everything, but it hasn't unfortunately. Should I flash to a different version of software? or seem edit (whatever that is).

Thanks in advance.
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