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Mar 14, 2018, 8:45 AM

i680 sin card replacement

I inherited several old Motolola i680 phones. Some are missing the sim card. I use these as walkie talkies in my office. Are replacement sim cards available?

Mar 16, 2011, 7:23 AM

Motorola Brute i680 broken hinge fixes?

Does anyone know if Motorola has corrected the molding defect and/or design flaw that has caused broken right side hinges on so many of these phones (including mine)? I'm very apprehensive about buying a replacement or paying to have mine repaired if it will likely just break again in a few months with normal use.

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Jan 18, 2010, 3:36 PM

Text Messaging

Hello to anyone that can help. I am noticing on Sprint's website that it says this phone has combined IM, MMS, and SMS messaging. Does this mean this phone finally offers true MO-SMS for text-only messages?

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Oct 26, 2010, 4:09 PM

Broken Right Side Hinge Issue

Do you own an i680, and has the right side hinge broken on it? I am finding this to be very common. Motorola denies that there is a problem. It happened to mine because the Motorola holster does not hold the phone very well, and as a result, the phone falls out repeatedly..... also very common. The holster problem is what caused the broken hinge on my phone. Warranty? Ha! Try again..... warranty does not cover "physical damage".
If anyone has experienced this issue with the right hinge, I would appreciate knowing about it. I believe this is an inherent defect in the design of the phone, as well as the holster. My direct e-mail is dblawton@live.com

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Jan 14, 2010, 3:23 PM

worse than ugly...

Come on Mot, can't you bring iDEN style into the current time period?
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Jul 1, 2010, 10:21 PM

One of the toughest phones that I have ever held

I won't lie, I am tough on phones. Between my job, tendency to drop the phone and being I life in Florida and exposed to head, wind, sand, salt water and exposed to Florida's famous unexpected rain storms. I have a bit of a temper when I am pushed too far. Was working outside and I had a awning fall on me and whack me good on the head. Well I end up chucking the phone against a concrete patio. It bounced and landed elsewhere. After my head stopped throbbing I looked for the phone. I expected the screen to be cracked or something else bad with it. Nope, NOTHING broke, the back popped off and it got 2 scuffs on the rubber. Other then the minor cosmetic damage everything worked beautiful.

Moral of the story. The Motorola i680 is the toughes...
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Jul 27, 2010, 10:43 PM

pocket dialing HELP!!!

I am about to find out how durable the i680 really is!!! I cannot believe that the only way to stop pocket dialing is to lock up the phone EVERY time you use it.... Thats pretty bad!!!! How cumbersome and un-handy!
This is on top of having really bed luck with the local sprint store help. They cannot find out ANY info that is not right in front of them on the computer. If it is not handed to them to read, they are clueless!
I am about ready to dump Sprint and change carriers. Can any body help?

Jan 14, 2010, 4:13 PM

Oh you brute!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ma'm may I have another military spec phone that construction and contractor people will only use!!!!! πŸ™„
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Jan 20, 2010, 12:59 PM


πŸ˜• Is the SIM card in an i880 flip phone the same/compatible with the new i680 Brute phone? Please respond either here, or better yet.... Oklybart@comcast.net Thanks, BB
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Jan 20, 2010, 1:00 PM

Motorola i680 Brute cell phone

πŸ™‚Is the battery and SIM card for the new i680, compatible with older flip phones? i736, i776, i880??? Respond to Goaliebart@comcast.net
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Feb 6, 2010, 4:45 PM
over in the "Video Tour: Motorola i680 Brute" discussion:


so you stuck it it snow, and it was wet. my experience with wet and cell phones is a red dot that shows up when you take the back off. I had taken an insurance policy out on the ohone and had it in steamy showers across the world, and lo and behold, the moisure in it meant insurance would not cover it. did you check the effect on the red dot syndrome when it snuggled with snow?

Then, I stumbled upon your video (good one in fact) while I was looking for an att phone that offered wi-fi without forcing me to buy a package. is there one? The internet says yes but when I go into stores, they say- oh no. that ended. but how can you offer a feature then force people to buy your package?
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Feb 5, 2010, 4:33 PM
over in the "Video Tour: Motorola i680 Brute" discussion:

Ran over by a Car


I hate to tell you this but you can visibly see that the tires of that car never even touched that cell phone. You can tell that he put it just to the inside of the tire. LOL What a joke. And whats the point of the phone still working if you cant even see the screen to know who your dialing or what your doing????? Nice try though.

Feb 4, 2010, 1:12 PM
over in the "Video Tour: Motorola i680 Brute" discussion:


I'm sure you really didn't think it was going to hold up against a blow torch! 🀣
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Jan 19, 2010, 4:53 PM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

Brute on SERO

Does anyone know if this phone can be used on Sprint's SERO plans? I'm currently a SERO customer and know they won't activate certain phones on this plan.
ignorance is bliss

Jan 14, 2010, 9:26 AM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

Looking forward

I wait with anticipation for all the calls I'm going to get from Ala-Bama! For this new-fangled tough guy phone. Hee haa!
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mc tubbs

Jan 12, 2010, 10:44 AM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

switch a PTT conversation to a standard voice call?

Does anyone know where that statment came from. Nothing in the user guide and we have never been told about this at work.
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Jan 11, 2010, 10:55 PM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

Hey A-Holes!

Make fun, but did you know that Nextel is the ONLY phone that worked in NYC the day of the 911 attacks? IDEN will always be around, especially for the government agencies and military who use them regularly. Because they're dependable. As a matter of fact, Nextel was even giving out free phones with service to Red Cross and other organizations during the 911 attacks to help families locate their missing loved ones. I'm just as big of a friend as the next high tech junkie, but youtube and android want save your butt in an emergency.
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Jan 11, 2010, 6:57 PM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

Opera Mini 4 on Nextel/Boost

Besides me, has anybody used the Opera Mini 4 browser on a Nextel or Boost phone. It's not slow. I keep hearing how slow iden is suppose to be on data. I am currently using the I880 on Boost. The only problem I have with Nextel/Boost phones is they need bigger screens, and 20 key sure type keyboard.
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Jan 11, 2010, 4:01 PM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:


Awesome! Another big, fat, rubberized, ancient Nextel iden device!

I am SURE they will sell a ton of these!
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Jan 11, 2010, 4:15 PM
over in the "Motorola Brute Has Sprint's Back" discussion:

got it yesterday!

another good solid phone for PTT this is what we need!! 😁
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