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Apr 10, 2008, 6:58 PM

Glimmer price drop

According to the online Alltel online store, the Glimmer has had a massive price drop down from $249.99 down to $129.99. I don't know if this is a special time limited sale on the just the Glimmer, but I did notice that there were other similar price drops on quite a few of the other phones that Alltel carries.
With this price drop, I am sorely tempted to trot on down to the local Alltel store and upgrade from my Samsung u520 to the LG Glimmer

My 2 cents

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Apr 7, 2008, 10:46 PM

usb troubles

i just got a lg glimmer. i installed a sandisk 4gb card in it and used the phone to format it. when i tried to load music on the card from my PC (usb card reader) it won't read it or even show it on my computer, much less reformat it. what do you think the problem is?
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Apr 21, 2008, 2:43 PM


I heard a rumor that the Glimmer is just a Shine made for CDMA. Are the specs (physical size) the same? Can I use Shine covers and such on a Glimmer?
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Apr 22, 2008, 1:25 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Nokia N810

Hey did anyone get a chance to view this phone at CTIA? Xohm, what was it like? any information would be great

Apr 21, 2008, 8:02 PM


Is there any way to make it where the screen is always active? Right now I have to push the hold button or open up the phone to make the screen active.

Mar 14, 2008, 8:53 PM

USB Cable

I am technically challenged to begin with

so I am not understanding how we can buy a cell phone and not be able to purchase the USB cable to transfer music files and my address book from Mightyback up.

Does anyone know of another way to transfer files from our sd micro card. I do not have a card reader or actually know what that is.

Help thank you in advance
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Apr 2, 2008, 5:09 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Instinct UI Question

So the "home" screen on the m800 Instinct is just the menu, like the iPhone? So the user CANNOT apply any sort of wall paper, let alone change the color of the UI itself.

I'm really wondering why Sprint was so afraid to include the Samsung TouchWIZ UI that just launched in Korea. Now that would have been really innovative compared to this bug-ridden build from the ground up (WHY??) fisher-price looking user interface.

It is my opinion that they should have let Samsung design the UI themselves, not outsource it to a 3rd party company. BAD idea.
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T Mobster

Apr 7, 2008, 10:23 AM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:


Let me start off by saying I'm proud of Sprint and Samsung for coming up with the Instinct. This phone seems very profitable. Competition is what made America great at one time. IF YOU BUY AN UNLOCKED iPHONE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO W/E HELL YOU WANT WITH IT AND IT SHOULDN'T BE RELOCKED. OTHERWISE DON'T CHARGE PEOPLE SUCH A HIGH PRICE FOR THESE WORTHLESS SOON TO BE OUTDATED DEVICE.
Before you know it walmart will be peddling Apple's iphone on shelves for $75 due to the fact so many better devices came out because people didn't want to wait for an unlocked iphone or the price to go down and the iphone has become yesterday's news. I hope the Samsung instinct is a big success that allows people way more freedom to tinker with it then Apple doe...

Apr 5, 2008, 3:38 AM

What is this button for?

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John Quick

Apr 4, 2008, 2:20 AM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Sony phones?

Any news from Sony Ericsson?
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Apr 4, 2008, 7:43 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Samsung Glyde

Was the Samsung Glyde available at all? I'm curious to see what that phone will look like. If it is, could you post a video of it?
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Apr 2, 2008, 3:23 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Samsung Soul

Samsung brought the new Soul (U900) to the show and they claim it is a GSM QUAD band (vs the tri band they brought to BWC 200😎. I am hearing that it will not be available in the U.S. anyway. Has anyone out there herd anything about this phone coming to the U.S. or if it can be purchased as an unlocked QUAD band?
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Apr 5, 2008, 10:59 AM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Joby Zivio???

Anyone have any updated info on availability of the Joby Zivio bluetooth headset?

(their website for ref: http://www.joby.com/products/zivio/ )

It seemed to make a splash when announced a few months ago, but I can't find any news of it from CTIA. Zivio was supposed to be available this spring (according to the company), but still nothing but dead air out there in the marketplace and in the media.

Anyone have any current info on the Zivio?

Apr 3, 2008, 7:28 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Windows Mobile 6.1

Does anyone know if they will when they will start adding phones to the list of devices that can be upgraded"
I used to have a Shadow and now I have a Dash and I am dying to get that UI back from the Shadow without actually owning another one. Thanks
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Apr 3, 2008, 11:33 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Isn't Sharper Image Bankrupt?

What's with the phones?
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Apr 1, 2008, 5:19 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Again T-Mobile fails to deliver

Everything seems to be AT&T, Sprint, Verizon. Nothing ground breaking for T-Mobile. Really sad. What is wrong with them as a company? Are they scared to show and talk about new devices?
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Apr 3, 2008, 5:04 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Hey Rich... LG Phones

Rich, did LG bring any slim sliders (other than the Glimmer) that rival the LG KF510 that was unvailed at MWC 2008. Seems like Europe gets the cool phons and we get the cheep plastic phones. A KF510 would be killer in the US! 😎
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Apr 3, 2008, 5:56 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

video link


Apr 2, 2008, 3:09 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Video Calling

When will carriers start offering Live Video Calls??? ... Never?
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Apr 2, 2008, 1:54 PM
over in the "CTIA 2008" discussion:

Where is the video?

Be sure to check out our video that shows a live demo comparing CDMA-iDEN with CDMA-CDMA and iDEN-iD 😕
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