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Jun 20, 2008, 3:05 AM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

For those considering...

Check out this review by Walt Mossberg. It might be just an opinion by at least its by someone who has used the phone! Follow the link:

http://ptech.allthingsd.com/20080612/samsungs-instin ... »

Jun 20, 2008, 12:59 AM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

kudos to eric

for playing All Bodies by BTBAM 😁 in the review! amazing band... sooo is this phone worth that economic stimiulus check and a 75 upgrade?

Jun 18, 2008, 7:59 PM

3rd party applications

I've got a question...how long do you think it will take for 3rd party applications? When I grabbed my centro I had the sole intent of holding on to it until the instinct comes out (but im sure the shack will have some sort of contest with sprint and give one of us an instinct...just so happens when we have a contest, we NEVER HAVE CUSTOMERS) and the availability of 3rd part applications is one of the things that made me fall in love with my centro, and I've got an assload of them. Seeing as this phone has been out for some time (with a bad-ass 5 megapixel cam) in asia I believe, are there, or are they working on extra applications? because I know there are some out there for an iphone, and I really wanna play my old school nintendo games on...
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Jun 6, 2008, 8:45 PM

How about the touch screen?

Could anyone tell me how responsive the Instinct was compared to other touchscreen phones (mostly LG models, since the iPhone's can't be beat)? I've been wondering about this since I first heard about the phone and haven't really found a definitive answer.
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Jun 19, 2008, 10:05 PM

ENOUGH! Take it to the Sprint forum.

This is the Instinct forum. Every one who wishes to bash/pump/compare carriers, please take it to the appropriate carrier forum page.
https://www.phonescoop.com/carriers/forum.php?c=1 »

Let's talk Samsung Instinct here.

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Jun 19, 2008, 9:02 PM

I Got My Instinct today

I picked up my instinct today at the local sprint store, thank's to an e-mail from Sprint that let people buy and preview the phone a day early. It's a great phone. If you want this phone be sure your in line first thing in the morning as several stores around the country had sold out of the instinct by early afternoon. One store had 9 people waiting this morning when the store opened. Good luck to everyone and enjoy your new phone. 🙄
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Jun 19, 2008, 9:07 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

I have the instinct....it is amazing

I have had the phone all afternoon and love it so far. I have had no problems with the touch screen or applications running. I have noticed that the web browsing is somewhat limited and difficult to use with the size of the screen. But, the phones interface and functionality is nothing short of outstanding. And yes, I had an iphone at one time. The iphones internet is a little better, but its advantage is limited to that. The instinct is my choice.

Jun 9, 2008, 12:02 PM

official price

299.99 at store and additional 100.00 MIR.
obviously this price is for new customers or if you have a full upgrade.
final price. 199.99
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Jun 19, 2008, 12:12 PM

Update on Instinct Shortcomings and More

Used the Instinct today with plans to buy it.

In Eric's review, he says the touch is not responsive and it took multiple touches to get it to responds. What I found:

I had ZERO problems with this. The touch is SIZE SENSITIVE so if you touch with a large area--say your thumb, you have to touch harder then if you touch with your stylist.

In Eric's review, he questioned the reception of the Instinct. What I found:

I was able to move about with a Curve & Instinct inside a building that has some weak signal spots. Both phone showed equal bars. Reception on the Instinct should be no different than other newer Sprint service phones.

I also logged into a work related site to enter a work-order on both the Instinct and the Curve. What ...

Jun 19, 2008, 11:46 AM

new price!!!

it is going to be 229.99 with a hundred dollar mail in rebate so it ends up being 129.99!!!! 😁 🤤
Eric M. Zeman

Jun 16, 2008, 1:28 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

Our Review Unit was FINAL Hardware and FINAL Software

Just to clear things up, the review unit we have on hand from Sprint/Samsung is DEFINATELY final hardware and final software.

It is not defective, it is a production unit that met Samsung/Sprint QA before shipping.

We even updated the software during the review process to be sure we had the latest version.
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Jun 15, 2008, 11:41 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

Here's an idea: Think for yourself!

If you think you might like this phone, then go down to your local store once it's released and try it.

If you are on the fence, go try the phone out in the store.

To anyone who wants to corroborate what the reveiwer or any detracted posted, please, try it for your self before you bash it. Too bad you'll have to wait a couple more days to do so.

Ten people online can say that a big heap of dog crap tastes like apple pie, but until you try it yourself, you will never know.

I think the phone is awesome. I'm keeping my Treo though, because I don't need a music phone, I need a PDA.

Make your OWN opinions about the phone rather than the BS on this and other forums and reviews.
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Eric M. Zeman

Jun 16, 2008, 1:34 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

A Few Words On Bias...

Sorry, guys, but I am not going to stand to be called biased.

I am not loyal to one manufacturer, nor one carrier. I have no emotional ties to any device or service.

Each and every review we perform of phones is based on facts that arise during our experience with the phones we test. When we spot something good, we point it out, when we spot something bad, we call it out, too.

A lot of you are complaining that we compared the Instinct to the iPhone. Sprint positioned this device as an iPhone competitor, so using the iPhone as a basis for comparison is entirely natural.

You might want to remember that we were hard on Apple for the faults that the iPhone has. It has many.

No device, no manufacturer, no carrier has a perfect...
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Jun 17, 2008, 10:30 AM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

I can't wait for the instinct to come out..but it doesn't have IM?

So I was reading the review, and it said it doesn't have IM capabilities?

its not a big deal because the phone is still amazing..
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Jun 17, 2008, 9:30 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

Holy Crap People!!!

Wow. Some of you are acting like this is the end of the world because one website didn't give the phone a glowing review. Get a grip.

Constantly griping about the software "maybe" not being up to date it just making you look stupid.

To the rest of you that are calling it crap: Have you really, actually used it AND tested it out? Comparing this to the Glyde is not a fair comparison.

Now, the phone is being compared to the iphone for a reason. Have any of you looked at the videos on nowisgood.com? I have and they DIRECTLY compare the Instinct to the first iphone. Thats one of many reasons why comparing the Instinct and the iphone is a totally fair comparison. What sucks for Sprint is that the iphone 2 was announced earli...
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Jun 17, 2008, 11:32 AM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

This IS Why Phonescoops Review IS Biased And Unfair

The reviewer did not talk about FULL GPS (iphone does not have software to run it), Live Search, Voice Command, Visual Voicemail, MMS, picture and video mail, video recording, OTA music download, etc. Those are key features and selling points of the Instinct, the iphone only has 1 out of 9 of those features.

The review also said the camera wasn't good, well go over to Sprintusers.com/forums, a few folks have been able to purchase the Instinct yesterday, they posted pictures taken by the Instinct, the pictures came out damn good.

As for the $100 Mil campaign, for those of you who believe those youtube videos are part of the campaign you're sadly mistaken. If you have gone to the movies lately (passed month almost) you would have seen t...
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Jun 18, 2008, 1:18 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

Let's compare your review to others

Since Rich mentioned other reviews were coming to similar conclusions as their review, lets actually find out.

PC Magazine:

"...you know what? It's not bad, mostly because of its excellent touch screen, which is accurate and instinctive, and a far cry from the frustrating experience you get with the Samsung Glyde. Maybe this slightly boxy phone doesn't have all the sex appeal of Apple's phone, but it's pretty snazzy in its own right, and has enough pluses to satisfy those who can't part with their Sprint Simply Everything plan."

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2317478,00.asp »


"Snappy Interface: Other touchscreen phones we've seen have annoying split-second lags. The Instinct, for the most part, does not."

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Jun 18, 2008, 1:22 PM

Two Major Things, Outcome is great.

1.) So, the official price of the Instinct is $129.99, which is excellent. It's going to be $229.99, and a $100 mail in rebate.

2.) The Instinct will work on SERO Plans,

http://www.phonedog.com/cell-phone-research/blog/ins ... »

There is the link.

Enjoy people. It's only 2 more days until the phone is out, June 20th.

Jun 15, 2008, 3:46 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

I really expected more from Eric and Rich, really. I'm dissapointed in you two.

Normally, you guys do some great reviews and ignore some of the pre-release hardware issues. You BLATENTLY ignored that the unit you have, despite having the new software, is still a beta unit in regards to the hardware.

Signal Strength, Touchscreen issues, etc. Can only currently be attributed to a bad test unit. You weren't even able to test all the features of it yet.

To compare your review to maybe a new car review would show where you guys failed to deliver. Most brand new cars are test mules or pre-production versions. The magazines usually test them the same way they normally do, but at least notate what deficiencies could be caused by the fact that it's not an official version, and even still some performance will vary between...
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Jun 17, 2008, 5:32 PM
over in the "Review: Samsung Instinct" discussion:

Intinct or Blackberry Curve

I want to get a new SmartPhone which I will use for business. I am a Sprint customer so no matter which phone I get, I will have Sprint coverage.

Off all the things these new phones can do, actually making calls in my #1 priority.

I have almost 0 connection issues with my old, Samsung i500. I expect my next phone to work at least as good (for calling).

Which should I get?
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