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Aug 2, 2013, 11:16 AM

sd card

i have to say that i was so excited waiting for the new moto devices to hit vz, and then also the moto x. but i just couldnt belive that when they launched, i found out they had such low internal storage and no sd card slot. i know and understand that vz spent millions on cloud storage. and are try to force people to use it so they can re coop their money. (im in the industry, thats the reason trust me) but people just dont want that. android and moto, remember the sd card was always a "pro" over apple. now you followed suit. terrible idea. the screens are not special either. who cares about this great new software. the only good thing you have going right now is the life of your battery. i loved you guys, but you have not listened to what c...

Aug 2, 2013, 4:36 AM

Macrobile Free Mobile Helper Introduction Updated

This post is shared from MMOsite!

In this day and age, smart phones have become a central part of the lives of people all around the world. These devices are essentially a multimedia powerhouse able to house all forms of music, movies, pictures, games, and tools. These can be hard to manage on your own, but Macrobile's Free Mobile Helper is here to help you. This free and easy-to-use program will allow you to connect your phone to your PC and manage all of your files with a neat, user-friendly interface, along with many other useful tasks.

The Free Mobile Helper acts as an all-in-one management suite for your Android or iOS device. When you connect your device, you will see picture of your device and the screen it is currently displayi...

Jul 29, 2013, 3:24 AM

Download paid android apps and games for free

Hey, guys! Do you want to download all paid apps and games for free? Below are some ways you can try. You can download any games and apps easily by few steps. Here is the best three ways to download paid apps and games for free.

Free Mobile Helper:
Free Mobile Helper allow you to download paid apps and games for free. Free Mobile Helper is very easily to use and user friendly. You only need to download Free Mobile Helper and install it to computer. Then you can search the games and apps you want, then just install them when your android phone are connect with computer. And Free Mobile Helepr is releasing its mobile client, Free App Center. With Free App Center, you can download paid apps and games directly on your and...
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Jul 25, 2013, 2:07 AM

RT : Free Mobile Helper: An app centre with more apps than Google Play...and more

Free Mobile Helper is kinda like an online one-stop for your Android, PC or iOS and is a place that provides a wealth of cool features to improve your online experience - especially if you are of Indian origin. This freeware application is a virtual marketplace that offers a vast array of apps, wallpaper, music, fast servers and management tools - many with a distinct Indian connection or feel to them - and all are completely free.

Free Mobile Helper is one of the best Indian-based local app markets and free app centers and features a wealth of content including an abundant amount of apps - the equivalent of Google Play. The app features a distinct India regional characteristic and the developers' claim to know more about India than Googl...
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Jul 24, 2013, 5:02 AM

Free Mobile Helper : control your phone and send messages all from your computer

Pretty much all smartphones are awesome. Regardless of the platform, they do things that would have seemed magical only 10 years ago. But smartphones do have their limitations. Like typing and navigating file structures. Free Mobile Helper lets you explore your device and send text messages from your computer.

Free Mobile Helper makes you connect your android with computer easy. You can connect your phone with computer through USB or WIFI. From your computer you can manager your device. You can transfer files, install applications, and manager music, ringtone and photos. The best feature is the ability to send and reply to SMS messages from your computer

Why I like this? Mostly I want to send a long sms which I I saw in the internet a...

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Jun 17, 2013, 6:34 AM

Flash on smartphone?


Can anyone share with me a way around the lack of flash support on smartphones? I have a Samsung G S II (T-Mobile)

Thank you!
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Jul 18, 2013, 3:24 AM

Four reasons why you must choose Free Mobile Helper

1. Massive resources.
There are abundant apps no less than Google Play.
2. Distinct India regional characteristic. (We know more about India than Google Play)
We have a lot of India native wallpapers and tunes
3. High download speed servers.
We offer many India local high download speed servers to improve your downloading experience.
4. More feature functions.
Via Free Mobile Helper, you can not only download abundant free resources but also easy to manage your addresslist, SMS, calendar, tasks, apps both on your mobile and PC.
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didnt know

Jun 27, 2013, 11:55 AM

Poll- Android vs Windows

I'm planning to by a new phone, but I don't know which one. What would be the best choice?

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Jun 25, 2013, 1:01 PM

lg intuition vs950

I would like to know if there is a way to make my phone flash when i have a new text msg., new email, missed phone call.

Thank you
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Jul 1, 2013, 7:31 AM

upcoming sony phones 2013

It's not the top of the Xperia tree, but the http://top7mobiles.com/latestmobiles/upcoming -sony-phones-2013 Xperia XP makes a good impression as a more than capable midrange Android with some nifty features.

As the name suggests, Sony has more or less combined the best bits of the Xperia S and the Xperia P to produce the SP (see what they did there?). The SP comes in below the Xperia Z in Sony's current canon, with reduced specs in almost every area, though it makes a pretty good impression with what it has.
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Jun 17, 2013, 1:28 AM

Samsung note 2 VS iphone 5

Which do you like better?
I like Smasung note 2.
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Jun 5, 2013, 2:16 AM

Free Mobile Helper control your android phone from your PC

Transferring data from Android and PC is not very easy and not so quickly. Mostly you connect your Android with PC through USB connected which you need to shut up all the apps on your android devices. Free Mobile Helper bridges the gap by allowing you to control your device from PC.
Just download Free Mobile Helper at the first time, connect your android with it through WIFI or USB. Free Mobile Helper will remember it after the first connect. Free Mobile Helper now support windows and OS X operating system, the developers are trying to makes it available in Linux. You can text free message from PC to your friends with Free Mobile Helper connected. You can also read, receive messages and calls from your friends. Free Mobile Helper allows you...

Apr 7, 2013, 2:17 AM

Will you install Facebook Home?

Facebook Home will be available April 12 through Google Play for Play for several Android devices. It is said that Fcebook will bring Ads to your android phone.
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Jun 3, 2013, 7:47 AM

Kids Dirty Pond (Animals) Lite For Android User


Runs Only On Tablets 7", 8" & 10".
If you love stories and storytelling, this is the app for you! The Dirty Pond is an educational storytelling app for young learners, and helps them learn words, sentences, shapes, drawing, sketching and many more things. Download this app and watch the characters come alive as you read along. Learn the importance of cleanliness, togetherness and teamwork in this wonderfully illustrated story that will make you want to read it over and over again.

The Dirty Pond contains a story that is automatically read out loud in a captivating manner. In order to help children learn to pronounce words, a built-in feature pronounces individual words when the user taps on those words in the story ...

Jun 3, 2013, 7:45 AM

Kids Car Racing (Numbers) Game For Android User


The quicker the answers, ★★★★★ the faster the car runs. ★★★★★
Hey Children! Learn multiplication with this car racing game designed specially for kids.
Racing excites and thrills. With your customized car you can race with the machine and can check how fast you are with multiplication concept. Playing the game will add value to your learning. Cheers!
Treat yourself with thrilling car racing and have fun with multiplication tables. This is an extremely engaging application for kids to practice multiplication while having fun.
★★★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★★★
Step 1- Children needs to select the color of the car and start playing.
Step 2- The child needs to answer the questions asked o...

Jun 3, 2013, 7:43 AM

Kids Count Numbers Game (Math) For Android User


Play 6 different preschool learning games with this single Runs on Tablets 7" and 10" tablets too
Hello Children! Check this elementary game for children and schools by Classteacher Learning Systems.
This app contains a collection of six number games for preschoolers that will teach them everything about 1-10 numbers: counting, writing numbers, the greater/smaller concept, find the missing number, and connect the dots. This maths education app is designed for preschoolers with beautiful graphics and amusing sounds.They can play with this elementary edu game without any help. Not only this, Kids will also learn basis skills in a fun way.

More Infor...

May 31, 2013, 1:52 PM

Problem with voicemail notification with MetroPCS Coolpad 4G Quattro

My MetroPCS Coolpad 4G Quattro doesn't show that I have new voicemail messages if those messages come in while the phone is turned off. I turn the phone on, and the voicemail indicator symbol doesn't appear, but if I check my voicemail, there are unheard messages. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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May 28, 2013, 1:14 AM

Wirelessly Manage Your Android Device From Your PC

It is great to connect your android devices with PC through WIFI whem you forget your USB data cable. But mostly connect your android device with PC is hard and you need to do more in order to connect your android devices succesfully. Such as you need to enter your IP, enter your password, open the link and son on. If you connect your android devices with PC through Free Mobile Helper that can be more easy. Connect your android device with WIFI, Open Free Mobile Helper and Free Mobile Keeper, enter the Validation Code and click the "Connect".
Then you can manage your android device with PC.
1. Manage your contacts.
You can add contact or group, delete contacts or groups, Iport&Export contacts, Backup/Restore you contacts. As well as the M...
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May 21, 2013, 8:31 PM

Root a Sony Xperia U

I just got the international version of this phone, but it has android gingerbread 2.3.6 and according to the website there is an android 4.0 rom for it, does anyone have an idea of how to upgrade it?
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May 16, 2013, 2:34 AM

95% of sold android phones are Samsung phones

This is really a incredible news.
[quote]Samsung captured a staggering 95 percent of the $5.3 billion in Android smartphone profits in the first quarter of 2013, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.[/quote]
I remember saw the news somewhere that said Android owns 70.1% of smartphone market share. Then It now we can conclude that Samsung own more than 66.5% of smartphone market share.
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